Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Findings of NT.Payments and NT.Wallet promotion for the holy month of Ramadhan

The clients of NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile application settled down at that we often bring them all sorts of lotteries, promotions and offers organized in honor of some solemn events in the UAE. The services that we offer have been greatly valued by many customers, as we try to make life easier and more convenient for our clients.

As you know, the holy month of Ramadan for muslims has recently come to an end. There is no doubt that this is a special time for all people who are fasting and are engaged in spiritual training, raising a sense of gratitude, patience and developing other redeeming features.

The overall picture of the holiday was cast a shadow over by quarantine measures this year taken due to the coronavirus pandemic which are still in effect in the Emirates. The activity of people, especially in the evening has been constrained while the busy streets of UAE cities have turned into unusually empty and abandoned places.

Nevertheless, our company decisively held to the traditions and despite all the restrictions we have resolved to host a grand promo event from NT.Payments and NT.Wallet in honor of the holy month of Ramadan featuring a huge number of gifts and cash rewards.

It was enough to complete three binding conditions to become a participant of the campaign:
  • Recharge any service from AED 15 or more in NT.Payments terminals or in NT.Wallet mobile application;
  • Take a picture of a payment receipt or a phone screenshot by sending it to our Facebook or Instagram pages;
  • Send the NT.Wallet account number to the afore-mentioned social networks of the company.
The promotion was effective for five weeks with 5 winners selected every seven days by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet teams to gift them AED 100 top-up vouchers for NT.Wallet. Those users who did not have NT.Wallet were actively downloading and sending eagerly their photos during the promotion, saying words of gratitude to our company for such a crucial engineering solution facilitating payments for many daily services, most significantly during the lockdown.

We held the final drawing of 2 mobile phones and a money certificate for 2500 dirhams on May 26. The winners of the main gifts are Mr. Aslam Sulaiman, Mr. Mojahedul Islam Chowdhury and Mr. Asifmahruf who gladly took some memorable photos with their presents.

2271 users took part in the promotion during Ramadan. This clearly shows that our customers love and impatiently wait for promotions from NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile application.

Please accept our sincere congratulations for the winners and our gratitude for each participant who has shown their energy and proved their eagerness to win the prizes from our company.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Launch of Shahid VIP service in NT.Payments facilities

NT.Payments system takes every effort to satisfy the customers with the new features available for daily use besides plenty of other services to be selected in the facilities of our company.

We are glad to announce the launch of a new service as the purchase of vouchers for a premium subscription of Shahid VIP streaming platform brought by The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) company that undertakes an online entertainment content of featuring movies, film series and cartoons for families in a high Full HD resolution. It is worth mentioning that MBC has entered into a cooperation with the world's major film studios such as Disney and Fox in January this year, by signing a contract for broadcasting video entertainment content under these trademarks, including blockbusters from Marvel and Disney universe with subtitles and dubbing in Arabic.

From now on, NT.Payments users can quickly extend their Shahid VIP subscription through the vouchers bought in company kiosks, POS terminals and NT.Wallet mobile application.

The efforts of our employees involved in connecting new carriers are designed to fill a void in communication between people by expanding the range of entertainment services in NT.Payments facilities that are practical nowadays for a society living in isolation due to quarantine measures in the world and the United Emirates.