Thursday, December 31, 2020

Happy New Year!

Dear partners!

We are very glad that outgoing year, thanks to the hard work and support of NT.Payments team we could not only stand the test of time but also strengthen our positions in the Middle East market.

We would like to wish you a very happy year in 2021!

Let this year bring you new ideas, brilliant victories and the achievement of the most desirable goals!

Health to you and your relatives!

Thank you, that you continue to believe in us and in our common business!

Happy new year!

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Dear partners,

With the warmest of feelings, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

May this bright holiday bring joy, warmth and comfort to your home, and your pure thoughts and honest deeds fill the world around you with good.

We wish you peace of mind, good health, peaceful skies, family well-being, and may all your cherished dreams come true!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

The new promotion events by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet

The most important elements in promoting a company name and the services in market are brand recognition and the skills to bring in a new audience that will remain loyal to you for many years once it has chosen your trademark.

We have a good tradition of bringing pleasure to our dear customers and collaborates following us from the first days since the company was founded. This is reflected in lots of contests and promotions, both in honor of various remarkable events in the UAE and in our company, and in a simple purpose to gift new emotions to NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet application users and to reward them for staying loyal to our brand.

We have launched two new marketing events on our social pages quite recently which we will tell you about now in more detail:

This spring we announced "Rate us & Get money" promotion which raised high interest among NT.Payments & NT.Wallet users and customers, since every one of them was eager to share their positive feelings and wishes with us. We have decided to give a new start to this promotion after we have received a tremendous number of encouraging references. The new contest enables all our valued partners and agents to take part in this competition too. We have kept the same terms and conditions to become part of this contest this time:

The first 90 people who complete all three terms will get a reward of AED 5 replenished to their existing NT.Wallet accounts.

Besides, we kept actively posting a little video blog about the travels and adventures of Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay, which were quite popular among our audience before the quarantine situation that took over the world in the past several months. Little yellow and blue corporate heroes of NT.Payments have already come to visit Russia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Macao, China, Ukraine, Malaysia, Oman, Germany, Czech Republic and Sri Lanka.

We agreed to give a start to a similar type of travel blog this year due to restrictive measures and the lack of travel opportunities to other countries this time featured with our constant heroes represented by Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay to the United Arab Emirates where our successful business has started. Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay will talk about the sights and beauties of this eastern country from now on as well will show you the best places of internal tourism to go inside of the UAE. There are a couple of posts shared already on our Facebook and Instagram pages about Abu Dhabi city (the UAE capital) and Dubai city which you can read in more detail and explore something new and useful about the first two places our heroes have traveled to.

December has traditionally been one of the most important months in the life of UAE. This country usually celebrates National Day in December which is a milestone event and a great holiday for all the Emirates. The country will celebrate the 49th anniversary of the foundation this year and our company is now getting prepared for a grand promotion to honor such a great event for the UAE. Please follow the updates to the media publications on Facebook and Instagram pages where we will announce later about the start of this contest.

We invite each of you to take part in a couple of new promotions presented by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet. Keep in mind to keep track of the posts published on our social media and may your luck go along with you!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Happy birthday, Taunigma!

Taunigma company has turned 8 years old on October 29, 2020. We have stepped up during this time the big way together with you first as a team of enthusiasts then towards to an international company with customers in 42 countries around the world, the company which has experienced success and recognition still forge ahead to continue striving for big changes. We would like to say that we have sincerely done and are doing everything possible for the sake of every client and partner, in return for that you believed once in us and continue staying our close friends who show the words of support and belief that we will be able to execute successfully together all our ambitious plans and ideas. We keep on moving forward and we are convinced that great news and new victories are ahead of us.

Thank each of you for your cooperation, patience, faith in our team, professional attitude and dedication to our common business. We wish prosperity, well-being, stability and the achievement of all goals to our company, each of the employees, partners and agents! May our business expand the horizons, become much stronger and more successful year after year!

Happy 8th anniversary, Taunigma!

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Autumn leaf fall of promotions from NT.Payments and NT.Wallet

Our company takes every effort to maintain the loyalty of NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet application users, truly marking our care for the customers who are happy to use a wide range of services available throughout the UAE network of terminals and in NT.Wallet mobile application.

As you all remember, recently we have announced another promotion for NT.Payments and NT.Wallet customers on our official blog, which was organized together with international service providers in India, Pakistan and the Philippines. This promotion campaign started in August and ended on September 30. As a result, we were able to increase our client base by attracting new users who took part in the promotion with great pleasure, receiving their bonuses for topping up personal accounts with the service carriers involved in the promotion.

Thus, according to the data provided by service providers-participants in the promotion, the greatest activity during the campaign was shown by clients from the Philippines, as the total number of recipients who got the money transferred to them through NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile application in favor of Philippine operators increased by 21.9% compared to previous months, while the growth of new clients has reached 20.8%. Next are providers from Pakistan and India - new users in both countries increased by 9.7%, while the total number of people who received money through NT.Payments and NT.Wallet grew by 6.1%. The number of transactions during the promotional period has increased significantly, and we were able to reach an astonishing mark of 50,000 transactions in all promotional areas during those weeks.

We would like to announce the extension of the previously mentioned promotion with international carriers in India, Pakistan and the Philippines on the same terms and conditions in the light of an increased interest in our products and multiple advertising campaigns and inform about the launch of a new promotion with service providers from Nepal NTC Nepal and Ncell Nepal which are presented under the service line of NT.Payments system. While any payment from these carriers may become a lucky ticket for users from this country who have deposited 200 Nepalese rupees in favor of NTC and 205 Nepalese rupees for NCell respectively. In the meantime, the future winner will get to receive a 100% bonus equivalent to the amount of his deposit and the opportunity to become a lucky winner of the reward from NT.Payments and NT.Wallet will be available once a month for each unique user during the promotion time.

As usual, we wish good luck to all participants in the series of various promotions and contests from NT.Payments and NT.Wallet and we hope that the mellow autumn will bring a lot of good news and will give a great mood to all our customers and partners.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

An internal audit of the company and re-certification process according to ISO standards

NT.Payments system takes seriously every requirement of the international standards as you may know and tries its best to meet the highest expectations both - customers and the government officials.

It`s been several years since we have started getting accredited by an international company specialized in quality control and quality assurance by keeping all operating procedures and following them in daily and routine work. We have completed an annual internal audit of all departments recently to ensure compliance with the rules of business processes, compliance with the implementation of procedures, monitoring the quality of document storage and other operational activities that are followed within the approved standards.

We have set up a special committee of company employees and certified independent auditors that were tasked to identify errors in the performance of company departments as approved by ISO standards and advised recommendations to correct effectively all found deficiencies.

Consequently, Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company was successfully re-certified in the International Certificate Registration System (GRS), as required by international standards and has received updated licenses for 9001:2015 Quality Assurance System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Protection System which has confirmed our serious intentions to provide high-level service and work as established by the approved processes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Collaborative promotion campaign with Indian, Pakistani and Philippine carriers

Kiosk IT System Trading LLC has been providing payment acceptance services to multiple vendors for over seven years now. The bright blue and yellow kiosks of NT.Payments system have gained recognition all over the UAE, as our company has become a leader in the market of self-service terminals in this specific region during these years.

Many people who have entrusted us up to this day have become our regular customers since we started our business in this country. These clients are the main reason that we try day after day to improve the quality of our services, to launch new services and hold plenty of promotions and contests.

Another similar step is a co-promotional campaign of our company with international service carriers from India, Pakistan and the Philippines which is two months long to begin in August and last until the end of September.

Every single unique user of all communication providers in India, introduced in service range of our payment kiosks and "Smart Philippines" operator from the Philippines will receive a 100% bonus equivalent to the amount of recharge and exclusively for the conversation tariffs of these providers following the terms of the promotion. The opportunity to get this special bonus will be available once a month on dates set for each country and carrier.

Pakistani service providers have some other rules among which are bonus up to 400% corresponding to the top-up amount of “Jazz Pakistan” and “Warid Pakistan” carriers depending on the payment value as each unique user can get his award daily.

Such marketing tools as the posts on Facebook and Instagram, ads on top monitors of NT.Payments kiosks, targeted push notifications and a featured banner in the "Promotions" section of NT.Wallet mobile application facilitate promotion among users.

Please accept our sincere wishes to all participants of the promotion. We will continue holding such campaigns for it is a perfect chance to bring a good mood to our users and consolidate business cooperation with our partners.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Renewal of MENAFA membership certificate

Quality assurance has always been one of the main criteria to provide a stable and faultless service highly valued by the customers. Our company is working hard to keep top in the Middle East market in the field of payment services by steadily searching for new ways of development. 

Taunigma company has been a member of Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association (MENAFA) for six years now as you may remember. Being a member of that sort of honored institute means that Taunigma's contributions are given proper recognition by the international experts as well as to show clearly the quality of the brand image of Taunigma trademark has earned in the UAE and neighboring countries. 

There is no doubt that to obtain a new certificate in MENAFA gives plenty of advantages, such as it allows to business with major players in other franchise industries and favors a good exchange of user experience while the Emirates market allows executing the most ambitious and promising projects, attractive to all associates of this organization.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

"Lucky Boxes" game from NT.Wallet

NT.Payments team has been developing the in-house NT.Wallet mobile application for two years and has invested a lot of effort and time to make the program better and more stable, with functionality more useful for all our customers.

We have repeatedly informed you about many extra options that being implemented with the release of new versions of the application. In the recent update of NT.Wallet our development department has presented the "Lucky Boxes" game when every user of the program can win plenty of decent gifts.

You need to log in to your NT.Wallet account and go to "Promotions" section, where you need to select the line "Lucky Boxes" and click on "Play" to try the game or go to the game through the main menu of the application in "Promotions" section.

The player has to find our corporate mascots Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay who have hidden in secret boxes according to the rules of the game to win gifts. It is very important to find them both, otherwise, the user will lose and next time he will get another chance to try his luck only after 24 hours.

We have several kinds of gifts for our winners, specifically, cash rewards, discounts on future recharges to NT.Wallet mobile application, smartphones, vouchers and other special gifts.

If you do not have the NT.Wallet application installed in your phone yet, you can go to the following link and download the relevant version of the application depending on the operating system of your mobile.

We have prepared a tutorial video to give a better understanding of the game rules which can be found here:

We invite you to take part in the Lucky Boxes game and try your luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Distant work in our company

The coronavirus pandemic that has immersed the world has made many adjustments to the way millions of people around the world live, as we all know. Lots of companies, enterprises and factories have stopped working or suspended their activities due to the sudden virus. Many of them had to send employees on unpaid leaves or to start dismissal procedures to save money and optimize costs during the downtime while the others had begun to switch to remote work patterns.

Our team was among the latter when the management of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC and Taunigma followed the instructions of the UAE official departments have decided to minimize the number of employees going to the offices and eliminate the spread of infection among the staff, partially transferring them to work from home. These measures were taken from the beginning of quarantine and lockdown measures.

We have decided today interview our employees about all the nuts and bolts of the remote work who will disclose to us how they spend days under the quarantine and tell us whether it is better to work in the office or at home.

Our first guest is Svitlana Striliana who works at Taunigma customer service. Svitlana is always eager to help and do everything possible to solve the problems of customers or just to share good advice with colleagues while her diligence, love of work and desire to help people is her distinctive feature.

Svitlana, how are your working days going during the quarantine?

– Well, my work schedule has not changed much since the beginning of lockdown. The only thing is that now my workplace is a home sofa and a desk. Every day at 9 am like before, I start my work with a cup of tea being full of energy and strength. We share lots of correspondence with colleagues in work chats during the day where we deal with current issues.

You work at Taunigma customer support service team. Have the quarantine measures had a significant impact on your working life?

– There have been no special changes in the activities since my job is to communicate with Taunigma partners through e-mail and tickets system. I am always available with my laptop and accessible to all the platforms of our company, and ready to help with any questions that agents and franchise owners may have.

Does isolation have an impact on your mood to do something extra besides work?

– Definitely, it is tough to stay under lockdown for 3 months already. At first, it was especially hard, because life has changed dramatically from the usual to eventless, and my mood was fickle during this time. However, I accepted the fact that it was inevitable over time and took control of myself. I started practicing yoga from time to time and other sports that can be done indoors.

Do you manage to make good use of spare time and to improve your professional qualification?

– I try to read various useful articles whenever possible and to watch lectures on business and experience of successful entrepreneurs, as well as continue practicing and improving my English, picking up online classes after work and on weekends.

We wonder and we couldn't help asking whether it's better to work at home or in the office?

– I feel comfortable working at home, but there is a lack of live communication with my colleagues. When you work in the office, if there is a question, it can be solved as soon as possible through discussion with colleagues at any time. I hope that the situation with the virus in the country will get better pretty soon and we will be able to return to working hours in the office.

Have you managed to reveal any hidden talents or hobbies during the lockdown?

– Well, I can't say I have. I`d say that I can spare more time for my hobbies. For example, I am fond of cooking something extraordinary, making new recipes, especially baking and confectionery. Unfortunately, I can't do it all the time, because now we are not allowed to invite someone home and it is quick that you can gain a couple of extra pounds. Therefore, I hope that I will have the long-awaited opportunity to treat something delicious to my colleagues and friends at work with the end of the quarantine.

Our next companion is Roman Matsaniuk, the head of the digital payments department. Roman is one of the first who pioneered our company and has a vast experience in marketing and sales. He has been linked recently with promotions of online payments featured with NT.Wallet application since the latter is relevant to UAE residents during the isolation and quarantine time.

 – Roman, just a few words about your routine in quarantine and how your workload changed since you moved to the work from home?

– The volume of current tasks has increased significantly and I had to move to a six-day schedule to deal with project issues in time with the transition to work from home and the need to promote actively the mobile application. However, work is not limited to the time allocated for it since it is necessary to solve urgent problems both in the evening and at the weekend. I saw no difference in days because of constant working, quarantine and restrictions on walking from the house, but in due course got used to a rhythm and has adapted to it.

The isolation had a positive impact on NT.Wallet mobile app which managed to gain huge popularity in the shortest time possible. Is there any reason for this?

– It has to do with the priority of this direction for our company. We have redirected great efforts to implement new important features to the application and to complete a large-scale advertising campaign to promote it by placing advertising banners in social networks and video clips on the screens of payment terminals. The Development Department has contributed such functions as online customer identification for convenient use of bank cards, cashback system for clients’ loyalty, notification system and mass text messaging for users. We found a great idea to introduce calls for action, such as "Download NT.Wallet" to the call center answering system and WhatsApp numbers of system users. A series of promotions such as "Invite a friend and get a balance", "Mark us and get a bonus", "International promotion", "Ramadan Promotion" has led to the growth in popularity and demand of NT.Wallet.

Indeed, NT.Wallet is a clear example of how to use effectively restrictive measures for the development of the project. Will this area remain a priority once the quarantine is over in the UAE?

– Certainly, this area will remain a priority after quarantine measures are lifted. Those customers who preferred NT.Wallet to other payment methods have seen that our mobile application is fast and convenient while safety is the most important and top priority for us. The demand for NT.Wallet is clear through many positive reviews on social networks, the number of downloads of the program and its growing turnover.

What other gains can be made out of this situation and how will the pandemic affect the advertising and payment market of the Emirates?

– I believe that the potential of the local market has not yet been exhausted and it still has great prospects for growth. We can't rest on our laurels in this situation, but we need to try to get ahead of our rivals by covering the maximum share of the online payment market. The results show that we are moving in the right direction, as the advertising and payment sector of the UAE has considerable resources and offers great opportunities for making earnings.

Let's move on and get to the call center of our company, the most important link to the customer support of NT.Payments system and the proper operation of all its services. Ahmed Ashraf, the head of this department, told us about the work of this department and what types of communication means are used for solving daily routine during the quarantine.

Ahmed, you are in charge of the call center of our company. Can you tell us if your employees were required to be transferred to a remote work pattern if so, was it temporarily or permanently?

– Yes, the company management has decided to relocate temporarily to all the staff of the call center from the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic and with the start of curfew to provide full information support to the customers. One way or another, we have managed to enter the rhythm of the new rules established by the state authorities during the pandemic and meet successfully the requirements of social distance.

Were all ongoing processes in the department effectively organized?

– Yes, they were. The model we chose for the department work in the new format proved to be effective. We were able to make some changes in the course of work, distributing the load in equal shares among all members of our team. The IT department has provided us within the short notice with professional support in setting up the mechanisms of the department remote operation, in particular, getting stable and secure access to all administrative systems and organizing the issue of communications within the team. I am deeply convinced that such methods of work will help users of NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile application to get the best client experience.

Have the preferences of clients changed concerning the ways of connecting with the call center? Has this increased the workload of some individual specialists who are in charge of a particular communication channel?

– In general, the variety of communication means makes it easier both for the employee and for the customer to communicate. This allows the average person to communicate clearly with the problem using convenient communication channels such as WhatsApp, NT.Wallet chat service or a traditional call to the call center. We have introduced a training program to prepare employees for multitasking to meet fully with the needs of our extensive customer base and to aim to make the work of the department more efficient and fast.

Do you think the development of the department is heading in the right direction?

– Well, the course we have chosen has proved our ability to work in stressful situations and to answer your question, I would say that we are satisfied with the way our team is developing. The company management is doing everything possible to help our team grow, especially under the conditions of coronavirus pandemics.

Are you happy with the organization and finding solutions to all processes in the call center during the quarantine?

– We have to work as closely as possible due to the unusual quarantine situation. However, I like the way the current processes are organized and the way they interact with other departments in setting and solving clients' tasks. We also managed to implement some innovations within the department. For example, we have reconfigured the routing of incoming calls and organized secure remote access to company systems for employees. This is only a small part of the innovations that we have already input. Several other measures and improvements are being prepared for implementation shortly that will allow us to perform our tasks better. I am convinced that we still need to grow and we will certainly adopt the best user experience and be sure to work on errors which no one is safe from.

As you see, the remote work pattern proves that it is effective and right to live within the divisions of our company while the global trend aimed at freelance and free schedule, suggests that a new reality has come when employees are not restricted to stay at places in the office to solve daily routine. Coronavirus, although it brought many problems, however, allowed us to cast a different perspective on distance work which became common for many people during the quarantine. The corporate culture will no longer be the same as it seems to us, after all the restrictive measures have been lifted and employers will probably conclude by comparing the efficiency of home and office work.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Findings of NT.Payments and NT.Wallet promotion for the holy month of Ramadhan

The clients of NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile application settled down at that we often bring them all sorts of lotteries, promotions and offers organized in honor of some solemn events in the UAE. The services that we offer have been greatly valued by many customers, as we try to make life easier and more convenient for our clients.

As you know, the holy month of Ramadan for muslims has recently come to an end. There is no doubt that this is a special time for all people who are fasting and are engaged in spiritual training, raising a sense of gratitude, patience and developing other redeeming features.

The overall picture of the holiday was cast a shadow over by quarantine measures this year taken due to the coronavirus pandemic which are still in effect in the Emirates. The activity of people, especially in the evening has been constrained while the busy streets of UAE cities have turned into unusually empty and abandoned places.

Nevertheless, our company decisively held to the traditions and despite all the restrictions we have resolved to host a grand promo event from NT.Payments and NT.Wallet in honor of the holy month of Ramadan featuring a huge number of gifts and cash rewards.

It was enough to complete three binding conditions to become a participant of the campaign:
  • Recharge any service from AED 15 or more in NT.Payments terminals or in NT.Wallet mobile application;
  • Take a picture of a payment receipt or a phone screenshot by sending it to our Facebook or Instagram pages;
  • Send the NT.Wallet account number to the afore-mentioned social networks of the company.
The promotion was effective for five weeks with 5 winners selected every seven days by NT.Payments and NT.Wallet teams to gift them AED 100 top-up vouchers for NT.Wallet. Those users who did not have NT.Wallet were actively downloading and sending eagerly their photos during the promotion, saying words of gratitude to our company for such a crucial engineering solution facilitating payments for many daily services, most significantly during the lockdown.

We held the final drawing of 2 mobile phones and a money certificate for 2500 dirhams on May 26. The winners of the main gifts are Mr. Aslam Sulaiman, Mr. Mojahedul Islam Chowdhury and Mr. Asifmahruf who gladly took some memorable photos with their presents.

2271 users took part in the promotion during Ramadan. This clearly shows that our customers love and impatiently wait for promotions from NT.Payments system and NT.Wallet mobile application.

Please accept our sincere congratulations for the winners and our gratitude for each participant who has shown their energy and proved their eagerness to win the prizes from our company.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Launch of Shahid VIP service in NT.Payments facilities

NT.Payments system takes every effort to satisfy the customers with the new features available for daily use besides plenty of other services to be selected in the facilities of our company.

We are glad to announce the launch of a new service as the purchase of vouchers for a premium subscription of Shahid VIP streaming platform brought by The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) company that undertakes an online entertainment content of featuring movies, film series and cartoons for families in a high Full HD resolution. It is worth mentioning that MBC has entered into a cooperation with the world's major film studios such as Disney and Fox in January this year, by signing a contract for broadcasting video entertainment content under these trademarks, including blockbusters from Marvel and Disney universe with subtitles and dubbing in Arabic.

From now on, NT.Payments users can quickly extend their Shahid VIP subscription through the vouchers bought in company kiosks, POS terminals and NT.Wallet mobile application.

The efforts of our employees involved in connecting new carriers are designed to fill a void in communication between people by expanding the range of entertainment services in NT.Payments facilities that are practical nowadays for a society living in isolation due to quarantine measures in the world and the United Emirates.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Launch of Virgin Mobile UAE services in NT.Payments kiosks

Despite the coronavirus infection that has spread all over the world, NT.Payments system is set to work hard on the development of upcoming trends, by extending the existing range of services with new opportunities to pay for various facilities of international and local carriers. 

Another taken similar step was to connect an international service provider Virgin Mobile UAE to the existing network of NT.Payments. Virgin Mobile digital communications provider offers relatable services in the world of wireless and digital technologies in Colombia, Ireland, Canada, Chile, France, Poland, USA and UAE and is under utmost popularity among residents and offering subscribers affordable advance and credit tariffs for communication, television and Internet. 

Henceforth, the great number of NT.Payments system users will get an excellent opportunity to pay quickly and easily for the services of Virgin Mobile UAE in self-service kiosks, POS-terminals and NT.Wallet mobile application. 

The launch of Virgin Mobile UAE service provider shows that this solution is taken on time which was caused by the increased demand by the users of NT.Payments and means that our company will continue to strengthen the work over the policy of providing subscribers with the most necessary and popular services of the best quality.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter!

We wish you Happy Easter and a peaceful and joyful holiday. Let your family and friends feel good. We wish you and your family all the best for this time. Stay safe and stay healthy. 

Bright Easter!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

“Rate us & Get money” promotion on social media

It is common knowledge that the benefits and comforts that Internet and social networks offer in a modern world have entered steadily into our lives. It is enough to have only a good connection to this global network either to get in touch with people close to us or make a profitable deal with foreign partners.

Our company keeps up to the global tendency of online resources and communication on Internet which allows us to get closer to our user audience and be in the top among the competitors. We actively use social networks nowadays, filling them constantly with useful content and often please our customers with many promotions and raffles of gifts from NT.Wallet mobile application and NT.Payments system.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce today about the launch of a new "Rate us & Get money" joint promotion from NT.Wallet and NT.Payments that are open to all Taunigma partners who use our mobile application.

You must complete three simple steps to become a participant:
  • Rate from 1 to 5 the NT.Wallet mobile application in Google Play or AppStore and leave a short review of the program as per this link:
The first 200 people who complete all three conditions will get a reward of guaranteed gift AED 5 replenished to their existing NT.Wallet account to be sent within 3 working days. NT.Payments system will share the results of the contest on social networks once all 200 winners receive their rewards.

We invite our partners and customers to take part in this promotion besides winning gifts from NT.Wallet and NT.Payments, but also to raise the ranking of our business products on Internet.

Don`t miss out your chance and good luck!

To learn more about the promotion terms, please visit Great Online Promotion page.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Happy International Women`s day!

Besides business responsibilities, NT.Payments system and Taunigma company are actively involved in the social, cultural and sport life of the UAE and are happy to celebrate international and local holidays, by greeting their colleagues, partners, and customers. You might have seen the way we cover any important event in the Emirates in-depth which is of great importance both to the local population and country guests. 

March 8 is not only International Women's Day, declared by the UN, but also a true spring holiday. It is some special time when nature and everything around it wake up from winter dormancy and start renewing everything around. March 8th is a holiday widely celebrated in many countries around the world and the UAE is no exception at all. One can feel the atmosphere of approaching spring and the holiday so loved by women from the early days of March. 

The men part of our company keeps in mind this day and every year presents small surprises to partners of NT.Payment system, giving credits to the beautiful ladies with gifts and flowers presented in place. 

Again, we do our best to make sure that the beautiful women of friendly NT.Payments team feels being cared for and paid attention to on behalf of their colleagues. This time we have saluted all beautiful women in the conference hall of NT.Payments head office. We wished them good health and all necessary for a long and happy life by remarking that we could not have reached all success if it was not without their active contribution to the company business. 

Dear ladies, we sincerely wish you some extraordinary happiness, health, love, pleasant surprises, bright impressions, and new achievements. 

Please, stay loved and stay happy! 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Kiosk IT System Trading LLC is 6 years

The key elements of any company are success in market, team unity and friendship between employees. The values that NT.Payments system inculcates in the society make the loyal attitude of customers, finding a response from like-minded people and becoming the reason to achieve the best results among the employees.

February 16 is a special date in our calendar. Exactly 6 years ago, we have founded a friendly company which in such a short period has learned to solve the highest tasks by overcoming one height after another. Kiosk IT System Trading LLC is our second home and many of us have learned many things and became the best specialists in our business under the roof of this company. 

The informal communication is a valuable element of corporate culture for our team as you know. Celebrating the 6th anniversary of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC is a great reason to recharge a positive energy, to communicate with colleagues in an informal atmosphere and just have a good time.

We stick to our tradition and have chosen the green island park of Yas, a place we have fell in love for the quiet atmosphere and many other advantages. Excellent weather, holiday atmosphere and good mood are the key to an unforgettable holiday and many positive emotions.

A variety of lovely dishes and a sea of soft drinks are necessary for such a large event.

Many different games and role-playing races, including team and intellectual ones, decorated the common leisure and complemented the culture of good relationships within our multinational team.

HR Department of the company has prepared in advance the program of the event which included besides mobile games, logic and memory quizzes, the winners of which received gifts and souvenirs.

The middle of February is a great time for picnics, barbecues and family holidays in the Emirates. The weather here is excellent, as the locals actively use it. Our corporate heroes Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay do not need additional introductions and each event with their participation becomes a personal benefit, surrounded by the attention of others.

This time too, at the sight of the yellow and blue puppet characters, children and adults resting in the park did not let them go, asking to take some memorable photos. Our friends listened to their requests, paying special attention to everyone and giving them branded souvenirs from NT.Payments system. To see how people around you are sincerely happy with the honor and gifts is an unforgettable feeling and that particular moment gave us some warmth in our hearts.

In addition, we came up with the idea to organize a booth with branded items with Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay, who called the visitors of the park to make selfies and put them on social networks, tagging NT.Payments page under the hashtag, thus making the search of photos easier and more accessible to find. There were so many people who wanted to take some pictures and our corporate heroes did not refuse anyone, giving everyone memorable souvenirs.

We appreciate the contribution of all our employees, who play a special role in the recognition of our company on the international scene. Keeping in mind the recent the Oscar Awards ceremony, we decided to hold our own, where each department was represented in a separate category, which most closely reflects the corporate and unique value of each department involved in the overall success of our business with you.

The rewards and joking nominations that were awarded pleasantly surprised all representatives of the departments without any exception.

The creativity of the colleagues who came up with the idea to organize a separate photo zone decorated with bright balls in honor of the 6th anniversary of our birthday boy, where everyone could take a picture as a memory was especially noted besides the company employees, but also by the visitors of Yas Park. We are quite confident that after such a large-scale photo shoot, many new users will surely subscribe to social pages of our company.

Finally, a huge birthday cake was served in honor of the grand birthday which was decorated with birthday candles as fitted the overall event and was made in corporate colors of our company.

Summing up the above, we want to say that the celebration of the 6th anniversary of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC turned out to be unforgettable and full of new impressions and emotions. We wish our friendly team to continue conquering the peaks and do useful things for the benefit of success, and we wish the birthday boy to stand firmly on his feet and look far ahead.

Happy birthday!

Monday, February 3, 2020

The best manager and employee of the year

It is common knowledge that we try to pay special attention on the work performance of our employees. Success factors of NT.Payments system and Taunigma company truly depend on their hard work and efficiency. Everything we do is done for the benefit of our customers while our precious employees help us in this most important part of activities.

We try to inform you about our traditions, as you may have noticed on the pages of the official blog like the election of the best employee and manager of the year as part of the incentive program and motivation of employees. The Employee of the Year nomination is given to the most distinguished colleague of the past year from a professional point of view by a vote of the company managers, while the Manager of the Year nomination is the choice of all personnel who vote for a particular manager of all divisions. Voting rules are transparent and honest since these are the principles we follow in our daily work.

The management of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC when choosing the best employee of the year, has based on work performance, professional and personal qualities of the worker which perfectly convey the value of corporate ideas of NT.Payments system in the UAE market.

The bowl of scales with a small margin tilted as a result of the persistent struggle in favor of former media manager of the company and now the head of the marketing division Serhii Rostopirko who deservedly received the title of Employee of the Year. A lot of creative ideas and hard work are the hallmarks of Serhii. Lots of merits of our colleague are rightfully attributed to his talent for responsible work in several key areas.

Serhii has won a great recognition at the traditional Taunigma business conference. The outstanding performance he did was deservedly acknowledged both by the company management and our business partners.

Today we decided to have a short interview and introduce you to the best employee and manager of the year.

– Serhii, congratulations on your well-deserved victory. How would you rate your success?

– Thank you! I am very grateful to the Board of Directors for awarding me the Employee of the Year title. But, I wouldn`t like to emphasize the word "success". I was just trying to do my job well, showing initiative, helping my colleagues who needed support. It was noticed and appreciated.

– We know that the past year was remembered for many bright events for our company. Tell us, how do you manage to run efficiently several projects simultaneously?

– Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have a creative mind. And it`s much easier for me to come up with a new creative idea than to sign its budget in Excel. But no one has refused self work yet. I try to direct the flow of thoughts in the right direction which constantly visits the head of any person, including mine. If there is an order in the head, then there will be order in business. This scheme works and helps our top managers to manage large projects. That`s what I`m learning a little bit now.

– Is there some secret to success?

– I guess there`s no secret. I just try to follow what happens in the world, I`m interested in new products and trends in different spheres of life. And, inspired by something interesting, I try to create a new idea for our company. For example, there was a photo of a guy walking on the Internet some time ago who was standing on the background of the Eiffel Tower with a branded package of a famous supermarket. He got a great marketing idea called "Our shop is always with you even when thousands of kilometers away".

Now let me give you an example from our company. My colleagues and I had an idea once to send our corporate heroes Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay to other countries, handing these branded toys of NT.Payments to our partners and employees who were going on a vacation or a business trip.

As you can see, the idea worked well and we got pictures from all over the world. Now several times a month NT.Payments social network subscribers read about the exciting adventures of our corporate heroes.

– We are happy to have an employee like you in our team. Do you like working with us?

– I enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with colleagues from all over the world who are also professionals. I can`t imagine how the guys from the financial department manage to control "tons" of debits with the same "tons" of credits as the development team in the shortest possible time does what at first glance is possible to realize only by making a wish to Gene and as a technical department is able not only to install but also to maintain in perfect condition the performance of four and a half thousand kiosks across the country in difficult weather conditions. I have infinite respect for my colleagues` work and dedication.

– What helps you always stay motivated?

– I avoid perceiving work in the company as an employee activity. Rather, I see the NT.Payments Group as a big business where I am one of the 247 co-founders, that`s the number of employees currently working in our team.

I can`t say for everybody, but I think that if I do my best to develop the company, it will become at least a little bit more successful. The result will be the same if you do not answer the urgent letter at 6.05 pm, because the working day is over.

– Your wishes to the company and the whole team.

– I wish the company to grow into a big corporation in the next few years and compete for the title of the most expensive companies in the world with Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

I wish my team to have a good sleep, good food, go in for sports and read useful books.

And my wish to the next best employee of the company is to give same interview, sitting in his honestly earned new Mercedes car. After all, I am sure that 2020 will be incredibly rich, interesting and successful for our whole team. Success for us!

Distinctive features of a good manager are the ability to manage entrusted resources, setting the right goals and objectives, as well as effectively monitor the execution of a large amount of work. NT.Payments Group managers are famous for these qualities, time after time proving that business is first of all, a skill of self-discipline and order. Let's ask our colleague, Director of Finance Department, and recently the best manager of the year Veronika Elgohari, how she manages to maintain the right attitude and do her job best of all managers.

– Veronika, we are re very happy for you. What made you achieve such a big title?

– Diligence, devotion and permanence in my favorite help me stay focused in my work. And of course, without the general support of my friendly team and colleagues, I would not have been able to achieve such results.

– Do you think that there is still a lot to learn to become a top-class manager?

– It`s hard to disagree with that. Knowledge and qualifications require full commitment and I was lucky to work with professionals in my business and learn a lot from them.

– How does personal motivation affect the quality of the work performance?

– I like my job and it seems to me that an important part of the success of any company are employees. I enjoy achieving my goals and solving complex tasks while considering numbers as an integral part of my work and life in general.

– Are there any skills or abilities that you would like to learn?

– Yes there are. Continuous training and development of personal professionalism are very important, so I work daily to improve my key skills. Recently I have been studying in-depth concepts such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking in business. These skills will certainly help me to reach a new level as a company manager.

– What does working in NT.Payments mean to you?

– It is no secret that working for this company is a huge privilege due to its positive reputation and popularity among the UAE population. NT.Payments provide all opportunities to develop an employee and improve their knowledge. As for me, I do my best to ensure that the company is successful and achieves the goals as quickly as possible.

– The coming year of 2020 promises us many important events. Are you ready to have possible increase in the workload in your department?

– I have a positive attitude towards all the difficulties and challenges. Me and my department are ready for new experience. I am sure that we will be able to implement any, even the most ambitious ideas by making optimal planning and correct distribution of tasks among all employees.

– Your wishes to the team and the company.

– I wish all the best to management and employees. I hope that together we will achieve all our goals, and conquest new heights in business.

We would like to wish Serhii and Veronika to stay as positive and friendly as possible. We hope that their example will motivate the rest of their colleagues. After all, achievements exist in order to surpass them with new ones, aren`t they? Success to all!