Tuesday, February 16, 2021

7 years of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC

It is amazing to see how fast the time is running! The friendly team of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company is celebrating its 7th anniversary this year. Frankly speaking, it is a short milestone for an entity with employees from 15 countries, who day by day bring so many ideas and initiatives and are unique by the blend of cultures and the palette of interesting national customs.

The birthday of the managing company is one of the most important events for our friendly team, as you may remember and we used to celebrate it outdoors in the beautiful Abu Dhabi countryside, where we usually invite all employees, including our colleagues from the UAE regional offices. However, this year the management of the company has decided to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC with a small tea party at Abu Dhabi and Sharjah offices due to the quarantine measures and social distance requirements in the Emirates.

We decided to hold a small quiz for all our colleagues to remember the iconic events in the company life, and to reward the best know-it-all with a special gift.

We would like to note that a lavish and rich feast or a celebration in beautiful places is not at all proof of the strong bonds and unity that have developed within our team. We are happy just to live, value our health, work and do what we all love, while friendship and a common purpose are what should bind such different and talented people, who have come together for a bright goal and go forward despite temporary challenges.

Happy birthday!

Monday, February 15, 2021

Launch of “February Promo for Home & Business” contest

The big parade of promotions by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet is way ahead of schedule! We held a “Golden January” competition during the last month when we allowed all participants to take part in our promo and to win real gold coins every week. All the winners have already proved these gifts and have shown their great appreciation for the continued care of our customers, recognizing the superiority of our brands compared to other rivals in the UAE market.

In the year 2021, we have chosen to strengthen our relationships with NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet app users. As a result, more and more announcements shall be made about future promotions and events as well as summaries of promotional campaigns will be posted on the official blog of NT.Payments group of companies, held both by our friendly team and in cooperation with loyal partners of NT.Payments and NT.Wallet brands with whom we have established close and trusting relationships in the past several years.

We welcome everyone to join the “February Promo for Home & Business” February contest devoted to further development and to raise awareness of the office tools services for home and business, including media-entertainment content in NT.Payments terminals.

As it was in the past our tradition, all the winners will get presents and some special bonuses. To get more details about the terms and conditions of the campaign, you are welcome to visit the NT.Payments social pages on Facebook and Instagram.

We sincerely wish everyone good luck! May the best of luck accompany the strongest!

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

“Golden January” promotion campaign

The friendly team of NT.Payments system and the similarly young and deliberate group of enthusiasts engaged in NT.Wallet project in the UAE has always been known for their skills to build trust-based and business-oriented relationships with a vast network of clients and users under the same trademark of products that belong to our company. NT.Payments and NT.Wallet brands are legitimately linked with all sorts of promotional campaigns and giveaways that are loved both by the citizens of this Orient country and well beyond its borders. As you might remember, we kept you informed and up to date on social networks and the official blog of our company about the launch of the promotion programs that any solemn event or the red-letter day in the Emirates life can hardly be imagined without.

This time we have decided to start 2021 by launching a new “Golden January” promotion campaign brought by NT.Payments and arranged by the marketing and digital payments departments of our company. Please, check out the terms and conditions to be found in NT.Payments Facebook and Instagram pages on social media.

We would like to invite all our loyal and valued partners and agents to take part in “Golden January” promo event and to win prizes from NT.Payments.

Let the fortune follow every one of you!

Good luck!

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!

Dear partners!

We are very glad that outgoing year, thanks to the hard work and support of NT.Payments team we could not only stand the test of time but also strengthen our positions in the Middle East market.

We would like to wish you a very happy year in 2021!

Let this year bring you new ideas, brilliant victories and the achievement of the most desirable goals!

Health to you and your relatives!

Thank you, that you continue to believe in us and in our common business!

Happy new year!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Dear partners,

With the warmest of feelings, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

May this bright holiday bring joy, warmth and comfort to your home, and your pure thoughts and honest deeds fill the world around you with good.

We wish you peace of mind, good health, peaceful skies, family well-being, and may all your cherished dreams come true!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The new promotion events by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet

The most important elements in promoting a company name and the services in market are brand recognition and the skills to bring in a new audience that will remain loyal to you for many years once it has chosen your trademark.

We have a good tradition of bringing pleasure to our dear customers and collaborates following us from the first days since the company was founded. This is reflected in lots of contests and promotions, both in honor of various remarkable events in the UAE and in our company, and in a simple purpose to gift new emotions to NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet application users and to reward them for staying loyal to our brand.

We have launched two new marketing events on our social pages quite recently which we will tell you about now in more detail:

This spring we announced "Rate us & Get money" promotion which raised high interest among NT.Payments & NT.Wallet users and customers, since every one of them was eager to share their positive feelings and wishes with us. We have decided to give a new start to this promotion after we have received a tremendous number of encouraging references. The new contest enables all our valued partners and agents to take part in this competition too. We have kept the same terms and conditions to become part of this contest this time:

The first 90 people who complete all three terms will get a reward of AED 5 replenished to their existing NT.Wallet accounts.

Besides, we kept actively posting a little video blog about the travels and adventures of Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay, which were quite popular among our audience before the quarantine situation that took over the world in the past several months. Little yellow and blue corporate heroes of NT.Payments have already come to visit Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Macao, China, Ukraine, Malaysia, Oman, Germany, Czech Republic and Sri Lanka.

We agreed to give a start to a similar type of travel blog this year due to restrictive measures and the lack of travel opportunities to other countries this time featured with our constant heroes represented by Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay to the United Arab Emirates where our successful business has started. Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay will talk about the sights and beauties of this eastern country from now on as well will show you the best places of internal tourism to go inside of the UAE. There are a couple of posts shared already on our Facebook and Instagram pages about Abu Dhabi city (the UAE capital) and Dubai city which you can read in more detail and explore something new and useful about the first two places our heroes have traveled to.

December has traditionally been one of the most important months in the life of UAE. This country usually celebrates National Day in December which is a milestone event and a great holiday for all the Emirates. The country will celebrate the 49th anniversary of the foundation this year and our company is now getting prepared for a grand promotion to honor such a great event for the UAE. Please follow the updates to the media publications on Facebook and Instagram pages where we will announce later about the start of this contest.

We invite each of you to take part in a couple of new promotions presented by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet. Keep in mind to keep track of the posts published on our social media and may your luck go along with you!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Happy birthday, Taunigma!

Taunigma company has turned 8 years old on October 29, 2020. We have stepped up during this time the big way together with you first as a team of enthusiasts then towards to an international company with customers in 42 countries around the world, the company which has experienced success and recognition still forge ahead to continue striving for big changes. We would like to say that we have sincerely done and are doing everything possible for the sake of every client and partner, in return for that you believed once in us and continue staying our close friends who show the words of support and belief that we will be able to execute successfully together all our ambitious plans and ideas. We keep on moving forward and we are convinced that great news and new victories are ahead of us.

Thank each of you for your cooperation, patience, faith in our team, professional attitude and dedication to our common business. We wish prosperity, well-being, stability and the achievement of all goals to our company, each of the employees, partners and agents! May our business expand the horizons, become much stronger and more successful year after year!

Happy 8th anniversary, Taunigma!