Thursday, December 31, 2015

Summing Up the Year. Looking back in the past, we create the successful future

Dear Partners!

On the eve of the most glorious, felicitous and anticipated holiday, it becomes time to sum up the results. To this end, we evaluate work accomplished, and analyze fulfilled assignments. It's a kind of feedback, an opportunity to consolidate the results of our efforts to courageously enter into the coming New Year. 

Today we decided to summarize the work of NT.Payments system in the tradition of the country in which we conduct our business with you, we would like to compare our company with the highest building in the world – Burj Khalifa. 

Burj Khalifa was designed as the most grandiose endeavor ever in the history of mankind. Also, our project initially had a goal of becoming the Arab market’s leading provider of payment services through payment terminals. 

The author of Burj Khalifa project was the architect Adrian Smith, who has ample experience in skyscraper design. He and hundreds of other experts worked on the creation of a solid foundation, which is unique among its kind. The founder of our project is Alexandr Chub. He had more than ten years of experience in the business of payment technologies, and he deeply believed in the success of our company in the United Arab Emirates. In 2013, Alexander Chub and a group of professionals from different countries, jointly developed and launched a business project, which we consider as the foundation of our Burj Taunigma. 

The construction of Burj Khalifa proceeded at a pace of 1-2 floors per week. The floors of Burj Taunigma are also being laid at a very high speed. From the moment of beginning of the project in the UAE market, our company actively has been developing and growing, building floor by floor in a sustainable manner. This all is a kind of allegory, where the floors of the tower are our achievements over the past two years of productive work. 

Consequently, the very first floor of the tower is opening of head office in the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi. After all, this is the place, where the most creative ideas are born and the planned objectives implemented. Currently, the company has four main offices in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain and several service offices in other regions. 

Second floor – more than 90 staff members, who work every day in a close-knit and friendly team, and more than 20 outsourcers, located in different countries of the world, who collaborate with us for a common cause. 

Third floor – our partners and customers: People, who are always full of faith, enthusiasm and determination. At the moment, there are more than 12.000 people, working in partnership with us out of more than 87 countries. 

Fourth floor – sold franchises. The number of "smart investments" is increasing daily, and today our customers own more than 2400 «Taunigma-Kiosk» franchises. 

Fifth floor – installed kiosks. At the moment, more than 2200 NT.Payments system terminals have been set up in different regions of the United Arab Emirates. 

Sixth floor – accessible services in our terminal. The number currently stands at more than 500. With a variety of options, our services are available to users of more than 120 countries worldwide. 

Seventh floor – participation in international exhibitions. Over the past two years, our company has participated in various dedicated exhibitions, such as the Cards & Payments Middle East, Gitex, Retail Banking & EXPO, Middle East Franchise EXPO, where we presented ourselves and shared experience with companies at international level. 

Eighth floor –
more than 2.1 million unique customers use our payment system, that is, every fourth resident of the United Arab Emirates! 

Ninth floor – more than 100.000 transactions, that pass through the terminals of our payment system daily. 

The tenth floor – turnover growth. Compared with December 2014, the company increased the volume of received payments seven-fold, despite of the fact that the number of new kiosks only has doubled. 

Eleventh floor – actions and promotions. Since the inception of our project in the UAE, we have repeatedly carried out various promotions for our partners and users of the NT.Payments system. Participation in promotions helped our customers to get additional bonuses, great gifts and high spirits. And we, in turn, through active work with clients, gaining inspiration for further work and scale new heights in business. 

Twelfth floor –
the new construction began recently – this is an advertising project InDoor.TV and franchise «Taunigma-Display». Despite the fact that the project was launched in December 2015, we can confidently say that it will have incredible success. After all, as experience shows, advertising is one of the most profitable lines of business and the main way to promote products and services. 

And these are only the first 12 floors, built in the course of just two years. Each of them is becoming more stable, and the speed at which Burj Taunigma is growing is surprising. 

Burj Khalifa in 2009 was declared as the highest above-ground structure in the history of the construction, and it’s the building with the largest number of floors. In turn, Burj Taunigma,by the results of work accomlished work by the end of 2015, is the largest company in the number of installed terminals and successful business, which firmly occupies the market niche of providing services to receive payments in the UAE. 

Burj Khalifa – it is a completed, successful project, but adding a floor, unfortunately, is no longer possible. The Burj Taunigma, however, is growing every day, and we hope that together with you we will construct a building of an incredible height, where it soon will be difficult to count all the floors. 

The Taunigma company, payment system NT.Payments and the advertizing network InDoor.TV congratulate you with coming 2016 New Year!
Our team is grateful for the contribution that each of you brings to our common common cause. We are confident that our business relationships will only strengthen, and our cooperation will be even more fruitful in the New Year.
We wish you prosperity, personal success and smiles, symbolizing wealth and fulfillment of all your plans. Let 2016 will become for you as year full of hopes and fulfillments, year that opening the new horizons and year, that bringing success.

Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Our Employees’ Hobbies

Dear partners! 

Employees of Taunigma and Kiosk IT System Trading are not only professionals whose experience and knowledge help to turn ideas into reality, but also people who lead an active lifestyle. Hobbies play an important role in their lives. Despite their business, our colleagues find time to escape from the daily routine and gain strength for further fruitful work. Today we’ve decided to learn how our experts spend their leisure time. 

Natalia Kvasnaya, Marketing Manager

I like traveling very much. It is an incomparable feeling when you watch the beauty of the world around you! It is travels that make your world outlook change, and the boundaries of the ordinary thinking expand. No wonder they say that one day spent in a new interesting place is equal to a year of your usual life. Recently, I have had an opportunity to visit the Indian Ocean, where mountains form a maze of twisty bays. Externally, rocks and mountains resemble fjords; no wonder this place on the north of Oman is called Arabian Norway. Officially, it is called the Musandam peninsula. This is a great place to go, where you can boat, see dolphins in a bay, take a swim on a wild beach and watch the colorful marine life! To see beauty in ordinary things and to be able to enjoy your life – in my opinion, this is one of the most important qualities of a modern person. 

Olan Karsybekov, Co-Director of the Development Department

Our work requires concentration and attention, and if you do not spend your spare time doing something that helps to overcome the load, you can quickly “burn out”, which is often observed in the IT field. Therefore, 10 years ago I began to meditate. This is a very good method to preserve the internal balance, reduce stress and calm the mind. Meditation has a mental effect that improves concentration, increases performance at work and helps to get rid of unnecessary thoughts. Moreover, I get a good energy effect which helps me to feel many things and manage my energy body. Very often people are not able to completely relax and turn off all their thoughts. I can say that this ability will not come quickly. You should not struggle your own thoughts. As teachers of meditation say, “Thoughts are a lake, which is full of water, and if you have constantly thrown stones into the water thus making waves, there is nothing you can do but just wait until the waves calm down”. 

Yana Nadolinskaya, Content Manager

Today we live in a dynamic world where everything is boiling, rapidly developing and changing. But, you know, sometimes you need to stop for a moment to look around and understand what beauty surrounds us. So, for already 5 years, I have spent my free time with a camera in hands. This activity brings me a lot of pleasure. While people are running around me, I stop to pay attention to reality that surrounds us, to focus on details, and to see the beauty around me. I like to notice moods, feelings, character and look for interesting stories. The genre is not important; this may be portraits, animals, nature, architecture. I would like to continue to develop in this direction, and create objects for shooting myself. This activity helps to relax, to get inspired and get away from everyday life, to turn my attention to something else. 

Roman Kvasny, Co-Director of the Development Department

As a child, I dreamed of becoming an astronaut, because I wanted to experience the feeling of weightlessness. Unfortunately, for health reasons, I could not even become a pilot. So I’ve got interested in diving. As an amateur, I’ve been doing this sport for 10 years, and professionally – 3 years. Now I can dive to a depth of 18 meters, and enjoy all the beauty of the underwater world. Since water occupies 2/3 of the surface of our planet, the primary life is not on land but under water. The variety of underwater inhabitants is impressive: fish, jellyfish, stingrays, coral reefs, crabs and many other animals. It's great to feel a part of this world, to get to know its inhabitants, not to think about anything and enjoy weightlessness. 

Andrew Dygan, Technical Service Expert

Sport is my hobby. Exercise not only helps to be healthy and keep yourself in a good shape, but also gives an opportunity to relax after work. 3 times a week I go to the gym, and once a week I play football. Football develops many qualities such as speed, accuracy, reaction, endurance and quick wits. In addition, this is a team game, which teaches solidarity and a team spirit, which is a useful skill in our work.

All our employees are amazing and talented people, but all of us share a common business – our work. Follow the news in the Taunigma blog, and you will learn more about our employees’ work and passions, and about the company's life. 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Winter Consignment of NT.Payments Terminals

Dear partners! 

Another consignment of payment kiosks has arrived successfully at the city port of Abu Dhabi. The employees of the technical department have unloaded the arrived machines and got them to the warehouse. 

Our company’s experts have already started work on preparation of the NT.Payments terminals for installation in sales outlets: check of their integrity, technical diagnostics, installation of the operating system and software testing. 

The arrival of the new consignment will allow to increase the number of NT.Payments terminals installed in the UAE and make the waiting list for installation of new payment kiosks move. 

Follow the news! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anna Shchetinina: “It is important for us that new employees feel their significance from the very beginning”

Dear partners!

Selecting personnel for a company is an important process which can last over a week or even a month. Indeed, when searching for new employees, it is important to assess the professionalism and personal qualities of candidates as well as their ability to work on a team. Human Resources Manager Anna Shchetinina talks to us about how specialists are found at Kiosk IT System Trading LLC. 

Interviewer: Anna, tell us about what you do?

Anna: I’ve been involved in the selection and evaluation of personnel for a year and a half now. I like the work, as it allows me to meet and get to know new people. Our company is expanding rapidly and new branches are being opened, so it is of importance to us to systematize work with staff. In the UAE nearly everyone is an expat, so there is quite a lot of work with newbies. Coming to a new country is a trial. Everything here is different – the level and rhythm of life, the laws and language, culture and traditions. This is why my task is to make the adaption process for new employees as comfortable as possible. 

I.: Pease describe the personnel selection process at Kiosk IT System Trading LLC?

А.: In the company there are two sources for personnel recruitment – internal and external. In the first case, we share information about vacancies on our official site. In the other one, our company searches for employees using specialized job search resources and forums. We choose candidates with the relevant set of professional skills and invite them for an interview. The future company employee goes through several interview stages. This practice helps him form an impression about the company not from the words of HR alone but also from those of the future supervisor. The initial interview is conducted by the HR manager. The division head subsequently determines how well the candidate’s professional and personal characteristics fit the position. In addition, we give each candidate a task which helps us evaluate his level of knowledge and typical thought processes. We are interested in long-term cooperation and make decisions very deliberately since the new person will be part of our team. 

I.: Anna, what is guaranteed to interest you on a resume? 

А.: First of all, meeting the job requirements, having work experience and the desire to work hard. Second, the candidate’s personal qualities: responsibility, attention to detail, the ability to handle stress, knowing how to analyze one’s own work, foreign language proficiency and the like. After analysis of all points, we invite the candidate for an initial interview. We form our opinion about the person directly in the meeting. 

I.: What do you pay most attention to during an interview?

А.: We direct our focus on the details of the specific position, for example, if we are looking for an employee for the sales department, then we expect the person to “sell himself”. Applicants for this position must be able to communicate easily and naturally with their interlocutors, know how to win people over, and be friendly and flexible. It is a different matter if we’re searching for a specialist for the finance department. Here the main qualities are seriousness and focus, attentiveness and a high level of responsibility. Sometimes applicants are only interested in bonuses, corporate bonuses, prizes, sick leave and holidays. But it also happens that at the first stage of interviewing, a person proposes interesting ideas as well as paths to their realization and expected results. 

I.: Anna, is there anything particular you look for when you are hiring for certain positions in a multi-national company? 

А.: It has turned out that specific nationalities are employed in several company divisions. For example, experience has shown that Filipinos perform very well in the finance department. It is pleasant to work with them. They are accurate, don’t make mistakes, follow the established rules and procedures, and finish assignments on time. Colleagues from Pakistan, India and Nepal constitute the technical division. Our technicians quickly adapt to the new environment and work harmoniously with each other. The sales division is the most varied in terms of nationality. Here there are employees from India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. But all of them are equally result-oriented and can easily find a common language with clients. 

I.: And how do you like working in such an international company? 

А.: Today we have working for us specialists from 9 countries. Such a diversity of cultures really helps personal development. I like this kind of cooperation very much since communication with people of other nationalities makes it possible to gain interesting social experience, learn about other traditions and cultures, and make new friends and acquaintances. 

I.: After the company has brought a new employee on board, do you continue the introductory process? 

А.: Of course, we have a whole procedure in place for the adaptation of new hires. We take this process very seriously since the career of employees in the company and the outcome of their future work depends on it. During the first few days, we introduce new hires to their colleagues, induct them and explain the rules and procedures. After the trial period, management makes a decision regarding future employment based on their performance. Division heads always prompt staff on what to look for. For us it is important that people feel their significance from the very beginning. 

I.: Robert Baden, president of the company Rochester Software Associates asks all candidates an interesting question: “Imagine that we are standing in front of a skyscraper. I give you a barometer and ask you to figure out the height of the building with it. How are you going to do that?” Do you prepare such questions for interviewees? 

А.: They give these kinds of questions to candidates whose positions involve creative work. This helps to make the interview more interesting and assess the applicant’s level of erudition and logical thought processes. Sometimes we ask interviewees similar questions insofar as their reactions can tell us a lot, for example, how fast they can find a way out of a situation, or whether they have flexibility of thought or are dependent on others’ opinions. When conducting an interview, I ask candidates to describe their best friend from a negative perspective. As a rule, candidates enjoy talking about the good, but a question about the negative leaves them confounded. It’s interesting to watch the reaction: what will the candidate chose out of the “bad” qualities of their friend and how eagerly will they speak about it. 

I.: I’m curious. If you were given the question about the barometer in an interview, how would you answer it? 

А.: The funny thing is that that was exactly the question they asked me when I was applying for work here 8 years ago. Not knowing much about physics, I suggested two simple possibilities – lower it down on a string or measure the speed of the barometer’s fall. But, to be honest, I knew the correct answer in advance. 

I.: Anna, do you remember your first job interview? What emotions did you have? 

А.: Honestly, I wasn’t scared at all in my first interview. It was like this: I came to the office, told them about myself, answered all the questions, and they offered me a job. But the first interview for the position of HR manager made me nervous. 

I.: Why? 

А.: It wasn’t clear with whom I was supposed to talk. When it was time to answer, I was thinking about what else to ask. As a result, I wasn’t concentrating on the answers and I seemed unprofessional. But that is the experience, at any rate. 

I.: Anna, what qualities do you think a good HR manager must have? What should one know and be able to do? 

А.: First and foremost, a personnel manager is a profession. So one must have mastery of basic knowledge in this sphere. Additionally, so that work will be maximally effective, one has to be friendly, sociable, considerate, ethical, non-confrontational, and capable of interacting with managers and staff. It is important to know the main processes in the company as well as additional information like, for example, what the laws of the country are so your colleagues can rely on you for advice whenever necessary. On my part, I always try to help someone understand the situation and solve any problems. 

I.: Anna, thanks to you we have learned more about all stages of recruitment in our country. Thanks for the pleasant conversation. Good luck in your work! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Arrival of a new batch of terminals

Dear partners!

We’re hurrying to let you know that there arrived another batch of terminals in the number of 240 items to the port of Abu Dhabi. 

Our specialists carefully unloaded the new terminals, checked their integrity and delivered them to our warehouse. 

At the warehouse, our specialists have made the technical checking of the terminals, tested them and already started installing of the necessary software to the machines. 

All the terminals will soon be placed to the trade outlets and this will help us to widen the map of the installed NT.Payments kiosks. 

Follow the news!

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Guests from Kazakhstan

Dear partners! 

A group of partners from Kazakhstan recently has paid a working visit to our company’s main office. The meeting between the guests and management took place in a friendly and warm atmosphere. 

During the negotiations, the participants discussed important issues related to company operations, the projects and innovations being implemented, and development prospects. 

The meeting was intensive and informative: no question was left unanswered, and our guests gained a lot of useful information. After the official stage of the negotiations, our partners received a tour of our office and had the chance to make the acquaintance of and chat with company employees. 

We hope that as a result of the interaction our guests have received all of the necessary information, positive spirits, and confidence that will contribute to the enhanced effectiveness of our joint activities. Our company is always open to such events since they mean great opportunity to meet with partners and share common achievements. We look forward to seeing you as our guests!

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Certification of the technical department’s staff

Dear partners! 

Kiosk IT System Trading company has conducted the training and certification of the engineers of NT.Payments kiosks’ maintenance. The head of the technical department, Alexey Trofimov, has estimated the professional skills and knowledge of the staff. 

“The employees of the technical department has shown the high level of preparation. During the exam we were checking their knowledge of the work of terminals, about the inner structure of the machines, about the problems that might appear and about the methods of solving the problems”, – says Alexey, the head of the department. 

Before the certification the engineers has had a special month training where they’ve got the additional professional knowledge and got acquainted with how to work with the new programs that they are now able to use in their practice. 

As you remember from the previous news the top management of the company has recently conducted the certification of sales managers. The estimation of the knowledge and increasing of the staff’s qualification influences the development of the business in general positively. That is why the top management of the company is going to conduct such trainings of the employees of all departments regularly in future. And we will continue telling you about the results. 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lottery in Al Salam

Dear partners!

For the second year in a row the NT.Payments team visits the final of the «Talent search» competition that is organized by the administration of Al Salam Living City Labor Camp where our terminals are installed. Conducting of this event has already become a good tradition for the citizens.

In the last day of the competition we’ve launched a lottery among those who live in Al Salam city. To become a participant of the promotion clients needed to pay for any service through the NT.Payments terminal and throw the receipt into the reel. There were a lot of those who wanted to participate in the promotion. People were coming up, asking about what was happening, and the employees of our company were glad to answer the questions of the users and were helping them to understand the payment system. 

Today there are 9 self-service kiosks installed in Al Salam. They are of a great demand among the citizens of the closed town because people are able to make both local and international payments by them. 

And finally – the most pleasant thing! After the event was over we’ve defined five lucky participants who got the memorable presents from the company. We’ve played out two mobile phones, two gift certificates for 50 AED each to pay for services through our terminals and a present bag with the set of branded souvenirs from NT.Payments among the participants. 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Monday, August 31, 2015

Managers of our sales department have passed the certification successfully

Dear partners! 

The top management of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC has estimated the work of sales managers in order to define the level of the staff’s qualification, their skills and professional qualities. 

During a whole month the sales department staff has been undertaking an extension courses targeted to studying the new tools and checking their knowledge about the standards, rules of work and the procedure of terminals’ installation. To make the process of studying successful the management has developed the regulations, the systems of knowledge’s control, and business processes; the standards of work were updated and the new working tools were implemented. 

As a result of the certification all the managers of the company have proved their professional level and got the memorable gifts from the management: “It’s important to get new professional knowledge for me and for my colleagues from the department. The additional education has given us the new interesting opportunities. We were taught the new programs that could optimize the work of the department. Also we were given some advices about how to act in different situations, how to work with landlords, and so on. It’s important as our work is first of all communication with people. So I’m grateful to our management for their advertence and understanding the necessity of the professional growth and training the employees of sales sphere” – told us Roman, a sales manager. 

Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company has a serious approach to education and re-certification of the staff. The management takes care of the professional development of the employees that will definitely influence positively the general result of the company’s work. 

 NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Monday, August 24, 2015

How to use an NT.Payments kiosk?

Dear partners!

Computer technologies rule the modern world and today you can get anything you want just having several buttons pushed – an airplane ticket or a fashionable-something-new. With the help of self-service terminals you need a couple of seconds for making payment for any service. However, there are people for whom it’s still difficult to understand how to use a kiosk. It could be an old person or a foreigner for whom it’s hard to understand the instructions given in a non-native language. And we started thinking – what to do in this situation? 

The decision appeared quickly – we’ve recorded an informational video and launched its demonstration at the advertising monitors of NT.Payments system’s terminals. This recording easily and visually explains to users how does a payment terminal work, which services are available and what is necessary to remember when charging money to the account. 

For the clients’ convenience the video is recorded in three main languages used by locals – Arabic, Urdu and English. 

Moreover, together with the municipality of the of Dubai city we’ve touched such a socially important theme as clean environment in our recording. The video encourages the clients to take care about the cleanliness of streets and to throw the receipts only to the litter bins. 

NT.Payments – we do our best for the convenience and comfort of our clients! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Monday, July 27, 2015

What was your first day of work like?

Dear partners!

I guess, many people remember how they get their first job. How exciting it was - their first day of work and introducing the new team. We decide to ask our colleague about them starting their career in the Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company. 

Cherryll, Accountant

It all begins when I came to Emirates looking for a job. I found Kiosk IT System Trading vacancy on website and decide to sent my CV. Then I've been contact and got the invitation. And as a result I've got this position. That was my first experience working in such a country as UAE in frames of russian company with multicultural team. The first days were simultaneously slightly tense and very interesting. I was really worried, tried listen carefully to my senior colleague and dived in financial matters. I was trying not to lose important things. 

Dmitry, QA Engineer

Suit, shirt, tie are the exact things I wore may first work day. And I'd like to notice I'm not a big fun of suits and therefore felt not quitу comfortable (give a smile). On the job interview I was told about dress code in Company which strictly applied to everyone. Only after I figured out about this code applied mainly to company executives and the employees who sign agreements or participate business meetings. My first working day was very exciting. I wanted to show my true worth, to do enormous volume of work, to test software and to start work on projects as quickly as possible. 

Hareem, Call Center Operator

I came in the Company to try myself as a clients support service assistant. A made it my main objective of the first day to get familiar with this work and to become successful in new sphere. I thought this job is not for me but Call Center Operator position turned out to be really fine. Communication with clients seems to flatter me. On the first day I was very nervous. But, as soon as I began to work and introduced to the team, all my worries faded away. My colleagues was very friendly and they treat me really nice. I'm glad I made a right choice 8 months ago when came to the Company. Here I gained much new knowledge and find new interesting people. The job became a second home for me and the colleagues became a family. 

Roman, Sales Executive

From my friend I find out that there is such an opportunity to get a Kiosk IT System Trading company position in Emirates. And the idea crossed my mind - shouldn't I use this chance? This is a great opportunity for a new professional experience, opportunity to make a new contacts and to find out something about different culture. I was invited to the Company. And tt was Ramadan month. It was actually a challenge! The outside was incredible hot, no drinks or food were allowed in public places. The most part of the places like cafes or shops where you could place a terminal were closed till the evening. Also there were some issues because of the local English. But the mindset of the locals made me surprise. They prefer to rely on the person's word but not on documents.

Anna, HR Manager 

I guess I get the position as everyone else did - via open vacancy. Firstly my position was an Office Manger and only after I was promoted to HR Manager position. And then my first priority on this position became staff recruitment. My first working day was quite good - I was introduced to the new team, got involve into the environment and my position daily work. There were no worries because I started my career in a promising company and the city of the dream – Dubai.

Rasul, Support Manager 

My career in the Kiosk IT System Trading company began in September 2014. The first working day was incredibly benevolent. I met my colleagues and they treat me really nice. I examined my work place and get down to work. As a person of an academic environment, it was interesting for me to try myself in environment of business. 

All people in our Company are here for a reason. Each one came with the skills and knowledge he would like to apply for a company prosperity. And the result of company activity depends on teamwork and each employee contribution. 

 NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The most “communicative” people of our company.

Dear partners! 

Today we’ve decided to tell you about the peculiarities of call-center work in Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company. The staff of the contact center do not leave without attention a single income call. The listen to every client and help to solve any problem. We have interviewed the head of call center of the company, Darya Filyanova, about the work of this department. 

Interviewer.: Good day, Darya! Thanks for your finding the time to talk. Tell me please, what does your department do? 

Darya.: Good day! My department processes customer payment requests using the NT.Payments system, and also provides information and preliminary technical support.

I.: How long have you worked in the position of the head of call-center?

D.: I have been working in the company for about 1.5 years, and about a year on the spot as the head of department. During this period we have had a long journey from receiving calls on a single telephone to becoming a fully functioning department where we already have six staff members.

I.: Darya, what attracts you to call-center work?

D.: It is impossible to give a short answer to such a question. When we get a spare minute, which rarely happens at a call-center, I always ask our operators to share their thoughts about the day’s shift and the working process as a whole. In our department, every day is different, everyday one or two clients’ calls are particularly memorable. Furthermore, our work is a dialogue with our clients, organizing the provision of services, and this means that our main goal is to help users of our payment system, which of course, cannot but give us pleasure.

I.: The company is growing and accordingly the number of calls are increasing. How do you deal with this?

D.: Our department can be called with complete certainty a “contact center”, as we are already receiving requests and calls from clients not only using voice communication channels, but also using email and “ticketing” systems. We have no intention on resting on our laurels. To provide higher quality services, we are trying to add additional channels to respond to our clients so that not a single request comes in without getting a response.

I.: “Someone who has never worked in this sphere might call it easy”. What is difficult about the work a call center operator does?

D.: The main difficulty that our operators have in working in such a multinational country as the UAE is that it is necessary to find a common language with people from completely different linguistic environments and also cultures. It is specifically for this reason we try to expand as much as possible our list of languages, which we are able to accept from clients.

I.: Darya, what is the nature of calls, which you have to receive? As far as I understand, they are both positive and negative?

D.: The large majority of calls from clients are calls related to the status of transactions for payments of functions and services, such as from local and international cell-phone providers, electronic wallets and the like. Furthermore, we fill in applications for technical maintenance of terminals, which are mainly sent in from outlet owners where our kiosks are located. The remaining calls are usually of an informative character. And yes, you are right, we sometimes have to deal with negative calls. However, our work experience in the area and our desire to provide a high level of service to our clients helps us to easily resolve these sorts of situations.

I.: Darya, tell us how you cope with conflict situations?

D.: For such situations we have developed a series of instructions to help operators move conversations with a clearly negative tone to a more positive one. The main emphasis is placed on the fact that the client is always right. Taking this principle into account, we are always able to find a way to resolve a problem with the greatest satisfaction for both parties, giving priority to the client’s interests.

I.: What languages do you have to use to work with clients?

D.: I receive calls from clients in Arabic, English and Russian. Operators also speak Urdu and Hindi. The current languages are aimed mainly at the Pakistani and Indian population. Furthermore, we can accept calls in Punjabi and Tamil.

I.: I’m curious about how long you studied Arabic?

D.: I studied Arabic for five years at Minsk State Linguistics University at the Oriental Studies department of the Translation Faculty. Furthermore, I was lucky to undertake training courses in Arabic in Damascus, the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic. Thanks to this exchange program I acquired invaluable experience in studying and living in a multinational and multi-lingual environment, which doubtless helped me to get used to the Emirates environment, even if it is strongly “European”, but nonetheless it is oriental.

I.: In your opinion what qualities should a call-center operator possess?

D.: When selecting personnel our main attention is focused on the ability of an employee to remain poised and polite even in the most unpleasant conflict situations. Furthermore, great importance is placed on the individual’s multitasking ability and ability to handle a large number of calls and requests. It is also important for an operator to have communication skills and speak well.

I.: Thanks to the workers at the call-center, users can easily find a resolution to their current issue. May your department receive more positive calls! It was nice talking to you!

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Arrival of a new batch of terminals

Dear partners! 

We’re hurrying to let you know that on 2nd of May 2015 there arrived another batch of terminals in the number of 120 items to the port of Abu Dhabi. 

Despite of the terrible heat that had already come to the Emirates our specialists carefully unloaded the new terminals from the ship, checked their integrity and delivered them to our warehouse. 

At the warehouse our specialists have made the technical checking of the terminals, tested them and already started installing of the necessary software to the machines. 

All the terminals will soon be placed to the trade outlets and this will help us to widen the map of the installed NT.Payments kiosks. 

Follow the news! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

NT.Payments system – the participant of the exhibition

Dear partners! 

On 12th and 13th of May 2015 NT.Payments system first time participated in the Cards & Payments Middle East 2015 exhibition. The event gathered together the representatives of the biggest payment systems, producers of equipment and spare parts for self-service terminals and other payment acceptance machines, providers of services and representatives of the bank sphere. 

At Cards & Payments Middle East 2015 exhibition our team had successfully represented our payment system with the help of two terminals placed directly at our stand, and the software that was developed by our IT-specialists especially for this event. 

Visitors and participants of the exhibition were interested in the demonstration of payment acceptance processes, existing services and the opportunities of potential partnership. 

During the two days of the exhibition we met new people, made perspective business contacts with payment acceptance operators who are interested in the opportunity of paying for their services through our terminals. Also we’ve bought the new equipment that will significantly widen our work opportunities in the new directions of cooperation. 

Our specialists of technical, sales and development departments have already started the implementation and testing of the new products.

Especially we’d like to thank those partners who took part in the exhibition and supported us! Thanks a lot for your trust, help and kind words! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

New service office in Sharjah

Dear partners!

As you know, Sharjah is the third biggest emirate in the UAE with the capital having the same name. There are museums, galleries, theatres, traditional Eastern markets here. They attract the attention of tourists and are often visited by locals as well. Sharjah is a real cultural capital of the Emirates.

Moreover, there are many NT.Payments terminals that are of a great demand, placed here. Earlier the distance to the head office of the company often prevented from a good cooperation of the payment system’s representatives. That is why we’ve taken the decision to open a separate service office here.

It is situated very conveniently at the board of the two emirates – Sharjah and Dubai. It allows transferring the terminals to the place of setting up fast, to come for discussing details, communicating with owners of outlets and technical maintenance quickly.

We need to say that the services of NT.Payments system are demanded both among locals and tourists. So the representatives of our company in Sharjah have plenty of work.

Sales and technical specialists work in our new service office. They make contracts for kiosks’ setting up, install the software and support the workability of the terminals.

Highly professional managers of the financial department work upon the economic aspects. 

In a specious clear premise there is a mini warehouse where the new, already checked by specialists terminals are waiting their turn to be set up.

Our payment system is successfully represented in all emirates. And we do our best to increase the efficiency of its work. We understand how important is to be close. That’s why the small but friendly part of our big team has already established in Sharjah!

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Retail Banking & EXPO

Dear partners! 

This year on 6th and 7th of April we participated in the exhibition-forum Retail Banking & EXPO. Only the most serious representatives of the financial market of the country are invited to such events. And during our work in the Emirates we have first achieved the necessary for participation level together with the leading companies. 

Our aim was to extend the network of contacts, open the new horizons of the perspective cooperation and introduce ourselves as a serious potential partner in the financial sector of economy. 

Narrowly specialized orientation of this forum allowed gathering under the one roof the representatives of all Arabic and the biggest world banks, leading payment systems and companies that deal with money transfers, currency exchange, providing of loans and serving of payment cards. 

Except the exhibition part there were also theme conferences, speeches and master classes included into the program. Bankers and the representatives of payment systems from all over the world were the speakers. We learned a lot, got the new experience and came to the new thoughts. 

Surely we succeeded to introduce our presence at the UAE market and get the attention of the bank sector representatives and their partners. 

Moreover, especially for the Retail Banking & EXPO we’d developed the unique project, created a separate program to demonstrate the interested visitors and participants of the event the opportunities of cooperation with NT.Payments. The model installed to the placed in the exhibition hall kiosks showed the process of getting different payments, including the payoffs of small loans for citizens with the help of our payment system. 

It’s still too early to speak about the success of this product, as its implementation needs time, but we can say that we’d succeeded to interest and inspire many potential partners. We’re sure to continue developing this idea and go to its implementation on the monitors of self-service kiosks. 

Furthermore, we’ve made the agreement of cooperation with the MINT payment system in the sphere of money transactions to the South Asia countries. 

In the two days of the exhibition our team got acquainted with so many new people, made so many presentations and demonstrations that it’s really hard to believe that all these events took such a short period of time! 

We really hope that new acquaintances, agreements and ideas will find their implementation soon! Look forward for the good news! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)