Tuesday, September 23, 2014

In Musafah again. Eighteenth portion of fresh life topping

Dear partners! 

In the beginning of our “Top up your life with positive!” promotion Musafah was the luckiest city. Here occurred several wins in a row. And after that the relay switched to other parts of the UAE. 

We were already missing Musafah when they phoned us from there! The eighteenth positive life topping owner was 38 years old Mohammad Usman from Bangladesh! 

In contrast to the previous winner who had disappeared to an unknown direction Muhammad not only mentioned his winning but also had known beforehand about the promotion and really wanted to win! Well, dreams are coming true! We’ve handed him a present certificate for 50 AED and a branded set from NT.Payments. 

A shop owner, Abdul Hamid, also was happy to get a present basket. 

Dear our winners! Thanks for your smiles and excellent mood! 

Promotion goes on! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

Monday, September 22, 2014

How do our sales managers work

Dear partners! 

Our support team is often asked different questions about sales managers’ work, places for terminals setup searching, terms, special conditions, transportation process and so on. Today we’re glad to introduce you one of the leading sales managers of NT.Payments – Nikolai Filyanov. 

The efficiency of his work and professionalism often provided high results of sales department’s work. We've invited him today to get from the first hand the answers to the questions that interest our partners most of all. 

Interviewer: Hello, Nikolai! Thanks for your finding time to talk. Please tell us some words about yourself. How long are you working as a sales manager? 

Nikolai: I’ve worked in sales almost 2 years. But for such a profession 2 years of continuous experience are long enough. No one contract is like another, there are no templates, and every day you have to do more than the day before. All this gives an invaluable experience. 

I.: What attracts you in this work? 

N.: Most of all I like to communicate with clients! I like talking to people, listening to them, finding an individual approach to everybody, putting myself in another's shoes to understand how to work and what to offer in every case. To conciliate and to win the trust is not easy but extremely important!

I.: So you consider your work being difficult? 

N.: Yeath, the work is really difficult. It is connected with significant emotional stress. Also I’m nervous sometimes as I’m financially responsible. And intensive communication with clients needs energy as well. All people are different. 

I.: I agree. It’s not always easy to communicate with people. And how to conciliate a person? Is there any secret? 

N.: Frankly speaking, it happens that communication does not go as I’d like but I imagine myself being my opponent and try to do my best to conciliate and win trust. It helps me at work greatly. 

I.: I see. And by the way, your work also includes choosing places for future terminals setup. How does it happen and what is important to consider? 

N.: It’s not only the consumer flow that must be taken into consideration when choosing a place for a kiosk’s setup, but also audience’s paying capacity. The most successful is setting up terminals in supermarkets, trade centers, sleeping quarters’ shops (so called “Baqualas”), mobile phone shops and typing centers. 

I.: Could there be any difficulties? 

N.: Of cause places with the intensive consumer flow are very good for placing a payment terminal. But as a rule there are not many such places or it’s difficult to place there a terminal. They are airports, trade centers, STSI, tax Inspectorates, hospitals. To place terminals to these areas you need more time, more efforts, all the manager’s skills and diplomacy. 

I.: And once the agreement is achieved you bring a terminal for setting up? 

N.: That’s right. 

I.: And how are transportation and unloading made? 

N.: Terminals are carefully immersed to pick-ups, and our drivers deliver them to their destination. 

I.: Perfectly organized system! And how many terminals a month do you set up? Is there any minimum?

N.: In average it’s 20-25 terminals per month. There’s no any maximum or minimum. The more the better as we offer a perfect service that our clients are going to appreciate. There’s always a lot of work. 

I.: You've told that it’s important to win the person’s trust, to be able to listen and find an approach. And what about clothes? Is the way a manager is dressed also important? It’s hot in the city – what do you wear? 

N.: Oh, it’s really important! Manager’s appearance in general is the first step to success as the first potential partner or client’s association with a business person image is an accurate, tastefully dressed and trim man. Such person is friendly perceived by others. It’s not the question of refined taste but of the fact that such appearance demonstrates respect to people. I would never come to a meeting wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I would probably feel comfortable but I’ll make not the impression I need. The main thing is to win trust and show your serious attitude to business. Negligence is unacceptable neither in clothes nor in behavior. 

I.: So, appearance, dress, good manners, individual approach to each new partner… What else can make your work more efficient? 

N.: I think it’s even wider range of services available to pay for through NT.Payments terminals. Both for nonresidents and locals. That’s what we are working upon at the moment. 

I.: Well, the company is constantly and efficiently developing. Also with the help of such talented and creative people! Good luck in work! It was a pleasure to talk to you!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mysterious winner

Dear partners! 

It happens that a winner is in the city accidentally, or speaks a rare language, or is in such a hurry that even doesn't see merry smileys on the terminal’s screen. Anyway we do not know the name of our 17th winner. 

If there were a system failure – one of those that happen with competitor’s payment terminals, and the money did not come to the account we would have a chance to find a mysterious lucky! But thanks to our technicians and programmers’ perfect performance terminals work spotlessly. So payers do not have to phone the company indignantly. That’s why our winner as many satisfied with excellent service clients, had just disappeared in a huge city. 

A shop owner mentioned that after another visitor’s leaving the payment receiving machine was blinking, smiling and congratulating empty space. And he phoned us! 

Prizes and good mood delivery operations group had moved to the place of event. 

The shop owner was worrying, combing himself, straightening his clothes and smartening up for photo shooting. He was very pleased to get presents, and his mood we’re sure is still excellent! 

And we’re waiting for the next winner and hope that he won’t be so much in a hurry as the previous one! Attention to the screen! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

Saturday, September 20, 2014

121 terminals more have arrived in the Arab Emirates

Dear partners! 

You as well as we and our present and future clients were looking forward for a new batch of terminals’ coming. We are happy to let you know that on 7th of September 2014 there appeared a cargo ship with 121 kiosks on its board in the port of Abu Dhabi. 

With the traditional for our workers care and accuracy they were uploaded to the Arabic coast and moved to our warehouse. 

Before the transportation our specialists mandatory had checked the integrity of every machine. 

At the moment setting and preparation for work is in process. 

Soon we expect to increase the number of places for our clients to make payments for one hundred twenty one place more! Follow the chain enlargement! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hindi congratulation of a promotion winner. Fresh life positive and kindness topping.

Dear partners! 

What shall the one do if he doesn’t know neither English no Arabic but sees a flashing with merry smileys terminal’s screen? So was with our sixteenth winner! 

His name is Nurubashar, he is 27 and he’s from Bangladesh. And in this particular situation appeared human kindness, friendliness and wish to help another person that are very popular among people living in the United Arab Emirates. 

Irshad Ali Lluvar Manzil, a shop owner, helped our team to congratulate the winner in Hindi. After that he appreciated to explain the client how to use a certificate by himself. 

NT.Payments representatives handed a present package to Nurubashar and a present basket to the polyglot Ajman Shabaan Mobile Phone shop owner! 

We’re leaving feeling a little sad. We were sorry to leave this hospitable cozy shop and people who met us so warmly. We hope that we’ll have many occasions to visit Ajman Shabaan Mobile Phone shop again! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Forward to positive!

Dear partners! 

When we cannot say of something definitely we say “as the card will fall”. Every time after congratulating we have absolutely no idea where will our congratulation team be sent next time by NT.Payments system. As the numbers will fall. 

The fifteenth set of presents was delivered to Shardjah. We were greatly surprised with a huge crowd of people with cameras when arrived at Sharjah Malta Mobile Phone shop. The winner as well as the shop owner could not believe their luck! They watched their check and terminal’s screen again and again. 

30 years old Abdul Aziz Sheik Davud from India had become a present holder and we appreciated giving it to him. 

We can prove that a 50 AED certificate was immediately used by him. We hope that he will like our branded cap and T-shirt as well! 

Muthalibmk Baithulnur, the shop owner, also got his prize in a big present basket. 

So that was how two humble men became kings of the evening! People were making photos with the winners, applauded to them and both had a perfect mood! We really hope that this first victory will be a start of luck billow for our winners! 

And “Top up your life with positive!” promotion is in full bloom! Haste to win! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team