Tuesday, July 14, 2020

"Lucky Boxes" game from NT.Wallet

NT.Payments team has been developing the in-house NT.Wallet mobile application for two years and has invested a lot of effort and time to make the program better and more stable, with functionality more useful for all our customers.

We have repeatedly informed you about many extra options that being implemented with the release of new versions of the application. In the recent update of NT.Wallet our development department has presented the "Lucky Boxes" game when every user of the program can win plenty of decent gifts.

You need to log in to your NT.Wallet account and go to "Promotions" section, where you need to select the line "Lucky Boxes" and click on "Play" to try the game or go to the game through the main menu of the application in "Promotions" section.

The player has to find our corporate mascots Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay who have hidden in secret boxes according to the rules of the game to win gifts. It is very important to find them both, otherwise, the user will lose and next time he will get another chance to try his luck only after 24 hours.

We have several kinds of gifts for our winners, specifically, cash rewards, discounts on future recharges to NT.Wallet mobile application, smartphones, vouchers and other special gifts.

If you do not have the NT.Wallet application installed in your phone yet, you can go to the following link https://d.nt.ae/ and download the relevant version of the application depending on the operating system of your mobile.

We have prepared a tutorial video to give a better understanding of the game rules which can be found here:

We invite you to take part in the Lucky Boxes game and try your luck!