Sunday, April 9, 2023

Happy Easter!

Congratulations on Easter!

We wish you a life filled with love and care from your loved ones, where your soul rejoices in beautiful moments, and your heart overflows with gratitude and kindness.

May love and kindness accompany you on your life`s journey and may peace and harmony reign in your families.

Happy holiday!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

9 years of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company

The birthday of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company is a special date for all of us. For none years in a row, we have been accomplishing our main mission by making NT.Payments a recognized brand. We never stood aside and proved repeatedly that bringing bold ideas and ambitious tasks to life are among the major goals of our friendly and professional team.

Having once secured the infinite trust of the local authorities, partners, colleagues and friends, we have shown how the scale and prospects of the Emirates payment market grew under the leadership of our community of professionals when one by one innovative ideas were launched and modern products were born. All this led to the fact that almost a decade later we are deservedly recognized as the undisputed leader in the Middle East payment acceptance industry with no borders and writing a glorious history right here right now.

Words of warm appreciation for the cooperation and endless support are due to our loyal network of Taunigma agents and partners who have contributed and continue to contribute so much to NT.Payments brand and NT.Wallet project for building a profitable business with us all these years and for continuing the exciting journey already in the new status under Taumen International Holding company.

Happy birthday, friends!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

“Achievements” game in NT.Wallet

Dear friends,

We have been successfully developing our unique NT.Wallet mobile app for four years now. Over this time we`ve managed to transform it into a necessary tool for regular users which can be used to pay a huge amount of utility, digital and entertainment services in a few clicks and hence cover the basic needs of customers in their everyday lives.

We work hard to maintain the required functions and work diligently to fine-tune this program. Not long ago an update for NT.Wallet has become available which brought the users a chance to play a built-in “Achievements” game where they can win prizes and gifts that are memorable from us.

All you need is to download or upgrade to the latest version of NT.Wallet on the official website and select the operating system of your phone to become a member. Once you are authorized in your account, you go to the “Promotions” section and click on the “Achievements” line. The next thing required is to pass the interesting tasks proposed by the system.

As per the rules of the game, with each achievement, users get badges of encouragement and move on to the next level to enter the clash for the main trophy. Please check the terms & conditions of the contest on NT.Payments Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

Hurry up to be a part of a great drawing, win one of the valuable prizes and keep up a great mood!

May the best win!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Happy New Year!

Dear partners!

2022 can truly be called a landmark year for all of us. We have worked hard, strengthened our already strong position in the UAE and, most importantly, officially entered the promising and most significant market in the Middle East, the KSA.

Huge work has been done, and titanic efforts have been made to make our mutual business NT.Payments are even more successful, profitable, enjoyable and satisfying.

Here comes the new year 2023!

We wish you good health, family prosperity and boundless confidence in the future!

Friday, December 23, 2022

The long-expected reunion of NT.Payments family

Dear friends! 

We are proud of the international structure of big NT.Payments family and always indicate the professional skills, personal qualities and creativity of our employees. We are glad to introduce you to the NT Payments team which has become home to people from more than 20 countries and three continents. All of us are different, but we are united by love for the common goal, the desire to make NT.Payments brand and other projects are better and of high quality.

The events that our planet experienced during the last few years are still fresh in our minds. The one that stands out is the coronavirus pandemic which first plunged the human race into a series of social restrictions and lockdowns and later reminded us of the need to take care of our health, be more caring towards our loved ones and appreciate the efforts of doctors who save patients from serious illnesses.

Nevertheless, time goes by and now that all restrictions have been lifted, we have a great reason to get together again, have a good time, recharge with positivity, great spirits and simply get closer to colleagues over informal socializing.

Usually, we associate team-building and corporate events with a particular occasion. This time we had many reasons for a picnic: we decided to sum up the results of the year, celebrate the long-awaited post-pandemic reunion and have fun together with the whole team in the open air.

The venue for the picnic was chosen right away. The green island of Yas, which had become our home over the years, always warmly welcomed all holidaymakers. The weather is excellent in the Emirates right now, the perfect time to keep up the corporate spirit in the company of friends and colleagues, which, by the way, gathered up to 200 people.

For the barbecue program, the Human Resources department chose the theme of football, given the World Cup being held in the Kingdom of Qatar. We built our picnic plan around the game of millions and held our nomination with lots of contests, quizzes, prizes and gifts, proudly naming it NT.FIFA.

Therefore, the program opened with a solemn speech from our company executives. In conversation with their colleagues, they summed up the results of the passing year, highlighting the opening of the long-expected branch in KSA and willingly shared their plans for the next 12 months.

Next, we chose the best employee and manager of the year, presenting them with personal certificates and mementoes.

Vasyl Katriy, president of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company, established a personal President Award nomination, where he has handed certificates of merit to particularly hardworking employees.

When continental and world tournaments are over, the organizers sum up the results, where they determine the best football player, goalscorer, playmaker and manager. Given that football was the main theme of the corporate event, we decided to make our own corporate NT.FIFA AWARDS 2022 nomination, awarding titles to each department and presenting certificates of merit to their employees.

The company has some long-serving employees who have worked for the company for seven years or more. We have kept this in mind and have prepared a special incentive for them: a reward for their years of service with us. The rest of the team, we hope, will follow this example!

As the fans in the stadiums continue to rumble about cheering on their favourites and creating an unforgettable atmosphere of celebration, the culture of cheer is not without the chants, the essential attribute of football fans. All departments were given a homework assignment to prepare a corporate slogan about the company, which they shouted aloud in front of the entire audience. It was the customer care department that won the prize for the best and most memorable motto.

The next thing we did was to play a series of games on speed, agility and football skills. First, we competed in a tug of war, then played a fun relay race and afterwards, we got down to the most important part, football. To do this the whole team drew lots and split into 20 teams with 10 participants in each. A knock-out system was used and at the end of the tournament, two teams were left to face each other in the final game. We decided to make it a bit more difficult for the two best teams to play in specially prepared funny costumes to find out who was the strongest.

Staff members, flushed from the heated battles, enjoyed sampling a variety of local dishes and delicious food which the festive table was overflowing with in the meantime discussing the recent football dramatic events.

Last but not least, the organizers of the event delighted the audience with a lottery with prizes from cash envelopes to mobile phones. Every gift is nice, so we captured the happy faces of the winners.

Where would you go without a tasty cake? No corporate event in our company is without it. This time there were so many of us that we gladly ordered two huge delicious cakes, which were solemnly cut while accompanied by a great round of applause.

Our football-themed corporate party was a success, as you can see. We had great fun, having a great time with our colleagues, who we always call one family. So we hope for another meeting soon with all the friendly staff and believe that many more great victories are ahead of us.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Abu Dhabi High-Tech Week

Our company and Taumen International Holding team representatives attend every interesting and large-scale event dedicated to the world of high technology, digital currencies and financial transactions. You know that we try not to miss any significant forums and exhibitions that highlight the current trends in business without borders.

The international conference ADGM Finance Week was held in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi on November 14-18 and was presented in a building with a similar name on Al-Maria Island. The leaders of blockchain, fintech, cybersecurity, meta-vendors, the payment market and other popular business areas, honoured such a grand event. The five-day program of the forum featured some international speakers, among whom we would like to mention especially Changpen Zhao, the founder of Binance the largest cryptocurrency exchange which is better known in the crypto community as CZ, Todd Leland, president of Goldman Sachs, an American bank, Patrice Evra, a famous former football star and other vital participants of this international platform.

Senior executives from our holding company were actively involved in the activities of the exhibition by establishing business relations with future partners, thus presenting the company products to the public and all interested parties. With the recent kick-off of the new office in KSA in mind, being involved in such an important core event will be another added benefit to the rich reputation of our team and will raise the stakes of NT.Payments brand in the eyes of potential investors.

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Company representatives at the Seamless exhibition in KSA

Taking part in industry events is an important part of every company`s activities. It is a great opportunity to network with other professionals, get inspired by inspiring speakers, establish business contacts and learn from them.

We are about to open our first branch in the largest country in the Arab region, as you have heard in the recent newsletter. Taumen company`s top executives are in the KSA these days, where our first branch will get launched shortly. Apart from their scheduled meetings with the Kingdom`s officials and potential business partners, Taumen representatives have also attended marketing events, such as Seamless, a Middle East technology exhibition that takes place every year, this time in Riyadh, where giants of electronic payments, innovative solutions and online retailing meet to share some latest industry developments.

As a result of our successful talks with potential industry peers, the management team also negotiated several lucrative contracts with various service providers and carriers. Our success in the UAE is well known to them and they welcomed the news that NT.Payments will be opening a branch in Saudi Arabia shortly. In the early days of our KSA branch, we believe the new contacts will give us confidence and enable us to work together for the benefit of everyone so we look forward to a long and productive partnership with them.