Thursday, February 14, 2019

NT.Payments – ahead of the universe

Our company shows great support to various social and sports events that take place in the UAE as you remember. The life of sport in NT.Payments is a great opportunity to show your intentions to support a culture of a healthy lifestyle and act in accordance with canons of sports. 

We have already flashed in previous publications that Dubai welcomes every year international competitions including those marathons held on long-distance. The IRONMAN 70.3 race is a similar event to be also widely known as HALF IRONMAN took its place on February 1. This is a triathlon race organized under the authority of World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). 

The marathon started this year nearby the famous Burj Al-Arab hotel – the sprint participants had to cover a total of 113 km distance in three stages: swimming - 1.9 km, cycling race - 90 km and running - 21 km. 

The race started with swimming from the public beach of Jumeirah followed by biking with the route running through the sand dunes of Arabia. The relay race finished back in Dubai where the winners were honored by the event organizers, by guests and their fans. 

Aset Temirkhan our colleague and system analyst of the managing company did not stay aside from the competition and took active participation in the race. He has been a regular participant in such competitions for several years now and defended the honor of NT.Payments with pride. 

Aset started preparation several months before the marathon. Early jogging along the embankment, intense training with long-distance swimming and cycling became a corporate part in the life of our colleague. 

He has decorated his outfit with the logo of NT.Payments and has successfully covered all distance and received a commemorative medal. Participation in such competitions undoubtedly defines the spirit and character, as well as affects favorably health and the well-being of a person. 

We are proud of the success of our colleague and we hope that his actions would make an excellent example for others. 

The efforts made by the company to popularize the brand of NT.Payments brand have not gone unnoticed while Mr. Cash and Mr.Pay corporate heroes were popular with other fans.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Records of NT.Payments

It is common knowledge that figures play a significant role in the modern world. They demonstrate obviously a development vector set by a company and give an understanding of where it is moving. As 2019 has already started, we expect a considerable number of events to happen within the next twelve months which will directly affect the life of the company and its development. Some new horizons and new records are ahead of us that we expect to hit in the near future.

What made 2018 memorable? Are we satisfied with the results? We would like today to speak about some records that we are extremely proud of. Trust us we have something to tell you.

Let`s begin with that we have already hit an unbelievable record of 170 million of completed transactions through NT.Payments terminals since the launch of the company in the UAE. Certainly, we make a big contribution to the development of payment services in the local market and our clients use the company terminals with great pleasure since they are simple and convenient to use. In addition, our kiosks feature a wide range of services that we offer and an easy user interface.

Our client base has exceeded 5 million users in the UAE. This figure in a big deal shows a growing interest by the local population to our products, but also there is an obvious fact that we have gained a group of permanent customers as at least 1 million of clients use our services on a daily basis.

We are eager also to mention the most distinguished of our clients. Among them, there is the most active participation that we are proud of. For example, we have 200 people who have been using the services provided by our terminals and they used NT.Payments services more than 1000 times, while one of them has completed 2265 transactions and he has become our client since 2014.

We are glad to announce that we have hit 200 thousand daily transactions. We will continue improving and we are confident that we will easily hit another great 300 thousand operations a day.

Last year we have succeeded to increase the number of cash boxes up to 72 thousand per month. This mainly owed to help of employees from the technical department. A strong demand shown in the payment system means that customers have increased their interest in NT.Payments while a fast response of employees who are responsible for maintenance, provided continuous operation of the kiosks.

We have set up 700 new self-service terminals jointly apart from that and installed new 250 POS-terminals. This helped us to expand to new locations like little trade, service centers with confined spaces, and we have covered another new perspective region, Fujairah. Therefore, now we are represented in all seven Emirates of the UAE.

Without the ongoing operation of the terminals we wouldn`t have achieved such impressive results. We increased the number of successful repairs and maintenance of the objects and reached 8 thousand per month. The aesthetic appearance of our kiosks have always been our distinction and made us particular compared to our competitors – we have hit another record and 252 kiosks have been repainted.

Installation of the fourth type of payment machine POS-terminals enabled us to keep expanding to the market and to cover 13 types of locations among them educational centers, local municipalities, hotels, leisure centers, restaurants, hypermarkets, and other commercial places.

NT.Payments also develop launch of new services from payment services of private companies to state projects. Presently, we offer to top up the balance and pay for services more than 700 international and 20 local providers from mobile, internet, utilities to free donations to charity funds.

NT.Payments have again shown the ability to lead the business and successfully performs its role in the market of payments acceptance. If you ask that if we are happy with these findings we can answer that we are, but we in no way to stop. Much work to do is ahead of us and we are confident that we can manage all that we plan successfully.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

A key plan for the future

One of the most fundamental truths of every company states that its employees play a substantial role to achieve any target or goal. The unity of business team means that everyone is making teamwork and joint efforts to get a final result. It is hard to reach a necessary effect without a clear understanding of desired goals, thus any employee is playing a role of an active participant of the process and who fills a gap in the work of one system. 

We have summed up the results of last year quite recently and talked about the main achievements of the company over the past twelve months. We would like today in our blog to explore the goals that our company is set to achieve in 2019 and draw some analysis of these targets. Some departments of our company are eager to assist us and their managers are glad to help with this suggestion and decided to share these plans for this year. Let us have a look and see how they did that: 

Business development is one of the most important departments of the company despite the small number of employees working in it. Its specialists are responsible for the implementation of new services and signing new and profitable contracts with service providers and moreover making some promotions and informing the clients about new services to be introduced. 

This year they have a lot to do – apart from the usual launch of new payment options for the operators within the UAE mainly in the category of public and state services, company management targets at gradual expansion to international service provides. 

Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO), Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO), Karachi Water Supply Board (KWSB), Jamshedpur Utilities & Services (JUSCO) and India Power – this is just a small portion of services to be implemented in the offshore market. 

According to Hardik Dani, project manager, this year is expected to be intense and full of new events that will characterize future direction in the development of the company. We wish to add from ourselves that employees of this small department have repeatedly shown their dedication to innovative business solutions by showing a serious approach to the whole matter. 

Solving clients` requests is the main goal of call-center. This department serves many requests that are coming from service users. That is why it was not easy to get there and talk about department plans with their manager Andrei Dyhan because of heavy workload. 

According to Andrei, the main goal for this year is to reach 250 million transactions since the launch of the company and hit 300 thousand daily operations provided to the clients. These figures don`t seem sky-high taking into account rate of growth and demand for services among the local population. In addition, it is planned to introduce a support section in the mobile application for clients and advance of automatic call response. Andrei has also mentioned about new personnel to be recruited this year since his department is planning to grow. 

The sales department is planning to give a start to several new innovative projects this year among which launch of official NT.Wallet mobile application, placement of an advertisement on digital billboards, the introduction of car rental service and finally the development of a network for charging stations for electric cars. Sounds impressive, isn`t it? 

Besides, this division brood over plans for some time to open additional offices in outlying regions in order to increase response to landlords` requests and service of payment terminals. Particular stress is made on the increase of a number of kiosks in malls, state authorities, and hypermarkets. 

- Napoleon`s plans, - a bold prediction from Roman Matsaniuk, a supervisor of the department on the future plans. This statement does not seem something extraordinary keeping in mind how successive they were solving different tasks. 

Work of technical department is one of the most complicated and hardest that requires being attentive to details. This year technical employees plan to implement new methods of maintenance for payments kiosks such as dust, wet and water prevention control, implementation of a system for automatic switching and cooling of servers and finally launch of modules for repair control of installed “Galaktika” ERP-system. 

These changes will enable us to raise the serviceability rate of physical objects and lower costs by optimizing charges of obsolete ways of maintenance. 

“We would like to reach attempted goals and we hope that we can accomplish successfully of what we have planned. The experience of our employees and their qualifications let us bring into effect the most complicated projects”, - says Alexey Trofimov, director of the technical department. 

2019 has already begun and there are many events ahead of new achievements and us that we can attain. We wish success to all our colleagues and we expect that this year is another good milestone for new and grand projects.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Best employee of the month

As you know, the Taunigma project has been launched in 2013 and we have already celebrated 6th anniversary this fall since the foundation of the company. We have achieved outstanding results over these years since we continue actively developing and improving quality of provided services together with innovative projects and search for new business partners. 

We try to devote much attention to work shown by our employees of the business. They represent our company and play a certain role required for making successful industry. There are employees from 14 countries working for NT.Payments group of companies in all regions of the Emirates – all of them remarkable professionals who know how to do their job. 

This year management has decided to award best employee of the month who has completed and showed excellent results at work as decided by managers and their coworkers. This promotion was set to aim and raise motivation among employees and show recognition for this specific period based on the results. 

We would like to make a short interview with some of our colleagues today to show our followers and readers of the company blog that self-discipline and hard work will always be recognized and will be a good example for others to follow. 

Please meet, Kreb Mevon – office-manager of our company. 

She is a hardworking person who comes first to work and covers plenty of daily and routine tasks thus maintaining activities of our office. We can always rely on her since she takes responsibly all her obligations. This has not gone unnoticed by the coworkers who acknowledged her as the best employee of July. She will tell you her story in detail now: 

“I started working for this company at the end of 2015 and gained much experience and plenty of knowledge that help me completing my duties at work. The fact that I was selected as best employee is the merit of all our friendly staff. I wouldn`t be able to achieve such great results and recognized by my colleagues. I am very grateful for everybody for the support and help that was shown to me. I will do my best to raise as a professional together with the growth of our company”. 

Selling franchises successfully and be listed among leaders of the market is not an easy thing. Promotion of goods and services within the market need certain qualification and communication skills when talking to people. Sales department has always been special with plenty of regional trips where we concluded new business deals. 

Muhammad Irfan Manzur Ahmad – another valuable employee of the company. He is responsible for setting up terminals and communication with property owners in Dubai and Sharjah. He is a leader and fond of looking for new possibilities to expand business activities. He was recognized as the best employee in March for the great contribution that he had input into the development of the company. 

“Working in sales always made me to try reaching new targets and best performances at work. We are expanding and there are new opportunities for business influence. This is the beginning of our journey and I believe that new achievements are ahead of us. I reckon that being awarded as the employee of the month is a great credit shown to me but undoubtedly, we made this altogether with my coworkers”. 

We have recently flashed daily routine of the technical department which is considered to be as one of the most important divisions of our company. They keep operation of payment terminals, complete scheduled maintenance, repair and collect cash. The employees of the technical department are skillful workers and always stay positive when doing assigned tasks. It is no wonder that one of our colleagues from this division was chosen as the best employee in November: 

“My name is Konstantin Esmukhanov and I work as a technical coordinator of this department. Our work needs staying conscious to details with utmost attention as we serve lots of terminals in different regions of the Emirates. Our colleagues value vigilance to specifications and welcome any ideas that can help solving daily issues. I am proud to be a part of this crew and I`d like to note that we deserved this honor being the best worker of the month together with the colleagues. We need any feedbacks in our work and such recognition is the best example of the teamwork. We will do our best to improve our performance.” 

All awarded employees have received memorable gifts and cash bonus. We are eager to add that we will keep encouraging of the colleagues since it is clear that any business is built on a friendly attitude between the management and the staff.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Corporate attitude – the secret is in harmony and friendship

The UAE have turned into the center of multiple sports and social events over the past years. This eastern country with amazing regularity has new opportunities to host sports tournaments, scientific seminars, expositions, social and cultural events and various forums to develop programs for a healthy life of living among population. 

Ping-pong table tennis was not an exception which was organized by ADDTA (Abu-Dhabi Amateur Table Tennis Association) under the promotion of precaution and fight against breast cancer. This promotion was set to draw public attention to this problem due to frequent occurrences of diseases that were found over recent years among women after 65 years old. 

Our company does its best to give all round support to social projects and thus we have gladly replied the invitation to take part in this tournament. Employees of NT.Payments are well known with its passion to sports since we are regular customers of big and little competitions. 

This tennis cup host all age categories of amateurs who were fond of this game. One could hear rocket shots that were part of competition from early in the morning until late at night and speaker`s voice who announced winners. 

All winners were awarded with valuable gifts and trophies. 

Our company has won another little victory showing team spirit and unity among its employees. We hope that such promotions will happen more often and we in our turn try our best to maintain and contribute into social commitment of the region. 

We don`t forget about outdoor and recreation activities either. We have recently visited the park of Yas island, as it was our tradition before since this is the best place to make barbeque and set socializing with colleagues. 

What made this teambuilding particular was that our colleagues from regional offices had joined us thus they had used opportunity to meet new members of our friendly team. 

Variety of tempting dishes, outdoor games and cold drinks gave us plenty of memorable moments that we tried to capture in photos. 

Our employees are keen chess players. They show special love to this game. 

We could not help taking general team photo of our colleagues. You can see how friendly we are and our company is represented by people from different parts of our immense world. 

The spirit of harmony and mutual understanding are keys to success in any business. Team events held offline of business hours raise positive attitude and change people`s set of mind to business values. We greatly appreciate our employees and confident that today we have conquered another peak towards our common goal.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

United we stand!

As you know, our company welcomes arranging different activities to upgrade skills, abilities, and training of the staff. We have organized time-management session in our office this time to teach our employees to manage better timing during work. 

Anna Kozhenko – HR manager of group of companies was leading the session. In her report she spoke about how important were to plan the time effectively, to distribute priorities during schedules in tasks, good allocation of resources and has mentioned about prompt response on stress situation that could arise due to mental activity at work. 

A particular focus was placed on support and help to employees with respect to specifics of labor activity and recognition of best performances. Company employees listened to Anny with great interest, asked questions and shared their experience to learn the material completely. They also contributed offers to help improving the program. 

We have already informed that our company moved to the new office lately. The process is complete but we haven`t made housekeeping of office territory yet. Each in our company is aware how important is to have clean area near the working place so we took it very serious. 

 We started with removing of mud and trash then wet cleaning of walls and sidewalks in a friendly competition. 

We finished the day with gardening of territory, applying NT.Payments logo on walls and marking of parking place. 

Undoubtedly, such events stress on importance of corporate commitment and unity of team spirit. This fact is the best reminder to say that people in our company are able to spend free time with profit and joy aside from selling franchises and managing terminals. 

Modern world where time is valued and fast decisions are welcomed friendship between the colleagues is very important. Friendly attitude helps to solve plenty of tasks and achieve targets. NT.Payments group of companies employ people from 14 countries speaking different languages and practicing various religions. 

Our technical department is the best example how diverse cultures are kept in peace, business and friendly relationships are maintained inside of team. It was decided to arrange team building – barbeque outdoors to encourage team spirit and improvement of performance. The colleagues discussed the importance of working cooperatively, shared cultural experience, sang songs and danced folk dances. 

We hope that such events held unofficially help to solve promptly routine tasks and interaction between the employees would only improve.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A tour to the new office of the company. Part 2

We have previously told you and shared some photos about moving of our company to the new office. We would like you today to take a visit to technical and financial departments. 

Interestingly that this part of the building has resembled a huge industrial premise in other words a storage shed before we came here. We have decided to build an extra storey to use space effectively and place comfortably all departments inside the building. 

First thing that you see when you enter the office is the huge room with terminals. This is the warehouse of the company. Employees of technical department repair and get kiosks ready for installation here ˗ set up an operation system, upload software and make overall diagnostics of kiosks. 

There is a recreation room near the warehouse. Here one can find everything to make our employees rest after long regional trips. 

We have placed one of divisions of finance department to the right of the stairs. Perhaps, this is the most closed office of our company since our employees hand over cash boxes of terminals here and calculate money to be delivered to cash collectors of the banks. 

There are 4 little offices on the second floor and a kitchen. 

To the left – a spacious and bright office of Alexey Trofimov, head of technical department. 

Restoration department is located next door. Specialists check here operability of kiosk equipment and do some repair works. Our colleagues are busy making inventory today so we will move further not to distract them. 

Coordinators of technical department work too in this flank of the building. They supervise duties of technicians and cash collectors, assign tasks, draw up reports for kiosk operations, address requests by sales managers and Taunigma help desk on terminal work status. 

We have also a small warehouse located on this floor to accept new equipment and spare parts procured by supplier plant, submit to technical group everything required for repair and cash collection. 

We have recently supplied another batch of standard kiosks to the warehouse. They were carefully unloaded by technical crew and moved to a new warehouse. 

Our specialists have already diligently started preparations to install the equipment. These terminals will be delivered soon to all regions of Emirates. 

Follow the news and we are glad to see you in our new office.