Sunday, November 22, 2020

The new promotion events by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet

The most important elements in promoting a company name and the services in market are brand recognition and the skills to bring in a new audience that will remain loyal to you for many years once it has chosen your trademark.

We have a good tradition of bringing pleasure to our dear customers and collaborates following us from the first days since the company was founded. This is reflected in lots of contests and promotions, both in honor of various remarkable events in the UAE and in our company, and in a simple purpose to gift new emotions to NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet application users and to reward them for staying loyal to our brand.

We have launched two new marketing events on our social pages quite recently which we will tell you about now in more detail:

This spring we announced "Rate us & Get money" promotion which raised high interest among NT.Payments & NT.Wallet users and customers, since every one of them was eager to share their positive feelings and wishes with us. We have decided to give a new start to this promotion after we have received a tremendous number of encouraging references. The new contest enables all our valued partners and agents to take part in this competition too. We have kept the same terms and conditions to become part of this contest this time:

The first 90 people who complete all three terms will get a reward of AED 5 replenished to their existing NT.Wallet accounts.

Besides, we kept actively posting a little video blog about the travels and adventures of Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay, which were quite popular among our audience before the quarantine situation that took over the world in the past several months. Little yellow and blue corporate heroes of NT.Payments have already come to visit Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Macao, China, Ukraine, Malaysia, Oman, Germany, Czech Republic and Sri Lanka.

We agreed to give a start to a similar type of travel blog this year due to restrictive measures and the lack of travel opportunities to other countries this time featured with our constant heroes represented by Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay to the United Arab Emirates where our successful business has started. Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay will talk about the sights and beauties of this eastern country from now on as well will show you the best places of internal tourism to go inside of the UAE. There are a couple of posts shared already on our Facebook and Instagram pages about Abu Dhabi city (the UAE capital) and Dubai city which you can read in more detail and explore something new and useful about the first two places our heroes have traveled to.

December has traditionally been one of the most important months in the life of UAE. This country usually celebrates National Day in December which is a milestone event and a great holiday for all the Emirates. The country will celebrate the 49th anniversary of the foundation this year and our company is now getting prepared for a grand promotion to honor such a great event for the UAE. Please follow the updates to the media publications on Facebook and Instagram pages where we will announce later about the start of this contest.

We invite each of you to take part in a couple of new promotions presented by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet. Keep in mind to keep track of the posts published on our social media and may your luck go along with you!