Sunday, May 17, 2020

Launch of Shahid VIP service in NT.Payments facilities

NT.Payments system takes every effort to satisfy the customers with the new features available for daily use besides plenty of other services to be selected in the facilities of our company.

We are glad to announce the launch of a new service as the purchase of vouchers for a premium subscription of Shahid VIP streaming platform brought by The Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) company that undertakes an online entertainment content of featuring movies, film series and cartoons for families in a high Full HD resolution. It is worth mentioning that MBC has entered into a cooperation with the world's major film studios such as Disney and Fox in January this year, by signing a contract for broadcasting video entertainment content under these trademarks, including blockbusters from Marvel and Disney universe with subtitles and dubbing in Arabic.

From now on, NT.Payments users can quickly extend their Shahid VIP subscription through the vouchers bought in company kiosks, POS terminals and NT.Wallet mobile application.

The efforts of our employees involved in connecting new carriers are designed to fill a void in communication between people by expanding the range of entertainment services in NT.Payments facilities that are practical nowadays for a society living in isolation due to quarantine measures in the world and the United Emirates.

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