Monday, August 24, 2015

How to use an NT.Payments kiosk?

Dear partners!

Computer technologies rule the modern world and today you can get anything you want just having several buttons pushed – an airplane ticket or a fashionable-something-new. With the help of self-service terminals you need a couple of seconds for making payment for any service. However, there are people for whom it’s still difficult to understand how to use a kiosk. It could be an old person or a foreigner for whom it’s hard to understand the instructions given in a non-native language. And we started thinking – what to do in this situation? 

The decision appeared quickly – we’ve recorded an informational video and launched its demonstration at the advertising monitors of NT.Payments system’s terminals. This recording easily and visually explains to users how does a payment terminal work, which services are available and what is necessary to remember when charging money to the account. 

For the clients’ convenience the video is recorded in three main languages used by locals – Arabic, Urdu and English. 

Moreover, together with the municipality of the of Dubai city we’ve touched such a socially important theme as clean environment in our recording. The video encourages the clients to take care about the cleanliness of streets and to throw the receipts only to the litter bins. 

NT.Payments – we do our best for the convenience and comfort of our clients! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

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