Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy birthday, Taunigma!

Our favorite company Taunigma was founded 7 years ago, on October 29, 2012. Now we are a team of professionals who love what we do and wait confidently for the future.

This date is remarkable with that Taunigma and NT.Payments are on the verge of big changes and in the near future all of us, our employees and respected partners, expect a lot of pleasant news and plenty of positive changes in terms of business development and the concept of improving the company's overall performance.

We are delighted that you have chosen us and we sincerely appreciate this for the bright common moments we have experienced together and hope that the bonds of our partnership will be strengthened and the common business will become even better.

In addition, we decided to take a few interviews with employees and collaborates on such significant date, ask them how they came to Taunigma, and to share their best experience with us.

We will start this conversation with Esmira Abdulaeva, our customer service agent. For the short time she has been with us, she has proven to be the best employee, demonstrating commitment and performance.

– Esmira, tell us a little about how you came to this company.

– First time I`ve heard about Taunigma a few years ago from a fellow student, Vitaly, who was a support agent there that time. Lots of people knew that Vitaly had been working for an international company for many years and many of his classmates and professors were interested in his work and the work of the company as a whole and I also asked him very curiously about his work between classes.

What a surprise it was to me when a couple of years later in cold February I received an offer to try my hand at this company from another friend of mine, Kirill who we now work together with. It is no surprise that we all know each other in my hometown since it is a small campus with a lot of initiative and promising young people who actively learn foreign languages including German which is in demand among Taunigma support staff. I was approved after several interviews, test assignments and feedbacks from my future supervisor and curator.

– How do you rate your team? Do you like working with colleagues?

– We all have become friends and stick together in an unfamiliar country, both at work and outside of it. All processes of the department are closely connected and when interacting with partners, communication between us is very important which fortunately is not a problem at all. My team is responsive and easy-going people who are ready to help and maintain friendly relations in any situation. It is always nice to come to work.

– What have you learned as a customer service employee?

– Multitasking has become an important and very desirable skill for me that I wished to possess. It is necessary to keep in mind lots of details while working on one request simultaneously performing several tasks. I always admired the same ability of my colleagues and acquaintances and finally began to notice that I had mastered something similar. The work taught me to explain what I wish to say more precisely, to stand mistakes of people, to look at the situation from the point of view of others and to understand it.

– We know that no one is safe from making mistakes. What is your work when you encounter them?

– The main point here is to be able to recognize them. I do not have any problems with it, but eventually there is a moment of worry about the error which you need to take the most useful of it. Mistakes make us focus on weak sides and treat them more attentively afterwards.

– What does Taunigma mean to you and what impact it has on you?

– The company and the fact that I have moved to another country have changed my life for the best. The change in climate from -42 to +42, the feeling that I am important to others and to the business we do is a very key illustration of my daily mood.

It is here that I feel that the knowledge I have previously acquired is being used for the intended purpose. Taunigma has become a great caring family for me and I miss it when I go home for vacation.

– Does it feel like you have learned a lot and become better as a specialist of your field?

– Sure, when looking back at the work done and in more details, I see a positive result and some dynamics of development of my professional skills. Nevertheless, I am always open to critics, suggestions for improvement; because this is my first experience in such field and there are many colleagues of mine I want to take an example from.

– Are you glad you joined the team?

– Colleagues from different departments were interested on the first day asking me which department of the company I had come to work. When they found out that I came to join Taunigma, no one regretted the words of admiration for our team and our manager personally. I am glad to be a part of such big and interesting business and I hope to work together for a long time!

The principle of Taunigma work is based on the network of partners and long-term cooperation with them. We have done a lot of work over the years, to make our business profitable and our brands recognizable, both in the UAE and in the Middle East. Our next companion and partner of Taunigma is Alexander Drozd. He is 63 years old and he has a Latvian citizenship, but lives in Moscow. Alexander has experience in managing his own company with a monthly turnover of 2 million dollars. Let us hear his story and know how he decided to build a business together with our company.

– Alexander, how long have you been working with Taunigma?

– We celebrated our seventh anniversary in October this year.

– How did you find out about our company?

– In October 2012, my close acquaintance Arkadiy Kamenev told me that one team, which had a successful experience of working with a network of payment terminals in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries wanted to start such business in the Arab Emirates. He said that the conditions for the development of such business in the UAE were very promising due to no applied taxes in the country, there were practically no payment terminals and expats still needed to pay for services. In general, he talked about all the possible benefits of business, original investment scheme for partners and possible income.

I told him that the idea was great, but I was not ready to invest my money or attract investments in the business. My doubts were about the remoteness of a country which I had no idea of working with and there was no guarantee that it could be a simple deception or another bubble that would burst after a while.

– And what made you believe in it and become a partner?

– Final words of Arcadiy were that Alexander Chub was at the head of the project. This immediately changed my opinion and I took all relevant information as promising, because I had known Alexander by that time for several years and we collaborated with him from time to time in several ways. I knew him not only as a decent and honest man, but also as a professional and competent businessman. That is why I became one of the first partners and investors of Taunigma.

– How would you rate the experience of cooperation with us?

– I know firsthand that nothing was always smooth in the first years since the company was founded and not everything turned out as it was planned at the beginning. I cannot simply imagine how many unexpected and complicated problems arose when working in an unfamiliar country with its own special mentality!

In the meantime, I saw that the company never shifted the problems at the expense of partners and investors, always kept promises without disclaiming responsibilities and referring to the circumstances. It is a valuable experience for me working with Taunigma, its employees and other partners.

– What would you like to improve in the work of the company?

– There are quite many truly creative people here who bring new ideas. All key positions are held by responsible employees who have grown professionally over the years at Taunigma.

To me, the company should pay attention to improving efficiency in routine work, achieving more significant and successful results on everyday basis, so that all kiosks function and bring tangible profits, advertisers stand in line in front of our monitors and displays while we get stable and decent dividends (smiling).

– Your wishes to the company and the team.

– I wish you to bring the company to the stock exchange and to achieve success in this decisive step on the way to your well-being. I sincerely want all partners and investors to remember the beginning of cooperation with Taunigma as a great success and a unique opportunity that they were destined to experience.

Please, keep successfully developing new and promising areas, grow and develop with the same rapid pace and strengthen your positions as the leader in the market of payments acceptance in the UAE and in the Middle East.

Finally, we would like to interview Henry Staroste, a partner of Taunigma in Germany. Henry is one of the leading and reliable partners in this field. You can always rely on him because he knows the price of his time and manages finances at the highest level.

– Hello, Henry. Tell us a little about yourself.

– Good afternoon, it has been 20 years since I started working in the German financial market and have extensive experience in building teams and relationships with foreign partners. Sales training and promotion of goods have always been my earnings that require additional work with clients. The main field of my activity is real estate, precious metals and many other.

– We know first-hand about effective German management and a serious approach to business. What led you to work with Taunigma?

– When I found out about Taunigma in 2014, I immediately realized that it was a first-class investment opportunity for my customers, business partners and for me in particular. This solution fitted best to my investment portfolio.

My decision to favor Taunigma also meant that it was possible to create an organization with the proper partners whose interests were close to mine, because Germany of that time experienced shortage of qualified salespeople.

I`ve put a great deal of emphasis on ensuring that my associates make own decision to purchase from the very beginning and get to know the business and culture of the UAE as quickly as possible. We held various seminars, trainings and webinars for this purpose. This helped to ensure the quality of sales and consultations for clients. Another criterion for choosing partners was that they should be serious entrepreneurs.

The decision to become a Taunigma partner was particularly influenced by the meeting with Alexander Chub in April 2014 who had attended Taunigma conference in Germany. That meeting convinced me that the business, its founder were serious and his professional competence was one that was worth admiring.

– What is your one word to describe experience of working with us?

– Only positive impressions.

– Tell us, please, did your investments in business redeem?

– Yes, of course. Since I invested in 2014, my clients and I have been earning regular income and as a result, my returns have exceeded the average of many investment projects of Germany. We are now looking forward to the transformation of the company into a joint stock company, then listing to an IPO and are confident that the decision to work with Taunigma will be thrifty for all participants.

– What can be done to improve Taunigma's performance?

– Perhaps the company will be even better if important news and information are not only posted in the "Dashboard" section in a partner's personal office, but also be sent in separate notifications via SMS or email, reminding us of important news that should not be missed.

It would also be nice if the information broadcasted through webinars by Alexander Chub and managing directors were available online after the end of the seminar.

– Taunigma plans to host a big conference for partners in Abu Dhabi On October 30. Do you plan to attend this event?

– Sure, I look forward to this conference with my partner Christiana von Beuningen, who has also been part of the Taunigma team since 2014. She has been a speaker at webinars for German-speaking countries and moderated conferences, thus contributing significantly to the success of the company and my team. See you in the Emirates!

We thank Alexander Drozd, Henry Staroste and Esmira Abdullaeva, who kindly answered all our questions and we would like to express our deepest gratitude for their warm words, feedback and wishes. We would like to remark that cooperation with such reliable and professional people would always be the prerogative of Taunigma. We hope that our joint business also brings joy and satisfaction to all other partners of the company. We are happy to work with you!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Internal audit and renewal of ISO certificates

A core value of any company is to observe work procedures, to optimize key processes and to verify documents for compliance with the international reliability standards. Implementation of these points confirms that our intentions are serious within the company activities which lead to the improvement of the current interaction rules between employees of NT.Payments system.

We have earlier reported that our company has obtained international certificates health and safety (OHSAS 18001:2007), quality assurance system (ISO 9001:2015), as well as environmental and ecological control (ISO 14001:2015) fields. The International Certificate Registration System (GRS) at the beginning of September has extended the validity of these certificates for the next year and has issued updated certificates confirming the high degree of recognition of our activities in compliance with international quality standards and certification.

We would also like to mention that at the end of August our company conducted another internal audit of the departments. The main purpose is to ensure compliance with the rules of business processes, verification of key procedures and their proper implementation, control over the storage of documents in quick access for employees, as well as checking the working folders and registers for the relevance of the entered data.

Since the last audit, we have made some amendments based on the optimization of the company's current processes which we paid special attention on and the certification committee has carefully checked all the necessary files.

At the end of this audit the deficiencies identified were eliminated, and our colleagues again has shown a high level of knowledge of working rules and standards by confirming their compliance with all necessary requirements.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

NT.Payments today. Film 6

Business is more than salesmanship and negotiation skills in the modern world. Today, strong business relationships based on trust, respect and integrity of like-minded people are more valuable than all monetary benefits.

Taunigma company and NT.Payments system have been successfully operating in the UAE market for more than 6 years and have established themselves as a reliable partner for those who believed in us and entrusted us to manage their investments. We are sure that without their support, loyalty and understanding of many issues, it would be difficult for us to do business in this country. We pay tribute to their commitment to the values of NT.Payments group of companies and look forward to meeting at the main event of this year - the big conference for partners in October 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

It is no secret that our company is facing tremendous changes and we believe that a bright future is ahead of us. We would like you, our partners, and now our close friends, to take part in a joint forum dedicated to the upcoming transformative change of the common business and learn how we see the further development of the company in the long term perspective. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts in implementing numerous ideas and plans, as well as get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with the leaders and employees of the company.

See you in sunny Emirates!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay – going shopping!

It is difficult to imagine modern life without online stores and the opportunities that they offer. We often make purchases of various goods and services, use discounts, coupons and gift certificates, which save a lot of money. 

Recently our company has launched a new service in NT.Payments terminals – replenishment of Amazon online store account for a fixed amount. Now, buying Amazon gift vouchers at our kiosks, you can easily and quickly pay for the purchase of goods and services from your personal account in one of the world's largest online platforms. 

Mr.Cash and Mr. Pay are fond of shopping and the news about the long-awaited launch of the Amazon service has especially pleased them. Eager to know how they made their first purchase? Watch the new video about our corporate heroes in the video below:

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The summer heat of promotions with NT.Payments

Our users are get used to having perks from NT.Payments that bring joy to them in every possible way with multiple promotions organized in honor of holidays and festive events in order to promote new products and services and to strengthen contacts with them and to drive their loyalty. The summer in the Emirates is extremely hot this year, so intense and hot we hold our customary promotions for this specific time. 

We have recently completed our latest promotion from NT.Wallet, which welcomed all active users of this application and termed those who have paid for any of the international NT.Payments services worth AED 20 and more using only NT.Wallet, rewarding them with AED 5 per account. 52 people took part in the campaign and became bonus holders. 

Early July has also welcomed the launch of the new campaign by our friendly team called "Film and Win" or "NT.Wallet Video Challenge" which will be live through up to the end of August. The main term of the competition is to let future participants download NT.Wallet in Play Market or AppStore, register the account and shoot a creative video, encouraging their friends to follow the example and post a link to the video on NT.Payments social networks. The winners shall receive opportunity to top up their apps worth AED 5 weekly while the three most creative artists will be encouraged to receive AED 25 at the end of each week. This promotion will last two months and we will choose two unique works and solemnly present our main prizes Samsung Galaxy M20 mobile phones to the winners. 

Even now, we have already identified the July winner of the promotion. It was Kumar Thapa from Nepal, who has visited our office to get his prize from NT.Payments employees. 

Beginning of August has also witnessed the third promotion of this time launched and organized by NT.Payments together with our partners, service providers from Pakistan Ufone, Telenor and Zong. The terms are left similar with two earlier campaigns – the participants are required to use top up services of these providers in company's terminals worth an amount of 5 AED or more, send us a payment receipt or a transaction number in Facebook and Instagram. These actions will lead them to become a participant in the weekly wheel of fortune drawing of Lava Iris smartphones. Our plan to draw lots for 9 smartphones weekly which will end at the end of September. You can find out more with the list of winners on social networks of our payment system. 

The life of NT.Payments is non-stop and it surprises us with plenty of events and activities organized by people who love what they do and believe that another brighter future of the joint business is yet to come.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Photo report from the new office in Sharjah

The rapid growth and development of the NT.Payments has become a significant reason to expand our second key office in Sharjah after the one in Abu Dhabi. Previously our specialists were located in one small office whereas now we have opened a full-fledged subdivision in this region of the Emirates and in the meantime have mobilized additional manpower. 

Our new office is located on the seventh floor of a business center in Sharjah with a spectacular view of the city vicinity. 

The office is split into 2 aisles – each of them have several bright and cozy offices with comfortable conditions for the effective work of staff. 

You can find international certificates, licenses and other documents on the entrance walls affirmative of the legal and quality level of our activities, as well as the achievements of the company. 

We have arranged a cozy corner for visitors and clients of NT.Payments where you can get acquainted with advertising and marketing materials containing service information provided by the payment system while waiting for the meeting with the company representatives. 

There is a wide and cozy office of sales consultants in the main hall. They are in charge of the installation of new terminals and supervision over the existing ones; they also handle all the requests by the property owners. 

The sales manager Roman Krasitsky occupies the next room. He observes the work of his subordinates. 

The finance department staffs the next office. Their responsibility is to carry out settlements with counter parties, keep financial control and planning as well as to prepare accounting reports. They are involved in a close check of the data now, so let us move and don`t to distract them from work. 

Other specialists such as technicians, cashiers, collectors, developers, coordinators and other admin personnel are accommodated in the neighboring offices. 

There are short meetings held in the morning and evening for the technical department. The main task is to coordinate daily activities and improve control over the proper operation of the terminals. 

We shall also add that first days after the office expansion witnessed the department heads to hold professional training for their subordinates and to motivate them to achieve new results and strive for success. 

Let us extend our congratulations to the colleagues on the long-awaited new office and wish them productive work. We are confident in the success since we see how friendly and professional they are. Good luck!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Extension of MENAFA membership

Taunigma was honoured to join MENAFA (Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association) back in 2014. We have come a long way from a small startup to the leader of our industry over these years and have obtained fair recognition for our franchisees and have become one of the most successful members of this association. 

To participate actively in MENAFA grants an advantage in searching for new business development opportunities and in improving already existing processes by implementing the idea of promoting economic and social projects in Middle East and North Africa region. 

Membership in this association is an excellent motivation to reach a high level of service delivery, to find new opportunities to grow as a business and to provide quality customer support to all our partners.