Thursday, December 13, 2018

Corporate attitude – the secret is in harmony and friendship

The UAE have turned into the center of multiple sports and social events over the past years. This eastern country with amazing regularity has new opportunities to host sports tournaments, scientific seminars, expositions, social and cultural events and various forums to develop programs for a healthy life of living among population. 

Ping-pong table tennis was not an exception which was organized by ADDTA (Abu-Dhabi Amateur Table Tennis Association) under the promotion of precaution and fight against breast cancer. This promotion was set to draw public attention to this problem due to frequent occurrences of diseases that were found over recent years among women after 65 years old. 

Our company does its best to give all round support to social projects and thus we have gladly replied the invitation to take part in this tournament. Employees of NT.Payments are well known with its passion to sports since we are regular customers of big and little competitions. 

This tennis cup host all age categories of amateurs who were fond of this game. One could hear rocket shots that were part of competition from early in the morning until late at night and speaker`s voice who announced winners. 

All winners were awarded with valuable gifts and trophies. 

Our company has won another little victory showing team spirit and unity among its employees. We hope that such promotions will happen more often and we in our turn try our best to maintain and contribute into social commitment of the region. 

We don`t forget about outdoor and recreation activities either. We have recently visited the park of Yas island, as it was our tradition before since this is the best place to make barbeque and set socializing with colleagues. 

What made this teambuilding particular was that our colleagues from regional offices had joined us thus they had used opportunity to meet new members of our friendly team. 

Variety of tempting dishes, outdoor games and cold drinks gave us plenty of memorable moments that we tried to capture in photos. 

Our employees are keen chess players. They show special love to this game. 

We could not help taking general team photo of our colleagues. You can see how friendly we are and our company is represented by people from different parts of our immense world. 

The spirit of harmony and mutual understanding are keys to success in any business. Team events held offline of business hours raise positive attitude and change people`s set of mind to business values. We greatly appreciate our employees and confident that today we have conquered another peak towards our common goal.

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