Monday, February 3, 2020

The best manager and employee of the year

It is common knowledge that we try to pay special attention on the work performance of our employees. Success factors of NT.Payments system and Taunigma company truly depend on their hard work and efficiency. Everything we do is done for the benefit of our customers while our precious employees help us in this most important part of activities.

We try to inform you about our traditions, as you may have noticed on the pages of the official blog like the election of the best employee and manager of the year as part of the incentive program and motivation of employees. The Employee of the Year nomination is given to the most distinguished colleague of the past year from a professional point of view by a vote of the company managers, while the Manager of the Year nomination is the choice of all personnel who vote for a particular manager of all divisions. Voting rules are transparent and honest since these are the principles we follow in our daily work.

The management of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC when choosing the best employee of the year, has based on work performance, professional and personal qualities of the worker which perfectly convey the value of corporate ideas of NT.Payments system in the UAE market.

The bowl of scales with a small margin tilted as a result of the persistent struggle in favor of former media manager of the company and now the head of the marketing division Serhii Rostopirko who deservedly received the title of Employee of the Year. A lot of creative ideas and hard work are the hallmarks of Serhii. Lots of merits of our colleague are rightfully attributed to his talent for responsible work in several key areas.

Serhii has won a great recognition at the traditional Taunigma business conference. The outstanding performance he did was deservedly acknowledged both by the company management and our business partners.

Today we decided to have a short interview and introduce you to the best employee and manager of the year.

– Serhii, congratulations on your well-deserved victory. How would you rate your success?

– Thank you! I am very grateful to the Board of Directors for awarding me the Employee of the Year title. But, I wouldn`t like to emphasize the word "success". I was just trying to do my job well, showing initiative, helping my colleagues who needed support. It was noticed and appreciated.

– We know that the past year was remembered for many bright events for our company. Tell us, how do you manage to run efficiently several projects simultaneously?

– Unfortunately, or fortunately, I have a creative mind. And it`s much easier for me to come up with a new creative idea than to sign its budget in Excel. But no one has refused self work yet. I try to direct the flow of thoughts in the right direction which constantly visits the head of any person, including mine. If there is an order in the head, then there will be order in business. This scheme works and helps our top managers to manage large projects. That`s what I`m learning a little bit now.

– Is there some secret to success?

– I guess there`s no secret. I just try to follow what happens in the world, I`m interested in new products and trends in different spheres of life. And, inspired by something interesting, I try to create a new idea for our company. For example, there was a photo of a guy walking on the Internet some time ago who was standing on the background of the Eiffel Tower with a branded package of a famous supermarket. He got a great marketing idea called "Our shop is always with you even when thousands of kilometers away".

Now let me give you an example from our company. My colleagues and I had an idea once to send our corporate heroes Mr.Cash and Mr.Pay to other countries, handing these branded toys of NT.Payments to our partners and employees who were going on a vacation or a business trip.

As you can see, the idea worked well and we got pictures from all over the world. Now several times a month NT.Payments social network subscribers read about the exciting adventures of our corporate heroes.

– We are happy to have an employee like you in our team. Do you like working with us?

– I enjoy working shoulder to shoulder with colleagues from all over the world who are also professionals. I can`t imagine how the guys from the financial department manage to control "tons" of debits with the same "tons" of credits as the development team in the shortest possible time does what at first glance is possible to realize only by making a wish to Gene and as a technical department is able not only to install but also to maintain in perfect condition the performance of four and a half thousand kiosks across the country in difficult weather conditions. I have infinite respect for my colleagues` work and dedication.

– What helps you always stay motivated?

– I avoid perceiving work in the company as an employee activity. Rather, I see the NT.Payments Group as a big business where I am one of the 247 co-founders, that`s the number of employees currently working in our team.

I can`t say for everybody, but I think that if I do my best to develop the company, it will become at least a little bit more successful. The result will be the same if you do not answer the urgent letter at 6.05 pm, because the working day is over.

– Your wishes to the company and the whole team.

– I wish the company to grow into a big corporation in the next few years and compete for the title of the most expensive companies in the world with Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

I wish my team to have a good sleep, good food, go in for sports and read useful books.

And my wish to the next best employee of the company is to give same interview, sitting in his honestly earned new Mercedes car. After all, I am sure that 2020 will be incredibly rich, interesting and successful for our whole team. Success for us!

Distinctive features of a good manager are the ability to manage entrusted resources, setting the right goals and objectives, as well as effectively monitor the execution of a large amount of work. NT.Payments Group managers are famous for these qualities, time after time proving that business is first of all, a skill of self-discipline and order. Let's ask our colleague, Director of Finance Department, and recently the best manager of the year Veronika Elgohari, how she manages to maintain the right attitude and do her job best of all managers.

– Veronika, we are re very happy for you. What made you achieve such a big title?

– Diligence, devotion and permanence in my favorite help me stay focused in my work. And of course, without the general support of my friendly team and colleagues, I would not have been able to achieve such results.

– Do you think that there is still a lot to learn to become a top-class manager?

– It`s hard to disagree with that. Knowledge and qualifications require full commitment and I was lucky to work with professionals in my business and learn a lot from them.

– How does personal motivation affect the quality of the work performance?

– I like my job and it seems to me that an important part of the success of any company are employees. I enjoy achieving my goals and solving complex tasks while considering numbers as an integral part of my work and life in general.

– Are there any skills or abilities that you would like to learn?

– Yes there are. Continuous training and development of personal professionalism are very important, so I work daily to improve my key skills. Recently I have been studying in-depth concepts such as emotional intelligence and critical thinking in business. These skills will certainly help me to reach a new level as a company manager.

– What does working in NT.Payments mean to you?

– It is no secret that working for this company is a huge privilege due to its positive reputation and popularity among the UAE population. NT.Payments provide all opportunities to develop an employee and improve their knowledge. As for me, I do my best to ensure that the company is successful and achieves the goals as quickly as possible.

– The coming year of 2020 promises us many important events. Are you ready to have possible increase in the workload in your department?

– I have a positive attitude towards all the difficulties and challenges. Me and my department are ready for new experience. I am sure that we will be able to implement any, even the most ambitious ideas by making optimal planning and correct distribution of tasks among all employees.

– Your wishes to the team and the company.

– I wish all the best to management and employees. I hope that together we will achieve all our goals, and conquest new heights in business.

We would like to wish Serhii and Veronika to stay as positive and friendly as possible. We hope that their example will motivate the rest of their colleagues. After all, achievements exist in order to surpass them with new ones, aren`t they? Success to all!

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