Wednesday, September 25, 2019

NT.Payments today. Film 6

Business is more than salesmanship and negotiation skills in the modern world. Today, strong business relationships based on trust, respect and integrity of like-minded people are more valuable than all monetary benefits.

Taunigma company and NT.Payments system have been successfully operating in the UAE market for more than 6 years and have established themselves as a reliable partner for those who believed in us and entrusted us to manage their investments. We are sure that without their support, loyalty and understanding of many issues, it would be difficult for us to do business in this country. We pay tribute to their commitment to the values of NT.Payments group of companies and look forward to meeting at the main event of this year - the big conference for partners in October 2019 in Abu Dhabi.

It is no secret that our company is facing tremendous changes and we believe that a bright future is ahead of us. We would like you, our partners, and now our close friends, to take part in a joint forum dedicated to the upcoming transformative change of the common business and learn how we see the further development of the company in the long term perspective. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts in implementing numerous ideas and plans, as well as get a lot of positive emotions from communicating with the leaders and employees of the company.

See you in sunny Emirates!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay – going shopping!

It is difficult to imagine modern life without online stores and the opportunities that they offer. We often make purchases of various goods and services, use discounts, coupons and gift certificates, which save a lot of money. 

Recently our company has launched a new service in NT.Payments terminals – replenishment of Amazon online store account for a fixed amount. Now, buying Amazon gift vouchers at our kiosks, you can easily and quickly pay for the purchase of goods and services from your personal account in one of the world's largest online platforms. 

Mr.Cash and Mr. Pay are fond of shopping and the news about the long-awaited launch of the Amazon service has especially pleased them. Eager to know how they made their first purchase? Watch the new video about our corporate heroes in the video below:

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The summer heat of promotions with NT.Payments

Our users are get used to having perks from NT.Payments that bring joy to them in every possible way with multiple promotions organized in honor of holidays and festive events in order to promote new products and services and to strengthen contacts with them and to drive their loyalty. The summer in the Emirates is extremely hot this year, so intense and hot we hold our customary promotions for this specific time. 

We have recently completed our latest promotion from NT.Wallet, which welcomed all active users of this application and termed those who have paid for any of the international NT.Payments services worth AED 20 and more using only NT.Wallet, rewarding them with AED 5 per account. 52 people took part in the campaign and became bonus holders. 

Early July has also welcomed the launch of the new campaign by our friendly team called "Film and Win" or "NT.Wallet Video Challenge" which will be live through up to the end of August. The main term of the competition is to let future participants download NT.Wallet in Play Market or AppStore, register the account and shoot a creative video, encouraging their friends to follow the example and post a link to the video on NT.Payments social networks. The winners shall receive opportunity to top up their apps worth AED 5 weekly while the three most creative artists will be encouraged to receive AED 25 at the end of each week. This promotion will last two months and we will choose two unique works and solemnly present our main prizes Samsung Galaxy M20 mobile phones to the winners. 

Even now, we have already identified the July winner of the promotion. It was Kumar Thapa from Nepal, who has visited our office to get his prize from NT.Payments employees. 

Beginning of August has also witnessed the third promotion of this time launched and organized by NT.Payments together with our partners, service providers from Pakistan Ufone, Telenor and Zong. The terms are left similar with two earlier campaigns – the participants are required to use top up services of these providers in company's terminals worth an amount of 5 AED or more, send us a payment receipt or a transaction number in Facebook and Instagram. These actions will lead them to become a participant in the weekly wheel of fortune drawing of Lava Iris smartphones. Our plan to draw lots for 9 smartphones weekly which will end at the end of September. You can find out more with the list of winners on social networks of our payment system. 

The life of NT.Payments is non-stop and it surprises us with plenty of events and activities organized by people who love what they do and believe that another brighter future of the joint business is yet to come.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Photo report from the new office in Sharjah

The rapid growth and development of the NT.Payments has become a significant reason to expand our second key office in Sharjah after the one in Abu Dhabi. Previously our specialists were located in one small office whereas now we have opened a full-fledged subdivision in this region of the Emirates and in the meantime have mobilized additional manpower. 

Our new office is located on the seventh floor of a business center in Sharjah with a spectacular view of the city vicinity. 

The office is split into 2 aisles – each of them have several bright and cozy offices with comfortable conditions for the effective work of staff. 

You can find international certificates, licenses and other documents on the entrance walls affirmative of the legal and quality level of our activities, as well as the achievements of the company. 

We have arranged a cozy corner for visitors and clients of NT.Payments where you can get acquainted with advertising and marketing materials containing service information provided by the payment system while waiting for the meeting with the company representatives. 

There is a wide and cozy office of sales consultants in the main hall. They are in charge of the installation of new terminals and supervision over the existing ones; they also handle all the requests by the property owners. 

The sales manager Roman Krasitsky occupies the next room. He observes the work of his subordinates. 

The finance department staffs the next office. Their responsibility is to carry out settlements with counter parties, keep financial control and planning as well as to prepare accounting reports. They are involved in a close check of the data now, so let us move and don`t to distract them from work. 

Other specialists such as technicians, cashiers, collectors, developers, coordinators and other admin personnel are accommodated in the neighboring offices. 

There are short meetings held in the morning and evening for the technical department. The main task is to coordinate daily activities and improve control over the proper operation of the terminals. 

We shall also add that first days after the office expansion witnessed the department heads to hold professional training for their subordinates and to motivate them to achieve new results and strive for success. 

Let us extend our congratulations to the colleagues on the long-awaited new office and wish them productive work. We are confident in the success since we see how friendly and professional they are. Good luck!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Extension of MENAFA membership

Taunigma was honoured to join MENAFA (Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association) back in 2014. We have come a long way from a small startup to the leader of our industry over these years and have obtained fair recognition for our franchisees and have become one of the most successful members of this association. 

To participate actively in MENAFA grants an advantage in searching for new business development opportunities and in improving already existing processes by implementing the idea of promoting economic and social projects in Middle East and North Africa region. 

Membership in this association is an excellent motivation to reach a high level of service delivery, to find new opportunities to grow as a business and to provide quality customer support to all our partners.

Monday, July 15, 2019

NT.Payments today. Film 5

The development concept of InDoor.TV advertising project has recently undergone some changes. We have already told you that the marketing department of InDoor.TV has developed a new strategy to gain new customers, successfully integrated some functions in project promotion within the UAE and in the meantime has implemented some interesting ideas. 

We always consider the wishes of our advertisers by making the application process simpler, more comprehensible and contact establishment with company representatives as much accessible as possible. We managed jointly to add an instant connection service with managers of InDoor.TV. From now on, customers cooperating with us can learn more about the innovations of the project while potential advertisers can compare the conditions offered by our company with competitors in the market by assessing all the pluses and advantages. It is enough to use NT.Payments terminal to learn more about the work of the service: choose InDoor.TV project in the kiosk menu and leave a request for information and your contact details. 

Today we would like to share with you principles of work in the promotion of advertising services in the Emirates, talk about events and promotions with an audience of the market as well as tell why it is relevant and profitable now to order advertising in InDoor.TV. Check it out in the new film "NT.Payments Today" project.

Monday, June 24, 2019

A superb promotion in honor of the holy month of Ramadan

It is not a secret that festive events and various actions organized by our company cause keen interest from customers and users who always show great willingness in participation. It has become a permanent motto of NT.Payments to serve interests of our clients and bring them joy. 

The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims was remarkable so that it lasted throughout the whole fast in honor of such long awaited event. For NT.Payments it is trivial to witness happy people and bring them an atmosphere of festive time at this special period. 

Management of the company this year has decided to maintain a good tradition and to present a double joy to customers by holding a new drawing of prizes from NT.Wallet mobile application in addition to the annual promotion of NT.Payments which in a short period after the launch has managed to be loved by residents of the Emirates and users of other countries. 

The conditions traditionally remained unchanged and any user who paid for one of the services in amount of 20 dirham and more by sending us a receipt to our pages on Facebook and Instagram could take part in the campaign. The winners were determined randomly by the system. The total number of winners is 20 people to be precise 5 lucky ones every week during Ramadan came to NT.Payments office to hold the final drawing of prizes and try their luck using NT.Wheel festive drum. 

An abundance of awards was waiting for the winners through bonus funds credited to NT.Wallet accounts to be used to pay for any service offered by the payment system, exclusive certificates for going to Carrefour supermarkets, NT.Gift Bag sets, movie tickets or tickets to attend The Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi, musical stereo system and Samsung and Apple mobile phones. 

To become a participant of the draw held by NT.Wallet the applicants had to make a deposit to their personal account at least 5 AED and send us a screenshot to Facebook or Instagram about to display a completed transaction. A voucher worth 100 AED every week was prepared for the winners. Ramadan received. The final draw and the main prize Samsung Galaxy A7 mobile phone had to be allocated among all the promotion contestants. 

Our partners and service providers of Pakistan Jazz, Telenor and Warid did not stay away from such a large-scale event. Their subscribers in the Emirates have a considerable number. The users could take part in the drawing of Samsung or Lava smartphones every week, using top up services from 10 AED according to the terms of the campaign organized by the providers together with NT.Payments system. The winners were Tariq Ahmad, Muhammad Umar and Hassan Ashraf. They visited our offices in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi to get their prizes and take some memorable photos with NT.Payments personnel. 

We hope that all participants as well as we received plenty of unforgettable emotions during the period of the campaign. We would like to congratulate all our winners and hope that next time the number of participants will grow higher.

Monday, June 17, 2019

NT.Payments today. Film 4

Trends in modern business mean new players appear in the market who bring new ideas and have the opportunity to receive their portion of the profit. It is necessary to show acumen and ability to navigate in new directions in order to stay competitive and confirm the status of the main player of payment and advertising platform of the UAE. 

We have already introduced you to the services of NT.Payments system kiosks in the previous series of films that constitute a substantial profit for the company and we mentioned also about the NT.Wallet mobile application which continues growing day after day and gains new clients in the market. 

Today we would like to tell you about those products that we do not sell in bulks as franchises, but these solutions have great potential and are distinguished by availability and mobility, which undoubtedly affects daily use in a great deal. 

What are the sources for the additional profit of partners whose objects are in the payment pool? What is the difference between the characters of our video and other similar business solutions? All of this, as well as plans for the work of alternative products of the company you can find out in the new release of “NT.Payments today” the video project:

Monday, June 3, 2019

Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay – time to live it up!

UAE is not only about plain roads that luxury cars are driving along while you can see sparkling glassy skyscrapers and not only about unique architectural buildings that go beyond any comparison. 

More often residents of the UAE use buses since they are much cheaper and comfortable when travelling to long and short distances. 

Mr.Cash и Mr.Pay have tickets to go to the rock-concert to take place in Ajman emirate and they have plans to hang out at the weekend. Suddenly, Mr.Cash breaks his car. They might miss this long expected event. Luckily, they have found a solution to the problem pretty easy. 

How to get to the place of want and rock at the songs of your favorite band? Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay will show how to get things going to remedy the situation using NT.Payments kiosks:

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Promotion in mall of Al-Salam City

We always value our customers and respect each of them and realize that their loyalty is based on trust and mutual respect. Their attitude also depends on how relationships are built with users. We realize that in order to be successful it is not enough just to be able to do business, but it is also necessary to remain generous and benevolent with all people.

We have already informed you about the launch of NT.Wallet application from NT.Payments system. This is a reliable program designed to facilitate the payment of bills of various service providers. More and more people get to know NT.Wallet and enjoy using its functionality, especially remarkably fast and smooth operation.

On April 25 we held a campaign in mall of Al-Salam City in Abu Dhabi in order to popularize and promote the program where we had a great opportunity to talk live with our customers and answer all their questions.

Our responsible friends Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay, helped us with this. They know how to create a festive atmosphere and are favorites of the public.

We have prepared gift vouchers for replenishing balance of the program for those who have not yet downloaded NT.Wallet, thereby allowing them to make their first payment for services and also gifted them branded souvenirs from NT.Payments.

NT.Payments team organized a festive lottery in honor of this event where the most main prize was a mobile phone. The conditions for participation were simple - everyone could replenish balance of the application in the amount of 5 dirhams and pay for one of the services offered by our payment system and the receipt with the transaction number automatically became a participant of the draw contest.

The winner was Prem Thapa from Nepal. He got the main prize - Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus. 

"I am very glad that I managed to win such a valuable gift. Soon I have a vacation and I'm going to go home and taking some gifts to my family. I will give my winnings to my younger daughter since she had long dreamed of such a phone and asked me to bring it to her. I will advise all friends and acquaintances to use NT.Wallet is the best application for paying for services from now on" - words of happiness from the winner. 

The promotion campaign of NT.Wallet was successful. It was nice to see joyful faces of our clients, whose interests are important to us and whose friendship we undoubtedly value. We will continue to strengthen relations with the audience, thereby making our cooperation even closer and mutually beneficial.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

"NT.Payments today." Film 3.

We live in an era of technological projects and the rapid development of artificial intelligence. To remain successful, you need to be a step ahead of your competitors and offer the market what in demand by customers.

In addition to actively developing the market for accepting payments based on self-service kiosks, the NT.Payments group of companies is also developing other promising areas. One of the long-term projects is the development of NT.Wallet, an own mobile application as a unique approach to paying bills and technical solutions on the market of the Emirates.

As you know, NT.Wallet was launched in February this year and in a short time managed to gain its own loyal audience. The need to launch this application was required based on the preferences of users of the system who had the necessity for a program that facilitates the payment of mobile bills, utility bills and other payments.

We took into account the wishes of our customers and in the first week after the program was released our application was downloaded by more than three thousand people from 21 countries of the world. Such an impressive indicator motivates us to move on and improve the work of the program.

The process of paying bills for residents of the UAE has become even faster and more comfortable. Check it out in the new film “NT.Payments today” video project:

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

NT.Payments at Seamless Middle East 2019 exhibition

Our company actively participates in various specialized exhibitions and forums held in the UAE and does all its best to be in the know of all new products and the latest news in a world of high technology and electronic payments.

The annual exhibition of Seamless Middle East Expo 2019 held on April 10 and 11 at the International Convention & Exhibition Center in Dubai has embraced the largest players of the industry. This event is a great opportunity to establish new and strengthen existing business relationships as well as to show the achievements and to get inspired for the implementation of future projects. The officials of the Emirates have a good tradition to visit the exhibition – it is not the first time they honor it to show willingness in bringing new technologies into living and practice in every possible way support promising projects and start-ups.

The scale of the event is quite impressive - this year the exhibition was visited by more than 10,000 guests and 350 participants, according to the organizers who have presented their achievements to everyone.

It is pleasant to note that high-tech products of our company were recognizable, because in everyday life a large number of exhibitors and guests are active users of the NT.Payments system.

Those who have not heard about our company yet, the company employees conducted high-quality presentations of payment terminals and an advertising project of InDoor.TV. 

We are confident to say that NT.Payments was able to successfully present a wide palette of its business solutions at Seamless 2019 and hundreds of visitors near our company`s stand are a clear confirmation of this.

Representatives of NT.Payments and InDoor.TV eagerly answered all the questions of the guests and as a sign of a good will handed every visitor a gift voucher to top up the balance of the mobile application of NT.Wallet.

Corporate heroes Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay who are the best to create a friendly atmosphere, have drawn attention to the stand and gladly took memorable pictures with anyone.

Two days of the exhibition were productive ones. New contacts, raise of the brand awareness as well as new business proposals for cooperation were the result of a hard but very interesting work.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Mr. Cash & Mr.Pay – few clicks will pay your bills!

The modern world is all about the dynamic way of life. People eat and resolve issues on the go to come to work on time or go to the lecture at a university, they buy tickets for a train, plane or movie online, thereby avoiding to stand in queue. 

Prompt resolution of issues saves precious minutes, and therefore the NT.Payments system always welcomes the customers to ease their lives and does everything possible to help them use their time efficiently while offering the best solutions on the UAE market. 

You can easily and quickly pay for utilities, top up balance of your favorite games, pay for toll roads and for many other services of various operators when using our terminals. 

Our corporate heroes Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay do not stand aside and show personally how you can get access to the services of the system just in few clicks thanks to the simple interface of NT.Payments terminals.  

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Kiosk IT System Trading LLC 5 years!

Kiosk IT System Trading LLC has been founded on February 16, 2014. This company has become our second home ever since. We have been demonstrating the ability to orient in needs of the market over these 5 years and meet all the necessary requests of users and customers, simultaneously gtting over the most complicated challenges. 

We couldn`t neglect such a memorable event since good weather reigns in this time of year in the Emirates. We took a quick decision to hold a team building straight away as the green island of Yas is an excellent and proven place for taking such events. 

Tempting dishes, cold drinks, and a friendly atmosphere gave us plenty of precious impressions which we carefully tried to capture in photos while outdoor games reminded us that nothing human is strange to us. 

Our corporate heroes Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay deserve a special mentioning who were under utmost popularity with children that day and posed pleasurably for cameras and taking memorable photos with anyone eager. We did not forget about the presents either so that our young friends were especially pleased with the given attention. 

The presence of management is an excellent example of socializing with colleagues which helps enhance team spirit and find common topics for conversation. 

We have also organized various competitions where employees demonstrated creativity and improvisation while funny nominations with rewards of individual colleagues for their skills and outstanding abilities show that our sense of humor as right as rain. 

The logical conclusion of company birthday was a birthday cake which was very colorful and matched the corporate colors of our company. 

5 years is a short period for a young company. First five years passed with success. We have constantly demonstrated commitment and devotion to the common goal by taking our place in the market at first, then expanding towards new promising areas and services. Our high profile employees who show their professionalism and dedication to corporate ideas day after day help us in doing this. 

We hope that this short period is just the beginning of new achievements and the bright child represented by our birthday boy will grow up and become an experienced and business-like man who already rightfully occupies a leading position in the market.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Communications in company

Our company besides an active use of innovative technologies in the market of payment acceptance is distinguished by a good organization and professionalism of our team. This helps employees to work in a team and make decisions based on experience and that senior staff support their younger colleagues who understand that teamwork and involvement in the success of a common cause are the most necessary to achieve the main goal. 

There are representatives of various countries and cultures working In NT.Payments group of companies who do everything necessary to make the work of the entire organization as fruitful as possible and make work enjoyable for each employee. 

We would like to visit several departments of our company today and ask how they solve current issues and which tools they use daily that facilitate communication within groups. 

Let us start with a call-center that provides support for users of NT.Payments terminals. This department is distinguished by well-established work and timely processes incoming requests for improvements in the system as well as due responding to calls from service users. 

Andrii Dyhan, manager of the department notes that their main task is to process and register every call that comes from a client to be entered to specially created Google tables and then transferred to the execution status. It also tracks the number of completed requests. 

In addition, these tables act the role of communication means between employees of the department, since it is convenient to make separate notes depending on how complicated the issue is and to track the status of requests from users of NT.Payments system without referring to a specific call-center operator. You can see the overall picture based on the results of these applications at the end of each month and find out a number of applications processed by any employee. 

- We use actively Intraservice, a request-tracking system to communicate with other departments. Many customer issues or malfunctions of the objects are solved with the help of this system like if a banknote is jammed in a bill acceptor of a terminal or a potential property owner requested that a kiosk to be installed in his premises. After receiving the request, an application is created for the relevant specialists who solve issues within their competence. 

Slack virtual office helps us to solve issues quickly that we have integrated with a number of services and customized for our tasks. We have a whole ecosystem as a result that boosts corporate interactions to a quite new level. In addition, Slack is actively used within the department as a means of communication and interaction. Also, we hold monthly meetings inside the team where we analyze the completed scope of work and work to be done, - sums up Andrei. 

We couldn`t have missed technical department which we consider as one of the busiest in our company. This staff under the strict supervision of its head Alexei Trofimov performs a large amount of work and stay always in high spirits. 

- There are several communication networks within our department, - says Alexei. The most important and most important of them is using specially created groups in mobile applications like WhatsApp and Telegram and a corporate business plan provided by a mobile operator for our company allows us to communicate within the network without any restrictions. 

In addition, we actively resolve operating issues using Intraservice system and refer to our own development, a mobile application for technical and sales departments that allows employees to monitor and record the general condition of terminals and find out about if repair, maintenance or cash collection are required. All actions associated with objects are recorded in this application. I would like also to mention that if necessary we could check the activity of any employee and history of operations performed by him. This is made for internal control. 

We hold weekly update meetings with the team on a regular basis. The latter is specific for discussing current operational processes, working activities and methods for improving the overall performance of the team as well as we plan future operations. These meetings are a great opportunity to get feedback from each employee and find ways to optimize activities. 

Due to the expansion of Investor relations department, we could not miss this small team either. Its employees work under the supervision of an experienced manager Oksana Vishnichenko performing various projects of the company. The department includes specialists of different profiles starting from media and content managers to customer support services and after-sales service for terminal owners.

- We use several tools for communication within our department, - starts Oksana, - this is e-mails, specialized registries, and tables that accessed by our employees and where they can make all changes online as the status of work is completed and share useful information. We also cooperate with other departments if the field of our activities intersects with them in other projects. It is very convenient and fast if speaking on a daily basis. 

I would call Intraservice as the most effective if we mention about communication between the departments where we create requests since this system has a simple user interface to monitor easily and control. It is also possible to assign a responsible person or redirect the task to another executive in case this task is assigned a special status. 

We conduct weekly meetings where we summarize interim results and plan new tasks for the next seven days. 

The corporate life of the company is also flashed by the release of its own newspaper that covers significant events and achievements of the company. 

Active attention is paid to Slack and Intraservice systems where we have put lots of efforts in the past to preserve confidential information and protect against leaks of valuable data. 

Corporate mail, special chat rooms in various messengers, mobile applications, Google spreadsheets, request-tracking system, project management programs and other tools used in the work, allow employees to resolve quickly any issues regardless of their presence in certain locations.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Mr.Cash & Mr.Pay – follow traffic rules on road!

UAE is an exceptional country with its own rules of civil, social and legal safety of every person and whole nation. 

Every transport driver strictly follows traffic rules on road and keeps ethics of behavior when driving a car. They contribute in a big way a considerable part of safety on roads. 

Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay are travelling to another city in the new film. Mr.Cash exceeds a speed limit and being photographed by a speed camera. Our heroes will show how to pay a fine received by Dubai Police using NT.Payments terminals.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Sending agreements to partners

January and February are one of the toughest months for employees of the investor relations department. For the third year in a row that this time we start verification of personal data of our clients and agents in order to form in a right manner and send their agreements of intent to establish a joint-stock company for those partners who have completed a reserve of shares. 

These months were not an exception while this exciting time our friendly team were forming and sending all necessary documents. A friendly atmosphere accompanied by unity was very helpful for everyone of us, which made the preparation process even more interesting and cooperative. 

It is very important to keep accuracy in changes and details in this difficult matter because any mistake can affect understanding between the company and its partners. 

This was preceded by the recent address by the Chairman of Board of Directors Alexander Chub about the intention to establish a joint stock company and the completed third stage of reserve of shares. Our company keeps growing and we are trying to use effective methods to expand the existing business which is confirmed by our plans to place the shares of the future joint-stock company on one of the world`s stock exchanges. 

A large number of partners have already responded to our business proposal. They have eagerly confirmed a desire to become part of the future joint-stock company and receive dividends from the company's activities. 

Their wish to collaborate with us is obvious since we have repeatedly proved that we are able to conduct business and maintain a dialogue with various institutions over the years since the company was established. This ultimately leads to a conclusion of new lucrative contracts expansion to new promising areas and growth of the company in general. 

We have generated 1207 agreements in total with 2 printed copies where we have put 14,484 stamps and 4,828 signatures. 

We have carefully packed 610 envelopes with all necessary documents and they are ready to be sent. It is clear that a great job has been done when looking at such an impressive amount of documentation. We hope that all our parcels would reach the recipients in 25 countries in almost all parts of the world and the partners of the company would return copies signed by them. 

The delivery of such important documents as agreements of intent to establish a joint-stock company is handled by our proven permanent partner Aramex company which is the global leader in providing logistics services and sending valuable goods worldwide.  

We would mention also that first agreements have already been signed by partners who were in the Emirates during this time and visited our office in Abu Dhabi. We have held discussions about the current situation at the company and considered new prospects for the development of a common business besides signing the documents. Partners of the company were pleased with the meetings and received answers to all their questions. 

This is how we spent the first month and a half of 2019. We again made sure that our business continues to grow steadily by covering such a great job while the level of trust from partners has enormously increased.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

NT.Wallet – manage any situation!

The United Arab Emirates is a pearl among other countries with popular vacations on the coast of azure sea or a blue ocean. This country is specific with plenty of places to show and to resort including a safari in the desert. 

Our corporate heroes Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay in this new video are going to have a barbeque in the desert but suddenly they run into an unforeseen situation. 

Watch this video to find out how they managed the situation using NT.Wallet application:

Thursday, February 14, 2019

NT.Payments – ahead of the universe

Our company shows great support to various social and sports events that take place in the UAE as you remember. The life of sport in NT.Payments is a great opportunity to show your intentions to support a culture of a healthy lifestyle and act in accordance with canons of sports. 

We have already flashed in previous publications that Dubai welcomes every year international competitions including those marathons held on long-distance. The IRONMAN 70.3 race is a similar event to be also widely known as HALF IRONMAN took its place on February 1. This is a triathlon race organized under the authority of World Triathlon Corporation (WTC). 

The marathon started this year nearby the famous Burj Al-Arab hotel – the sprint participants had to cover a total of 113 km distance in three stages: swimming - 1.9 km, cycling race - 90 km and running - 21 km. 

The race started with swimming from the public beach of Jumeirah followed by biking with the route running through the sand dunes of Arabia. The relay race finished back in Dubai where the winners were honored by the event organizers, by guests and their fans. 

Aset Temirkhan our colleague and system analyst of the managing company did not stay aside from the competition and took active participation in the race. He has been a regular participant in such competitions for several years now and defended the honor of NT.Payments with pride. 

Aset started preparation several months before the marathon. Early jogging along the embankment, intense training with long-distance swimming and cycling became a corporate part in the life of our colleague. 

He has decorated his outfit with the logo of NT.Payments and has successfully covered all distance and received a commemorative medal. Participation in such competitions undoubtedly defines the spirit and character, as well as affects favorably health and the well-being of a person. 

We are proud of the success of our colleague and we hope that his actions would make an excellent example for others. 

The efforts made by the company to popularize the brand of NT.Payments brand have not gone unnoticed while Mr. Cash and Mr.Pay corporate heroes were popular with other fans.