Thursday, November 24, 2016

One Day of a Technical Department Employee

Dear partners!

Every day employees of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC proactively work to develop payment business in the Emirates. Each of the eight departments of our company perform their tasks effectively and expeditiously. So today, we would like to tell you about normal working day of the Technical Department employees and prepared a photo report. 

The major task of the Technical Department employees is to maintain NT.Payments kiosks in operation and collect cash. 

Today, we will take а trip to the places where kiosks are installed with Michael Abongwe to check their operability. “Every morning the Head of the Department gives as a list of terminals that require routine or unscheduled maintenance. We carefully study the documents and build the best route”, − Michael says. We take all the necessary tools and go to do work. 

Having selected destination point on the navigation device, we go to the first installation site of an NT.Payments kiosk. “With the special application, developed by the Software Design Department employees, we generate the shortest route to the destination,” – shares his impression. 

Our staff are always on the go so they can admire monuments, landscapes of the Gulf and desert, unique architecture, and local colors. “I enjoy my job. Every day is a short journey for me. I get the pleasure of riding in the city and sometimes in other regions of the Emirates, watching around. It is difficult for me to stay in one place, I’m not an office clerk,” − Michael says smiling. 

During one day, an employee of the Technical Department can check operability and collect cash of more than 10 payment kiosks in the country’s regions and of about 20 ones in the city. Everything depends on terminal locations and time for a trip. “When creating a route, it is important to consider traffic to avoid the congestion else you can fall behind the schedule. Unfortunately, sometimes such situations are not avoidable, especially when people go to/from work”, − Michael says. 

Fifteen minutes later we arrived to a small mobile shop. This is a good location for a terminal – blue and yellow NT.Payments kiosk is a real eye-catcher. Here starts our work.

When having arrived to a sales point, first of all, an employee is to check-in in the company’s internal system. To do this, one needs to read a QR code on a terminal using a special mobile application developed by our specialists. Now, information that a technician has arrived will appear in the company’s internal system.

A report on a kiosk operation shows that the terminal installed in this shop needs routine maintenance and general check of the system. First of all, Michael examines the terminal for defects, cleans both displays and terminal parts. Then he analyzes operation of the terminal, cash acceptor and dispenser. 

After having checked the NT.Payments kiosk and made sure that the system works correctly, Michael informs the coordinator that the issue with the kiosk has been solved by reading QR code on the terminal again. 

We hit the road again. The next point is a gift shop. Here, the shop owner meets us with smile, offers cardamom tea, and tells Michael about customers’ comments. Michael checks-in in the system and starts scheduled inspection: “You need to clean the terminal, refresh stickers, replace a receipt roll, and check a cash acceptor because the landlord noted that the terminal sometimes does not accept money from the clients”. 

First, Michael checks the cash acceptor, removes dust from the terminal, main and top displays as well as replaces sun-bleached stickers. Appearance of a kiosk is very important for attracting clients and advertisers who desire to place promotional information on the secondary top display of our kiosk.

According to the plan, 11 payment kiosks remain for today, but while we were checking operability of other terminals two more tasks appeared in the system. “It is very good that we can monitor status of kiosks online. That allows to control their operation, rapidly travel to an installation site and immediately correct errors”, – Michael says. Well, let’s try to close all requests in order not to leave unresolved issues for tomorrow. 

6 p.m., our working day draws to a close. The day has been very eventful. Today we have managed to check 15 payment kiosks, collect cash from 7 of them. Now, we are going back to the company’s office to hand over cash boxes to cashiers and return keys from the terminals checked to the Head of the Department. Today we have completed all the tasks and may go home. 

Sometimes technical department staff have to work beyond normal working hours, the reason for this is congested traffic, location of terminals, opening hours of a sales of service point where a kiosk is installed. Fortunately, this does not scare our employees, their main rule is that a kiosk must be in operation in order to offer the opportunity to pay for any service at any time to the customers and ensure the stable profit from terminals’ operation for the partners. 

Further you will see more interesting stories about work of our specialists. 

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Best regards,
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Monday, November 7, 2016

Meeting with the Company Management

Dear partners!

Specialists of our company actively organize marketing events and develop promotional materials that help us to inform you about all working processes, changes and latest events in our company. Face-to-face meetings are the important marketing element in dealing with the partners and clients that also allows to share news and common advances. 

The group of partners from Russia has recently visited our office in Abu Dhabi. Here, in friendly and nice atmosphere, they communicate with the company’s management: discuss specific of the payment and advertising business in the Emirates, latest news and tremendous plans for the future. 

During the meeting partners had the opportunity to ask their questions about franchise operation, new rules; learn about the company’s development trends; meet other employees and talk to them as well as to address issues of documentation. 

Our company is always open for discussion. Such events allow as to meet again, share with you the further vision of the payment and advertising business in the UAE. We sincerely hope that the proven future plan will give our partners the confidence in success of our common cause. 

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Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Friday, October 28, 2016

Happy birthday, Taunigma!

Dear partners! 

We are glad to inform you about good news. Taunigma turns 4 years old today! 

New ideas and projects, individual approach to handling the problems, professional team, and your faith in our common cause led to encouraging results. 

Prospective projects and future goals which we will reach together lie ahead. 

Happy birthday! 

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Monday, October 24, 2016

We launched a new website

Dear partners!

Please welcome, a new site of the Taunigma company,

Our new Internet-based recourse features stylish and modern design, it is convenient and simple to use. The site provides all the information you need about the company’s activities and latest news, franchises, methods of purchase and payment, cooperation conditions, etc.

New site combines functions of a presentation site and an online shop. Now, you can enter your personal Internet-office through the new site by selecting the section Enter to an Internet-office or with using the recourse You can also purchase Taunigma franchises in the section Shop of the new company’s site.

We did our best to make the site user-friendly and hope you will like it!
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Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Improving professional skills level of our employees

Dear Partners!

Within the framework of improving professional skills of the Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company’s employees, training was provided to the specialists of the Technical Department.

As you know, the responsibility of the employees of the Technical Department is not only to monitor and maintain operability of payment kiosks, collect cash, renew stickers, and clean terminals but to prepare pictures for Internet offices of the partners. In your back offices you can see that our specialists make 4 types of photos, namely, external view of a sales point, overall picture of a terminal and its environment, full-length photo of a terminal, and photo of a screen with eight-digit number of an object (UID) at a shallow angle.

It is important for us that our partners see better pictures of their objects, therefore, we organized training for the Technical Department specialists to give them general photography tips.

Especially for the training, instructions and presentations with examples and layouts, that helped to provide details to be considered when shooting the objects (payment kiosks), were developed.

As of today, the Technical Department is the largest department of our company, so the training was held in several stages. In order to improve understanding the materials, the employees were divided into several small groups.

“Today at the training I received interesting and useful information on shooting. Thanks to the company for accessible and structured delivery of information. It will be very useful in my work. I will try to apply the knowledge obtained in practice”, – делиться впечатлениями Sayyid Mohammed Shafeeq, a specialist of the Technical Department, shares his impressions.  

Our company will continue to conduct such trainings for its employees as long as that has a positive effect on work progress. We will keep you informed about events in our company.

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Elena Khaletskaya: The main task of a project manager is to bring the project to the end having complied with its deadlines and costs

Dear Partners!

Initiating new services and dealing with providers is an integral part of our company’s activities that expands the list of services in our payment kiosk. For better work organization the connecting link between customers and developers is needed. This task is being carried out by a Project manager (PM), a person who controls the start of a new project, monitors its stages and deadlines, holds negotiations with clients and reports the results of work execution. Elena Khaletskaya told us what the position of PM in our company does look like. 

Interviewer: Elena, tell us why you have become a project manager? 

Elena: I always enjoyed working in a team, communicating with new people, taking part in negotiations, planning and arranging projects. That is why I started attending courses on project management to get necessary knowledge and skills in this field. I found my new activity very interesting. When learning I knew how to develop projects right, how to manage risks, which relations between project participants do exist, and what is the correct way of organizing all the processes to get the result needed. After a while I started to develop and promote small projects and later I applied all my knowledge and experience to deal with more serious ones.

I.: What are the main responsibilities of a project manager? 

E.: As a rule, a client does not need to know about the project and its stages themselves; a client is mostly interested in results. For this purpose, a project manager is needed. PM is a person who develops the concept of a project, prepares all the project documents, plans its stages, monitors the teamwork, controls the deadlines and informs a client on the project implementation. The main task of a project manager is to bring the project to the end having complied with its deadlines and costs. The more detailed the final result is, the higher chances to work out all the risks and details as well as to meet the terms and budget of the project are. Yet, there are some situations when you have to extend the deadlines because every project is new and unknown, something we have not done before. 

I.: What does the launch of a company project begin with? 

E.: A project begins with a decision on activating a new service, elaboration of details of a final product, and making a list of tasks needed for project’s implementation. Once the decision is made, the contract is signed up, we move to its implementation: we prepare documents, develop a plan on activities, and define the deadlines. Before launching every new project, I answer two questions: how much time it will take and how much money it will demand. Then you need just to control the stages, meet the deadlines, report the results and consult a client. When the project is done, I sum up all the results by checking if we are behind the schedule and if it is so, the reason for it, and think over the way to escape this mistake in the future. 

I.: What is the most challenging part of your work? 

E.: Probably the most challenging thing is making changes to a project because corrections in most cases influence the deadlines and quality of a product that is very essential for us because we focus on the service of high quality. In such situations you need to quickly determine all alternatives of changing and coordinate them with a client. 

I.: Every PM has to control the deadlines, check the tasks and implementation processes of the whole project. Do you have your own methods of project management? 

E.: My main method is to build mutual communication both in a team and with a client. I believe that when dealing with developers it is not right to set tasks, send instructions and then wait when everything is done. It is important to split the project tasks into smaller parts. Every part should be coordinated, completed and confirmed as the steps made to achieving final result. It is significant to always communicate with the client because once you lose this connection, then it is likely that the client will get the result which is different from what he expected. It is great when clients are involved into the process since they have the vision of what the result should be, therefore they help to prioritize. We try to constantly communicate with every provider, hold negotiations and conduct acceptance testing, so in case of any changes there will be a little influence on the project costs. 

I.: How do you negotiate with customers and partners? Do you usually manage to get the needed results?

E.: The question is: what is considered to be the needed results? If to speak about provider companies with whom we sign contracts, usually they have their own opinion on the service activation costs or project deadline while we have our own one. The whole process of exchanging opinions can take from 2 to 3 months because every party wants to reach its own goal. Once the agreement on service costs is reached, the negotiation of another nature starts. Here we discuss technical issues, for example building user interface. Thus, during discussions with Western Union team we managed to convince them that our specialists do have greater experience in dealing with users and that we do know how to build a user interface of a kiosk correctly, so that their service become more convenient and clear for our clients. Though, in the beginning they had another vision of design and they were very persistent. Do we always reach the needed result? Mostly, yes. There are some services that we consider quite interesting or a provider needs to launch its services on our terminal. And here everything is negotiated at one meeting. But sometimes the very procedure of signing up a contract takes longer time because of a client's approvals in three departments or so. From our side, we always try to complete all the processes quite quickly since a new service means an increase in clients and profit correspondingly. 

I.: What projects are you working on now? 

E.: At the moment we are dealing with connection of the state service called Infinity, also keeping on extending the list of international services, working on adding an external commission to Etisalat. We have already launched a pilot project on these services in order to check interconnection of the systems in process environment. Besides, we have recently finished the connection of Western Union money transfers to our payment system.

I.: If you understand that you do not meet the deadlines, what measures do you undertake to complete the project on time? 

E.: First of all, it is essential to find strong points of your team, build successful communication and help to work together. At second, when we understand that we do not meet the deadlines, we define the problem causing the lag and fix it. In such situations our provider's team helps us. They advise us on what we need to concentrate, which tasks are of higher priority. The main thing in such moments is to focus on what matters the most and to try to not being distracted by trivia. Our goal is to complete the project with a good quality and on time. 

I.: What can users expect from our payment system in the future? 

E.: As we said earlier, we have launched Western Union money transfer service. Now, we are negotiating on connection of state services, as examples utility payments and services in each emirate. We also continue extending the list of mobile operators and countries which services are available in our terminals. 

I.: In your opinion what qualities shall a project manager have? What is an essential to know and be able to do?

E.: Of course, it is important to know the topic area itself since if you do not have any idea on how a product works or the aspects of project management, it is impossible to complete the project. Number one is to have good memory, to be able to concentrate on details, to plan and prioritize tasks, to not being afraid of taking responsibilities, and to persist in your opinion as well as to find a common ground with your team and client. When negotiating on a new product it is essential to evaluate its opportunities and define the ways to improve it. PM needs to be a multifunctional specialist because she or he has to deal with variety of issues including technical ones. 

I.: Elena, thank you for a nice talk and useful information. Now we know better about particulars of adding new services and project management in our company. We wish you luck in all your activities! 

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The First Day in the Company: How it was. Part 2

Dear partners!

The first day on a new work place is always exciting: a new environment, a new team and new responsibilities. Despite all of this, a new place is always a perfect chance to bring fresh ideas and new vision of projects to the company. We continue asking our employees about their first working day.

 Adam White, Advertising manager 

My career began in February 2016. I got down to business right in two hours after I landed in the Emirates. It was a kind of a sign for me that much work is ahead. On my way to the office I was very excited but after I had met the head of the advertising department, I managed to calm myself down. He introduced me to new colleagues, told me about the company activities, and described me in more details an advertising direction which we are currently developing in the UAE. There was a lot of new information for me and I tried to be concentrated in order not to miss anything. I was writing down everything carefully, trying to remember it, asking questions and studying all the auxiliary materials that we do use at work. I have to admit that the first day was very emotional and tough but since the first minute I understood that I am going to work in a professional environment where I could get useful knowledge and that's why I set a goal – to become the best specialist in a new for me field. 

Kreb Mavon, Office manager 

I don't like being late and that is why I usually try to get to work 15 minutes earlier. The same was on that day too. Anna, company’s HR manager, met me in the office. She introduced me to all the employees and showed me around. I got the position of an office manager, therefore it was needed to learn my new duties carefully: to know where I can find stuff and who is responsible for what. I was very attentive listener and trying to remember everything. My first day was full of bright impressions and meetings with new people. I remember I wasn't so successful at work at first probably because I was worried, but my colleagues were helping me to make everything clear and to get into the swing of things.

Vitaly Fomin, Head of the Customer Support Department 

The quite long flight to Abu Dhabi preceded to my first very active day in a company. After I reached the place where I was going to stay, I left my stuff and went to my new work. Since there are some problems with addresses in Abu Dhabi (you can find the right place only if you know some popular locations to go or touristic landmarks nearby), I headed for the office with my new colleagues who showed me around. On the way to work I saw the city in the day light for the first time. What stroke me much is the contrast between a luxurious resort part of the city and general residential areas. When we reached the office I noticed that the company is multinational. And that's really great when you can learn more about other cultures and share with them yours. In the office I got acquainted with all the colleagues. I thought that my first day would be more introductory and after a brief lecture I would be studying instructions. But on the contrary to my expectations I had to get into the game because my colleagues were overloaded with customers' requests. The rest of the day I spent on examination of frequently asked questions from customers. I was offering my ideas of responses and was making some corrections to the ones offered by my senior colleagues. 

Ruby Baylon, Finance Department Specialist 

I remember my first day at work very clearly because it was full of different kinds of emotions. After 5-year experience in retail sales in the UAE changing to the office work was new and interesting turn in my career. In the morning on my way to work I felt a bit nervous because I didn't know neither the place I was going to work at, nor the people. I wished to meet everybody and start working as soon as possible. What I liked in the company most is its atmosphere. They welcomed me as if I was their relative that came to visit them. 

Farhan Fida, Sales manager

I've been working in the company for quite long. I remember that I was very nervous on my first day. Before the working day started I had thousands of questions in my head – what atmosphere will be in the office, how my colleagues will meet me, whether I will get on well with them or not, and so on. However, all my worries were wasted since all my colleagues turned to be open and sociable people who told me, "Farhan, if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask – we will help you and give you an advice." What could be better? Needless to say that in the first working day I didn't have serious tasks, it was a kind of introductory day: getting to know new colleagues, familiarizing with working papers, programs and duties, workplace arranging. Later when I went into the specifics of the job I became more confident and felt myself more comfortable among professionals I am working with. 

Today our company has more than 124 employees and each of them contributes to company's development. Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork we make confident steps towards its success every day.

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV