Sunday, October 14, 2018

Taunigma business-conference in Germany

The annual Taunigma business-conference was held in Germany on September 29. Over 100 partners met near Frankfurt am Main. 

This mega event was opened by Cristiane von Beuningen, who told about her first acquaintance with our company, her first prejudices and the following admiration with our business-model, the company and the entire team. She called it “the pearl” and a truly unique phenomenon. 

The conference was continued by Henry Staroste, who told about main advantages of such business-model, and compared it to widely spread advertisement displays and card-readers (POS-terminals for payments), which are highly recognized in Germany. In his speech Mr. Staroste imagined what would have happened if Germany allowed the ownership of POS-terminal that is, for example, installed in a gas station, and to earn from every gas sale. Tempting idea, but it unlikely happens in this country. 

Later Cristiane von Beuningen made a short summary of the previous speaker and presented the Chairman of the Board and the founder of the company, Alexander Chub. 

In his speech, Alexander Chub provided a short review of the company’s development since 2013 and the financial report for 2017. He also assured the participants that in the future they have a chance to not only become the owners of a small business (terminal, display, combo), but the partners in one of the biggest IT-companies in the Emirates as well. He told what it’s like to start as a small payment system that is not taken seriously, then become a noticeable competitor, and later turn into the biggest and fully recognized provider of payment services and the UAE’s market leader. 

After the short summary of this exciting report, Frau Beuningen turned the floor over to Vasyl Katriy, the president of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC. 

In his speech, Vasyl Katriy told about the details of the company’s new projects; about partners and services, which are either already implemented in terminals, or are going to be in the near future; and about the opportunity to make monthly payments to telecommunication provider Du. He also provided an insight on future possibilities for further increase of services range.

After this impressive report, Cristiane von Beuningen summarized previous speaker and drew a parallel between the beginning of terminal business in the UAE and the owners of payment kiosks. 

Payment terminals with the most relevant services for immigrants allowed the company to cover the entire country and earn the reputation in all the Emirates. 

Today NT.Payments terminals have already gained popularity among the users and are in high demand all over the country. Service portfolio is currently being enhanced in such a way that meets the demands of the remaining users (residents and tourists). Kiosks, which mostly offer the payment of mobile services, paved the way to the world of big business. The owners of terminals, combos and displays also have a chance to become the co-owners of the biggest payment aggregator in the UAE from private owners of a small business.

During the interim, conference participants enjoyed communication and richly furnished cold table. 

The second part of the conference was opened by Alexander Chub. In his report, the founder of the company extensively talked about the impressive new projects, such as “NT.Power” (charging station for electromobiles), “NT.Wallet” application (electronic wallet), as well as about the realization and launch of new services, for example ticket payment to Dubai police etc. 

Company proceeds its active development in different directions. In his speech, Mr. Chub talked about the upcoming IPO and related audits and certifications. He also told what possibilities every partner will get after the company enters the stock exchange, having expressly emphasized the leadership and significance of the company in the UAE. 

Taunigma and NT.Payments history reminded him of his childhood and his admiration with “One Thousand and One Nights”.  

At the end of his report, Alexander Chub invited Vasyl Katriy, the CEO of the company, to get back on stage. Together they answered the number of questions coming from the participants of the conference. 

The event was ended by Henry Staroste. He summarized the report of the company’s CEO, considerably turning to human psychology, and explaining, why people in general find it so hard to change something safe and clear (monthly income) for something new and unknown (shareholder’s dividends). He showed what an outstanding chance all the investors will get after the company enters the stock exchange. 

At the end of the conference the host of the event, Frau Beuningen, thanked everyone for this productive day and their vote of confidence, and also asked all the participants to try to fully realize, what “pearl” they hold in their hands.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Mr. Cash & Mr. Pay – Up to New Experiences!

The UAE is the country rich in various sightseeing attractions and recreations: historical museums, amusement parks, scenic viewpoints and many more.

It is well known that many locals and residents, having thoroughly explored their own homeland, are going to other areas in search of new experiences. 

In our new animation one of our corporate heroes will go travelling, and will pay for the ticket with the new service of payment system NT.Payments.

Learn how to pay for plane tickets through self-service kiosk in our new video:

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Team Spirit – Technology of Power

Team Building is a series of events aimed at the strengthening of the team, improvement of collaborative experience and exposure of communication problems with their following elimination. 

We’ve repeatedly wrote about events held in different departments of our company within the framework of employee training and education, as well as strengthening of our team spirit. And in our today’s blog we’ll share about the new event for the employees of commercial department. 

After the hot days’ period, the CEO of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC, Vasyl Katriy together with the Head of the Commercial Department held the educational training “The Art of Selling” both for beginners and professional managers of our team. 

The main speaker of the events was Aziz Haroun, who took the lead of the Commercial Department just recently. He has rigorously learned all the professional nuances of department’s employees, and thanks to his vast experience and high professionalism in sales he prepared educational materials adapted for our company specifically. Employees listened to the speaker with great pleasure, and got into a discussion in order to fully understand and thoroughly delve into the material. 

After the training the entire manager team, including team leaders, went to football club. Football is not only one of the favorite sports among expats in UAE, but is also considered to be the most widespread, popular and team-oriented game, which requires joint efforts of all players in order to win.

Our company keeps up with the times not only in the field of developing of effective technologies, but also in the field of establishing and maintaining of reliable and productive relations between different nations, countries, mentalities and views. 

Corporate events, trainings and teambuilding held by our company are aimed at turning our staff into an effective team that achieves our common goals.

Follow the news and you will be the first to know about our novelties and achievements! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Extension of MENAFA membership

For the fourth year in a row, Taunigma is a member of the Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association. 

MENAFA is the largest franchise organization. Its activities are aimed at providing quality brands, comprehensive support for franchising businesses and help to strengthen the company's position in the region. 

Extension of MENAFA membership and receipt of the relevant certificate indicates the high reputation of our company, its importance and potential for further development. 

Being a part of MENAFA is prestigious, effective and, moreover, it brings many benefits: an excellent opportunity to be up to date with the latest industry news, visit profile events, share experiences and establish promising business relationships.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

New Video Project "NT.Payments Today"

Dear partners!

Maintaining trusting and open relations with partners is one of the main principles of our work. We like to familiarize you with the stages of the company development, processes within it and share the results of our achievements. Following this principle, we are glad to introduce you a new video-project "NT.Payments Today".

In the previous series of videos "Life of NT.Payments", we told you about business processes of the company, acquainted you with our employees and the work of departments, as well as with technical procedures accompanying all production stages. In these videos, you had an opportunity to get to know us better and to learn more about the project development in the UAE.

The project NT.Payments started its activity in 2013, and during these 6 years, we have been actively developing and working on the quality and expansion of our services and improving the terms of cooperation with partners. In the UAE, as well as in the rest of the world, changes occur rapidly, many innovations are being introduced, new opportunities and prospects are opened. NT.Payments goes with the times, changes and progresses, developing the types of activities, increasing the number of employees, offices, and business solutions. In the new video project, we decided to acquaint you with our current events and latest achievements.

In the first episode of "NT.Payments Today", we will air the results of our activity. We will acquaint you with the basic principles of our company’s work, tell you in detail about our payment system, the quality of services provided, and the expansion of the assortment of payment terminals.

You will learn how we support the quality standards and what criteria we follow in order to achieve the highest possible rates. You will be interested to see the basic marketing strategies and results they bring to us.

In this issue of "NT.Payments Today", we will also talk about our employees as they are our main resource, which allows the company to remain successful and demanded on the market.

Enjoy the video!

Here is the version of the video in Russian language:

and the version of the video in German language:

Best regards,
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Winner of the Promotion in Honor of the Holy Month of Ramadan

Dear partners!

We like promotions as they bring us closer to clients and allow us to show our gratitude to the loyal users. This year, the payment system NT.Payments traditionally held an action in honor of the holy month of Ramadan.

During this period, the customers of our terminals making a payment of at least 20 dirhams and collecting receipts with images of our corporate heroes and the words Ramadan and Kareem could participate in the promotion. We received many applications from clients and selected those that followed all the contest rules announced earlier.

We were looking forward to the results as the prize draw is always an exciting and pleasant moment for both participants and organizers. Summing up and presenting the main prize – the mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A7 – took place on 24 June 2018. The winner was determined as a result of the random selection by the computer, and they became Taher Rayhan.

The representatives of NT.Payments congratulated the lucky customer and wished him even more pleasant surprises in life.

Such holiday actions impact positively on the loyalty of clients, increase the number of payments, turnover of terminals, and please all the participants.

Best regards,
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Mr Cash & Mr Pay explore the diversity

Dear partners!

The modern world is a variety of proposals, ideas, and solutions. We are all not alike and have different needs and interests. Our terminals, blue and white, combo and mini-kiosks, support this diversity and, at the same time, remain unique in their offers.

In this video, Mr. Cash and Mr. Pay, as well as other heroes, will be in each of the seven emirates. They will show you how to stay in touch, how easy it is to pay bills and to access many other services thanks to the wide selection of NT.Payments terminals.

Travel, explore the diversity of the world, and stay mobile, and we will help you in this!

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV