Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Renewal of MENAFA membership certificate

Taunigma FZE franchise company has long been prominent in the business community for the responsible approach to professional tasks and the ability to build trusted and friendly relationships with many collaborates and partners, including many those in international associations, societies and organizations.

One of the most well-known among them is MENAFA, the Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association, where Taunigma has been a successful member for the last seven years. Undoubtedly, being among the upscale regional and global corporations means that our merits in selling commercial business products based on the fiduciary management model, establishing and strengthening contacts with an extensive network of franchise sales partners and agents and increasing the capital and financial investments of current and potential investors are duly recognized at such a high business level.

Receiving another certificate of renewal of membership in MENAFA is an incentive for us to continue developing promising international projects while paying special attention to quality service provision and comprehensive customer support for all our partners.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

“Golden International Promo”

Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company remains one of the most technologically advanced companies in digital payments, mobile development and commercial advertising and differs from the market competitors with plenty of giveaways, prize draws, memorable souvenirs and gifts. Almost every user of NT.Payments system eagerly takes part in big advertising projects and large-scale promo campaigns, paying special attention to the constancy of our team in this field.

This year`s January has been the time when we announced the launch of the “Golden January” promotion, as you may remember. That promo campaign has been marked with the winners to become the happy owners of gold coins and they have sent us the photo report from the presentation of the precious souvenirs and memorable certificates.

As the summer is in full swing, we have prepared another lottery, the “Golden International Promo” which is very popular among our customers, users and partners. Their terms and conditions can be found on NT.Payments social networks on Facebook and Instagram.

Those who couldn`t try their luck and win some gifts from us have an excellent opportunity to do it again since the number of prizes is constantly growing and so does the number of participants.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Thursday, June 10, 2021

The partnership promo with BeIN Connect

NT.Payments group of companies still stick firm to its principles to give joy to as many customers, clients and users by offering them necessary high-quality services in daily life and bringing new joyful vibes by running festive giveaways, promo and discounts.

The last 18 months have been tough ones due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic all over the globe as you all know which made to postpone many political, social and sports events and in some cases to cancel them at all to make a stop to the expansion of this disease. The EXPO-2020 in Dubai city has been put off last year till this autumn together with the Olympic Games, UEFA European Championship and plenty of other major events all over the world and continents.

We have recently shaken hands with BeIN Sports Connect sports broadcasting channels when entering into a partnership with them and now we are about to start a joint promo to selling paid subscriptions for the forthcoming European Football Championship along with the South American football Cup to take place June 11 - July 11 and June 13 to July 10 respectively. The users of NT.Payments and NT.Wallet projects have an outstanding and exclusive chance now to earn a 20% discount to watch Euro-2020 and Copa America-2021 tournaments and to keep up with the games of their favorite teams.

Good to say that you can reserve your BeIN Connect subscription in any of 5000 operating NT.Payments kiosks across the UAE as well as subscribe to this useful service in NT.Wallet application.

Please follow up on this and other promos of our company on the social networks to find out more on Facebook and Instagram pages.

Don`t miss your chance to experience a football festive with NT.Payments and NT.Wallet!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

The age of digital opportunities in NT.Payments facilities

Life nowadays can hardly be imagined without social networks, messaging applications and video-conferencing events with the partners and colleagues at work as well as the industry of entertainment under a constant flow of information and tasks on the go. The technical progress has reached every home and we can`t think a single day not looking into our phones to see who is texting us whether for business matters or just friendly chats, to enjoy the favorite music or to listen to a new chapter of the book you like.

The NT.Payments kiosks and NT.Wallet mobile application are set to offer many features for our clients to stay always in touch with colleagues, relatives or close ones at any place they go and anytime they use them, share new emotions, enjoy the world pop stars performances, etc. Our brand has been consistently associated with the skills to bring many people together and overcome the long distances between users, despite their remoteness over the years that we have been operating in the UAE market.

We are excited to share that our company has recently launched some useful services for fans of online music content, voice and video messaging features, specifically the option of topping up their balance for entertainment services such as Likee, Bigo Live, Yalla, Tango and Anghami.

Likee is a digital platform for creating and publishing short videos with all related additional processing effects, both video messages and streaming videos in the online application.

Bigo Live is one of the most popular mobile apps in the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East and North Africa, that welcomes customers to share their favorite video content and make friends around the globe in a live format and do it in a creative mode.

Yalla is a popular voice and video chat service that brings people together through online gaming, while Tango is a streaming platform for finding talent and meeting popular content-makers online.

Anghami is an international network for music lovers and connoisseurs of Arabic and Western music. Anghami offers an immersive experience with live audio and video of artists and musicians, online radio and music content playback on various devices apart from being the common streaming music service.

We stay confident that our customers will appreciate the hard work we do every day to expand the range of services and increase the number of available services. 

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Utility bills payment option for Pakistani users

NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile application has long been our company's trademark by taking good care of the customers and users consistently.

We keep going and we look for new ways to reach out and expand our activities across the Middle East region and other countries. This spring features a widespread rollout of new services in NT.Payments kiosks to go live soon intended to pay utility bills and offer those customers who contributed their requests to have such option in the best affordable way for them to pay for services in our kiosks and NT.Wallet mobile app, while our company considered their opinions.

The first release kicked off has been a payment option of settling refunds for power, gas & water supply, telecom & mobile services, and others launched for one of the most popular consumer destinations for Pakistani users, utility bill payments went live in NT.Payments kiosks.

From now and on, the customers make fast and easy settlements with service carriers and pay for the services by merely selecting “Utility bill payment” or “Mobile Top Up” buttons within “Pakistan” section available at our payment machines and NT.Wallet app.

Additionally, the management company shall work over expanding the line of payroll services for consumers and carriers from different countries while we shall keep our agents and partners up to date to the latest similar service rollouts.

Monday, April 19, 2021

The annual promotion event in honor of the holy month of Ramadhan

As you know, the holy month of Ramadhan has already started. Few words to say that, this is a time of fasting, a period of rebuilding life values and priorities, as well as a time of striving to make and to commit sincerely good deeds. During this month, Muslims try to experience some of the difficulties faced daily by those who are limited in the daily life comforts such as having shelter and food and drink to excess, or having good health, besides the common abstinence from food and drink during the daylight, giving up against pernicious habits and sinful deeds.

It`s been long enough since our company has made up its mind to stay connected to the significant governmental, religious and cultural events taking place in the UAE and to welcome all initiatives in the social and daily life of this Oriental country. The marketing and digital payments departments of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company have prepared this year a festive promotion to mark the celebration of Ramadhan month for the customers and users.

We would like to invite everyone to attend such an important event and to win some gifts from NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile app. Please follow NT.Payments social pages in Facebook and Instagram to catch up with the promotion terms and conditions.

We truly hope that this Ramadhan month will bring happiness and kindness to every home to turn into a time of spiritual guidance, deep inner refreshment and physical renovation for all those who keep this mandatory fast.

Good luck to all the promotion participants! 

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

Congratulations on the glorious feast of Easter! We wish you the best of luck and happiness.

May your soul be warm and peaceful, and your relatives and friends be with you. May this holiday bring understanding, harmony and joy.

We wish happiness to you and your loved ones!