Thursday, December 27, 2018

Best employee of the month

As you know, the Taunigma project has been launched in 2013 and we have already celebrated 6th anniversary this fall since the foundation of the company. We have achieved outstanding results over these years since we continue actively developing and improving quality of provided services together with innovative projects and search for new business partners. 

We try to devote much attention to work shown by our employees of the business. They represent our company and play a certain role required for making successful industry. There are employees from 14 countries working for NT.Payments group of companies in all regions of the Emirates – all of them remarkable professionals who know how to do their job. 

This year management has decided to award best employee of the month who has completed and showed excellent results at work as decided by managers and their coworkers. This promotion was set to aim and raise motivation among employees and show recognition for this specific period based on the results. 

We would like to make a short interview with some of our colleagues today to show our followers and readers of the company blog that self-discipline and hard work will always be recognized and will be a good example for others to follow. 

Please meet, Kreb Mevon – office-manager of our company. 

She is a hardworking person who comes first to work and covers plenty of daily and routine tasks thus maintaining activities of our office. We can always rely on her since she takes responsibly all her obligations. This has not gone unnoticed by the coworkers who acknowledged her as the best employee of July. She will tell you her story in detail now: 

“I started working for this company at the end of 2015 and gained much experience and plenty of knowledge that help me completing my duties at work. The fact that I was selected as best employee is the merit of all our friendly staff. I wouldn`t be able to achieve such great results and recognized by my colleagues. I am very grateful for everybody for the support and help that was shown to me. I will do my best to raise as a professional together with the growth of our company”. 

Selling franchises successfully and be listed among leaders of the market is not an easy thing. Promotion of goods and services within the market need certain qualification and communication skills when talking to people. Sales department has always been special with plenty of regional trips where we concluded new business deals. 

Muhammad Irfan Manzur Ahmad – another valuable employee of the company. He is responsible for setting up terminals and communication with property owners in Dubai and Sharjah. He is a leader and fond of looking for new possibilities to expand business activities. He was recognized as the best employee in March for the great contribution that he had input into the development of the company. 

“Working in sales always made me to try reaching new targets and best performances at work. We are expanding and there are new opportunities for business influence. This is the beginning of our journey and I believe that new achievements are ahead of us. I reckon that being awarded as the employee of the month is a great credit shown to me but undoubtedly, we made this altogether with my coworkers”. 

We have recently flashed daily routine of the technical department which is considered to be as one of the most important divisions of our company. They keep operation of payment terminals, complete scheduled maintenance, repair and collect cash. The employees of the technical department are skillful workers and always stay positive when doing assigned tasks. It is no wonder that one of our colleagues from this division was chosen as the best employee in November: 

“My name is Konstantin Esmukhanov and I work as a technical coordinator of this department. Our work needs staying conscious to details with utmost attention as we serve lots of terminals in different regions of the Emirates. Our colleagues value vigilance to specifications and welcome any ideas that can help solving daily issues. I am proud to be a part of this crew and I`d like to note that we deserved this honor being the best worker of the month together with the colleagues. We need any feedbacks in our work and such recognition is the best example of the teamwork. We will do our best to improve our performance.” 

All awarded employees have received memorable gifts and cash bonus. We are eager to add that we will keep encouraging of the colleagues since it is clear that any business is built on a friendly attitude between the management and the staff.

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