Wednesday, October 29, 2014

22nd winner in Abu Dhabi

Dear partners! 

We continue telling you about the winners of “Top up your life with positive!” promotion that’s just finished. Finally our 22nd winner has come back to the city and got his presents! 

38 years old Christopher Sequeira from India has become the owner of another winning combination, of a 50 AED certificate for services available for payment through NT.Payments terminals and branded present set. 

Winning terminal is set up in “Cyclone mobile phones” shop in Abu Dhabi. We congratulate Christopher with the win in the last hours of promotion! We really hope that he’ll further continue to use our terminals to pay for all the necessary services fast and comfortably! 

Also we handed a present basket to Yoset Batha, the shop owner. 

Thanks for your smiles, kind emotions and fresh positive that you've presented back to our congratulators! Be healthy and happy! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Conference in Abu Dhabi

Dear partners! 

It’s exactly one year passed since NT.Payments payment system started its work in the UAE. 

On 18th of October 2014 we met again in the big conference hall of 5 star Al Raha Beach Hotel in Abu Dhabi. 

The name of our meeting upon the results of the year speaks for itself – “NT.Payments payments system – one year of work in the UAE. Absolute leadership as for the number of terminals and quality of service at the market”

It’s unbelievable but true – we’ve succeeded to become the best just in a year, being significantly ahead of the competition! Certainly when we started the work 12 months ago we hoped to get such a result but never the less it was especially pleasant to announce its achievement this time! 

There were about 100 people gathered at the conference – partners, investors, leaders and newcomers, presenters and business trainers, top managers and new employees. Everybody was worrying, preparing and looking forward for this event! 

At exactly 9 o’clock the registration of seminar’s participants began. Specialists from German, English, Kazakh, Arabic and, of course, Russian languages were meeting the guests, answering questions and helping to take places in the conference hall. 

At 10 o’clock the Taunigma international business conference was officially opened. 

If we speak of a general pulsebeat of the meeting it’s possible to describe it just in a word – “inspiration”. The whole long day dedicated only to speeches, talking and presentations would seem boredom ever! But on the contrary the time passed quickly, it was interesting and bright! A wave of optimism, emotions and impressions had exceeded our expectations! People had come from all over the world to celebrate the success and share their hopes for future! 

Arkadiy Kamenev the leader of the work with investors direction, talented presenter with a huge experience in sales, had prepared an updated presentation of Taunigma business in the UAE. The slogan of the presentation has brightly and succinctly formulated the gist of what is now happening to the company – “In step with the time, a step ahead of the bests!”

We really offer the most modern way of payment for services; we’re the best in this direction! 

Arkadiy was followed by Henry Staroste, one of the leading German partners. He started speaking about the market and perspectives of investments from afar, telling about the history of Germany and Germans’ mentality formation. Wars and financial losses made German people very careful and incredulous. It’s hard for them to invest money in business. They would rather prefer a bank as it seems more reliable. And never the less there were a lot of German partners at the conference, a lot of those who trust Taunigma completely and are satisfied with productive cooperation. 

The first part of the conference was closed by Oxana Vishnichenko – the managing director of Taunigma FZE. She had presented the review upon the results of the first year for NT.Payments payment system’s work in the UAE. It was clear from the speech how had the inner structure of the company changed and widened, what perfect results were achieved by partners and how the sales of terminals had grown. 

It’s hard to imagine that all these were done in such a short period of time – one year. But never the less it’s so. Finally Oxana told about plans for future, training system and qualification requirements for agents, and new facilities of back office. 

Communication didn’t stop even for a minute during the break. Guests were sharing the impressions, thoughts, were making payments through the terminal set up directly in the conference hall. They were getting acquainted and asking questions to the company’s representatives. 

There was nobody late after the break as the first speech was expected to be that by a special Arabic guest. Mr. Hamza Jalil Ebrahim, a relative and representative of HRH Sheikh Sakr bin Muhammed bin Zayed Al Nahayan, told about the importance of new technologies for the United Arab Emirates, as well as about the convenience of payments for services and the significance of NT.Payments terminals’ chain development. 

In the end he added that the government of the country is ready to provide any support and help needed. Then he returned to his place followed by thunderous applause of the conference’s guests. 

Coming of the country’s ruling dynasty representative really impressed everybody. But that was not the only one surprise we’d prepared. 

After that Cristiane von Boininghen was invited to the stage. She is an excellent business trainer, specialist of efficient sales and a person well known by German partners because of her perfect webinars. Cristiane was speaking about motivation and belief in your own forces! About how important is not to give up, not to look for excuses, but act! After her story there was wish to live, think, work, make… and do not afraid! This speech really touched everyone! 

In the end of the second seminar’s part the development team’s representative Roman Kvasniy told about how a terminal is arranged. 

And his colleague, Erlan Karsibekov shared information about a new company’s product – mobile application that would significantly increase the income of every partner and widen payments’ opportunities. 

Second coffee-break was longer than the first one so guests had more time for communication and emotions!

In the final third part of the conference Vasiliy Katriy – general manager of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC made a conclusion as for the year work results and told about the new products of the company. 

Mohamed Anzar the representative of NT.Payments payment system in the governmental structures was speaking about the further market penetration strategy and plans of its implementation. 

Finally there was Taunigma and NT.Payments founder Alexandr Chub sharing his vision of payment system’s development perspectives in Emirates. 

In the very end of the evening there were some more pleasant surprises for guests. The first Taunigma promo video was demonstrated to them. 

Immediately after watching we had given the word to Kazakh and German partner structures’ representatives. 

Speech from Kazakhstan was to Kulyash Baimurzina who inspired all the audience with her positive! 

From German representatives there was Waldemar Steiner – one of the leading partners. 

And after that Alexandr Chub, Oxana Vishnichenko, Arkadiy Kamenev and Vasiliy Katriy entered the conference hall wearing national Arabic clothes. 

It’s a sign of great respect for Arabs when people wear their clothes. So there was decided to put them on for the award ceremony of promotion winners. 

All the winners were invited to the stage and could say some words, thank partners and organizers, wish success and prosperity to the company. 

The day finished with gala-banquet, dances, informal communication and delicious dishes! 

Next morning conference’s guests moved for a traditional jeep-safari around the desert, that finished with dinner and dance show. We’re sure that unique oriental flavor of this last group event will long be remembered by everybody! 

We hope that partners have taken excellent mood, inspiration, emotions and confidence in success with them! Be a step ahead the bests with Taunigma! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Winning in Ajman

Dear partners! 

We continue telling you about people whose transactions’ numbers appeared to be winning during “Top up your life with positive!” promotion. 

Our prizes and excellent mood’s deliver team hadn’t succeeded to celebrate the jubilee twentieth winning with a big cake when they were phoned from Ajman. 

21st winner was 25 years old Keshav Dumre from Nepal. And especially he loves a small shop “Red sea foodstaff and Beverage” where he can buy all the necessary products in the middle of a working day as well as pay for services by NT.Payments terminal. 

Representative of our company with pleasure handed prize to Keshav and helped him to use a 50 AED present certificate. 

Anwar Shamim, the owner of this cozy shop also got his present basket and our best wishes! 

So there is one more person who has topped his life with positive! Follow the news! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

Monday, October 13, 2014

Twentieth jubilee winning!

Dear partners! 

In some shops our terminals look especially cozy and fitting to interior. No wonder that clients like very much coming to such places. And if you can also easily pay for all services and bills you need, here in your favorite shop – it’s especially valuable! 

“Dar Nouf Grocery” in Sharjah is such “own” shop. 

Regular customer of this shop and of our payment system, 47 years old Mohammad Abdullayakoob from India, dropped there for products and decided to transfer some money to his mobile phone account through NT.Payments terminal. And he became the next winner! 

With great pleasure we handed him gifts and present certificate, and also made some photos for memory! 

Suanewaz Mahmud – the shop owner and a good friend of our winner also got his portion of attention. We gave him a traditional present basket! 

So that was our jubilee twentieth award ceremony of “Top up your life with positive!” promotion. Once more – our congratulations to Mohammad Abdullayakoob! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Energetic and merry nineteenth winner!

Dear partners! 

More and more young clients become “Top up your life with positive!” promotion winners. Energetic young people from different parts of planet usually are very busy in a big city. Perspectives for young professionals, dynamically developing market, the biggest companies of the world – all that attract to Emirates such people as our new winner! 

22 years old Achsow Khan from Bangladesh is the nineteenth positive life topping owner! 

Being far away from home he misses his family so much! And being very busy at work he values every minute! That’s why Achsow is one of the most loyal NT.Payments system’s clients. Terminals are almost everywhere and any service is available to pay for near your home or workplace. So during a break the young man dropped in “Shining point mobile & satellite” shop to charge some money to his mobile phone account and call home. 

The new about his winning in the promotion was added to those he told about himself. As well as about how he was congratulated by our team, and also there was a pleasant bonus of additional money on the certificate. 

Shibin Niyas, a shop owner from Sharjah, also got a full basket of positive, presents and kind emotions! 

The jubilee 20th winning is coming! We still do not know who is going to be the twentieth! But we’re looking forward seeing a new lucky and packing the presents! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team