Monday, July 27, 2015

What was your first day of work like?

Dear partners!

I guess, many people remember how they get their first job. How exciting it was - their first day of work and introducing the new team. We decide to ask our colleague about them starting their career in the Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company. 

Cherryll, Accountant

It all begins when I came to Emirates looking for a job. I found Kiosk IT System Trading vacancy on website and decide to sent my CV. Then I've been contact and got the invitation. And as a result I've got this position. That was my first experience working in such a country as UAE in frames of russian company with multicultural team. The first days were simultaneously slightly tense and very interesting. I was really worried, tried listen carefully to my senior colleague and dived in financial matters. I was trying not to lose important things. 

Dmitry, QA Engineer

Suit, shirt, tie are the exact things I wore may first work day. And I'd like to notice I'm not a big fun of suits and therefore felt not quitу comfortable (give a smile). On the job interview I was told about dress code in Company which strictly applied to everyone. Only after I figured out about this code applied mainly to company executives and the employees who sign agreements or participate business meetings. My first working day was very exciting. I wanted to show my true worth, to do enormous volume of work, to test software and to start work on projects as quickly as possible. 

Hareem, Call Center Operator

I came in the Company to try myself as a clients support service assistant. A made it my main objective of the first day to get familiar with this work and to become successful in new sphere. I thought this job is not for me but Call Center Operator position turned out to be really fine. Communication with clients seems to flatter me. On the first day I was very nervous. But, as soon as I began to work and introduced to the team, all my worries faded away. My colleagues was very friendly and they treat me really nice. I'm glad I made a right choice 8 months ago when came to the Company. Here I gained much new knowledge and find new interesting people. The job became a second home for me and the colleagues became a family. 

Roman, Sales Executive

From my friend I find out that there is such an opportunity to get a Kiosk IT System Trading company position in Emirates. And the idea crossed my mind - shouldn't I use this chance? This is a great opportunity for a new professional experience, opportunity to make a new contacts and to find out something about different culture. I was invited to the Company. And tt was Ramadan month. It was actually a challenge! The outside was incredible hot, no drinks or food were allowed in public places. The most part of the places like cafes or shops where you could place a terminal were closed till the evening. Also there were some issues because of the local English. But the mindset of the locals made me surprise. They prefer to rely on the person's word but not on documents.

Anna, HR Manager 

I guess I get the position as everyone else did - via open vacancy. Firstly my position was an Office Manger and only after I was promoted to HR Manager position. And then my first priority on this position became staff recruitment. My first working day was quite good - I was introduced to the new team, got involve into the environment and my position daily work. There were no worries because I started my career in a promising company and the city of the dream – Dubai.

Rasul, Support Manager 

My career in the Kiosk IT System Trading company began in September 2014. The first working day was incredibly benevolent. I met my colleagues and they treat me really nice. I examined my work place and get down to work. As a person of an academic environment, it was interesting for me to try myself in environment of business. 

All people in our Company are here for a reason. Each one came with the skills and knowledge he would like to apply for a company prosperity. And the result of company activity depends on teamwork and each employee contribution. 

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