Wednesday, November 28, 2018

United we stand!

As you know, our company welcomes arranging different activities to upgrade skills, abilities, and training of the staff. We have organized time-management session in our office this time to teach our employees to manage better timing during work. 

Anna Kozhenko – HR manager of group of companies was leading the session. In her report she spoke about how important were to plan the time effectively, to distribute priorities during schedules in tasks, good allocation of resources and has mentioned about prompt response on stress situation that could arise due to mental activity at work. 

A particular focus was placed on support and help to employees with respect to specifics of labor activity and recognition of best performances. Company employees listened to Anny with great interest, asked questions and shared their experience to learn the material completely. They also contributed offers to help improving the program. 

We have already informed that our company moved to the new office lately. The process is complete but we haven`t made housekeeping of office territory yet. Each in our company is aware how important is to have clean area near the working place so we took it very serious. 

 We started with removing of mud and trash then wet cleaning of walls and sidewalks in a friendly competition. 

We finished the day with gardening of territory, applying NT.Payments logo on walls and marking of parking place. 

Undoubtedly, such events stress on importance of corporate commitment and unity of team spirit. This fact is the best reminder to say that people in our company are able to spend free time with profit and joy aside from selling franchises and managing terminals. 

Modern world where time is valued and fast decisions are welcomed friendship between the colleagues is very important. Friendly attitude helps to solve plenty of tasks and achieve targets. NT.Payments group of companies employ people from 14 countries speaking different languages and practicing various religions. 

Our technical department is the best example how diverse cultures are kept in peace, business and friendly relationships are maintained inside of team. It was decided to arrange team building – barbeque outdoors to encourage team spirit and improvement of performance. The colleagues discussed the importance of working cooperatively, shared cultural experience, sang songs and danced folk dances. 

We hope that such events held unofficially help to solve promptly routine tasks and interaction between the employees would only improve.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A tour to the new office of the company. Part 2

We have previously told you and shared some photos about moving of our company to the new office. We would like you today to take a visit to technical and financial departments. 

Interestingly that this part of the building has resembled a huge industrial premise in other words a storage shed before we came here. We have decided to build an extra storey to use space effectively and place comfortably all departments inside the building. 

First thing that you see when you enter the office is the huge room with terminals. This is the warehouse of the company. Employees of technical department repair and get kiosks ready for installation here ˗ set up an operation system, upload software and make overall diagnostics of kiosks. 

There is a recreation room near the warehouse. Here one can find everything to make our employees rest after long regional trips. 

We have placed one of divisions of finance department to the right of the stairs. Perhaps, this is the most closed office of our company since our employees hand over cash boxes of terminals here and calculate money to be delivered to cash collectors of the banks. 

There are 4 little offices on the second floor and a kitchen. 

To the left – a spacious and bright office of Alexey Trofimov, head of technical department. 

Restoration department is located next door. Specialists check here operability of kiosk equipment and do some repair works. Our colleagues are busy making inventory today so we will move further not to distract them. 

Coordinators of technical department work too in this flank of the building. They supervise duties of technicians and cash collectors, assign tasks, draw up reports for kiosk operations, address requests by sales managers and Taunigma help desk on terminal work status. 

We have also a small warehouse located on this floor to accept new equipment and spare parts procured by supplier plant, submit to technical group everything required for repair and cash collection. 

We have recently supplied another batch of standard kiosks to the warehouse. They were carefully unloaded by technical crew and moved to a new warehouse. 

Our specialists have already diligently started preparations to install the equipment. These terminals will be delivered soon to all regions of Emirates. 

Follow the news and we are glad to see you in our new office.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Comfort travel with Mr. Cash & Mr. Pay!

UAE is a country of perfect roads which again mentioned among top of the best roads in the world.

Every day residents and visitors of UAE are going to Dubai to their work, business trips, mini-tours, airport etc. Drivers often choose Dubai’s toll roads to save time which provide quick and comfortable drive from one destination to another.

Mr. Cash and Mr. Pay are going to a small trip to Dubai in this video. They will show how to pay toll road services in Emirates at self-service kiosks of NT.Payments.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Happy Birthday, Taunigma!

On October 29, 2018 Taunigma turns 6 years old. We are happy to celebrate it with you and to thank you for your trust, support and for all that time that you’ve been around. 

Those were 6 years of interesting projects, significant achievements, new contacts, pleasant meetings and great events. 

We are sure that interesting opportunities, new discoveries and a number of fascinating events are still lying ahead. For all of our contributions to the common cause allow implementing our plans and creating a successful future. 

Happy Birthday!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Tour in the New Office of the company

In view of rapid growth of our company, business expansion and the increase of our staff, we moved to the new spacious office. Today our Company is located in industrial zone of Abu Dhabi, Mussafah. Total area of our new office is 100m2. We’ve already moved completely, so we’d gladly show you around. 

Building’s territory is fenced, beatified and has enough parking spots for our employees. That’s especially convenient for Technical Department staff and collectors. 

We occupy first store. Stairs are decorated with pictures of our corporate heroes, and soon it will be added with pictures of Mr. Cash and Mr. Pay. We’ll certainly show you those! 

Reception is the face of the company, the first thing that visitors pay attention to. So our reception is bright and unusual. Pictures, text and every detail on the wall are well-thought-out in signature style. Looks inspiring! 

The first person to meet our visitor is Kreb Mevon, our office-manager. She’ll gladly answer all your questions, help you to find your way in the office and offer you a cup of tea or coffee. New office has a big hall where you can comfortably rest on the couch, and, if necessary, pay your bills in combo-kiosk. 

Straight after reception there’s a comfortable meeting room. We’ve already held a few meetings there.

That’s exactly where we’ll design our ambitious plans, hold important meetings and execute profitable contracts. 

In front of the meeting room, in spacious and comfortable room, is located Investor Relations Department – Taunigma. 

Employees of this department provide partners and agents with online support for solving of issues related to the work of franchises, announce company’s latest news and prepare marketing materials. Open space of the room facilitates active discussions, brainstorms and quick solutions of business issues. 

The walls of long hallways of the new office are also decorated with motivating pictures, certificates of our accomplishments and photos. Here, for example, we’ve made a little gallery museum of our company, gathering the most relevant moments.

Taunigma is neighbored by the Business Development Division. It’s one of the smallest, but important departments that implements new services, executes profitable contracts with providers, holds promotions and informs our clients about new services. 

In this very wing we also have Commercial Department of our сompany. Notwithstanding that most of their work hours our sales consultants are out of the office making deals on new installments and controlling existing ones, they need comfortable environment in their office to perform administrative work and hold small internal meetings. 

HR manager also has a separate and spacious room. Interviews require preparation, while managing recruitment visa issues and documentation maintenance need special attention. Besides, employees need privacy to solve their private and business issues, with which they turn to, for example, our HR manager, Anna Kozhenko.

Financial department is located in one of our biggest rooms that was separated on several parts by glass partitions, which makes it more convenient to control their work. One part is occupied by the Head of the Financial Department and accountants, who maintain calculations and financial documentation, as well as prepare reports. 

And the other half is taken by Vice President/ CFO, Ahmed El Ashmouny, who controls the work of his employees.

Call-center is located in a distant and quite part of our office. Here employees require silence to solve clients’ issues. New room is much bigger than the previous one, which gives a chance to accommodate up to 16 support employees, provided the growth of terminals network and consequently the client base. 

IT Department needs silence as well, so it occupied the biggest room in our new office. 

Applications development, software testing and services configuration require increased attention and accuracy. Therefore here every employee has his own working place with a partition. 

Private space is needed for high concentration on projects. 

Canteen is the place for dinner, relaxation and random chats with colleagues. Spacious room with interesting design and a good view from windows helps you to relax and forget about work for a while, which really facilitates productiveness. 

This part of the office also has two little departments: Operations Department and Safety Division, which are responsible for procurements, as well as for the order and safety of business in general. 

Let’s pay a visit to the Company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, Alexandr Chub, and President/CEO, Vasyl Katriy. Very comfortable and bright rooms, which have everything for convenient work: big windows for inspiration, as well as places to hold closed and personal meetings. 

We were glad to show you our new office, but that’s not all. In this very building we’ll soon have Technical Department and one of the divisions of Financial Department as well. Next time we’ll tell you how they’ve settled in new office. 

Being united under one roof will help our departments to solve current and strategic issues faster, as well as to communicate and exchange experience with each other, which will undoubtedly increase productivity of all employees and bring positive business results.

Follow the news! 

We’ll be happy to see you in our new office!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Taunigma business-conference in Germany

The annual Taunigma business-conference was held in Germany on September 29. Over 100 partners met near Frankfurt am Main. 

This mega event was opened by Cristiane von Beuningen, who told about her first acquaintance with our company, her first prejudices and the following admiration with our business-model, the company and the entire team. She called it “the pearl” and a truly unique phenomenon. 

The conference was continued by Henry Staroste, who told about main advantages of such business-model, and compared it to widely spread advertisement displays and card-readers (POS-terminals for payments), which are highly recognized in Germany. In his speech Mr. Staroste imagined what would have happened if Germany allowed the ownership of POS-terminal that is, for example, installed in a gas station, and to earn from every gas sale. Tempting idea, but it unlikely happens in this country. 

Later Cristiane von Beuningen made a short summary of the previous speaker and presented the Chairman of the Board and the founder of the company, Alexander Chub. 

In his speech, Alexander Chub provided a short review of the company’s development since 2013 and the financial report for 2017. He also assured the participants that in the future they have a chance to not only become the owners of a small business (terminal, display, combo), but the partners in one of the biggest IT-companies in the Emirates as well. He told what it’s like to start as a small payment system that is not taken seriously, then become a noticeable competitor, and later turn into the biggest and fully recognized provider of payment services and the UAE’s market leader. 

After the short summary of this exciting report, Frau Beuningen turned the floor over to Vasyl Katriy, the president of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC. 

In his speech, Vasyl Katriy told about the details of the company’s new projects; about partners and services, which are either already implemented in terminals, or are going to be in the near future; and about the opportunity to make monthly payments to telecommunication provider Du. He also provided an insight on future possibilities for further increase of services range.

After this impressive report, Cristiane von Beuningen summarized previous speaker and drew a parallel between the beginning of terminal business in the UAE and the owners of payment kiosks. 

Payment terminals with the most relevant services for immigrants allowed the company to cover the entire country and earn the reputation in all the Emirates. 

Today NT.Payments terminals have already gained popularity among the users and are in high demand all over the country. Service portfolio is currently being enhanced in such a way that meets the demands of the remaining users (residents and tourists). Kiosks, which mostly offer the payment of mobile services, paved the way to the world of big business. The owners of terminals, combos and displays also have a chance to become the co-owners of the biggest payment aggregator in the UAE from private owners of a small business.

During the interim, conference participants enjoyed communication and richly furnished cold table. 

The second part of the conference was opened by Alexander Chub. In his report, the founder of the company extensively talked about the impressive new projects, such as “NT.Power” (charging station for electromobiles), “NT.Wallet” application (electronic wallet), as well as about the realization and launch of new services, for example ticket payment to Dubai police etc. 

Company proceeds its active development in different directions. In his speech, Mr. Chub talked about the upcoming IPO and related audits and certifications. He also told what possibilities every partner will get after the company enters the stock exchange, having expressly emphasized the leadership and significance of the company in the UAE. 

Taunigma and NT.Payments history reminded him of his childhood and his admiration with “One Thousand and One Nights”.  

At the end of his report, Alexander Chub invited Vasyl Katriy, the CEO of the company, to get back on stage. Together they answered the number of questions coming from the participants of the conference. 

The event was ended by Henry Staroste. He summarized the report of the company’s CEO, considerably turning to human psychology, and explaining, why people in general find it so hard to change something safe and clear (monthly income) for something new and unknown (shareholder’s dividends). He showed what an outstanding chance all the investors will get after the company enters the stock exchange. 

At the end of the conference the host of the event, Frau Beuningen, thanked everyone for this productive day and their vote of confidence, and also asked all the participants to try to fully realize, what “pearl” they hold in their hands.