Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Virtual guide through the NT.Payments office in Abu Dhabi

Dear partners,

Every organization first of all is a team, people who day by day do their best for the company’s success. Today we would like to tell you about those people who work in the office of NT.Payments company in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Welcome to our cozy office! The address is Al Nahyan camp Area, C-148, E-19/2, M-1, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Please, enter! We’re glad to see you! 

If you need any telephone help our call-center operators are always available and ready to help you! On the photo you can see Daria – one of our “telephone” girls. Highly professional, positive and friendly call-center specialists can solve all the most difficult problems! Just make a call! 

Let’s go further. Welcome to the wizards’ department! They are our programmers – Roman, Sergey, Pavel, Alexander and Olan. They are always surrounded with new tasks and new information. They are incredible IT professionals and really can do everything!

“No man is an island entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main…” John Donne. Every person in our company is a part of a team! Meeting room is a place where we all meet to argue, discuss, prove, decide and implement. Best ideas and great plans are born here!

Let’s open another door to introduce you the director of Taunigma office in Abu Dhabi – Vasiliy. He’s responsible for the organization of work, communication with partners, PR actions, accounts and documents. Everything is in the ideal order under the strict professional control, but with a creative approach to work.

Also we have specialists of terminals’ setup and maintenance. They’re responsible for the schedule of setup, best terminals’ location and ideal technical conditions. On the photo you can see Denis and Alexander. 

The last but not the least department of Abu Dhabi office is sales department. On the photo there are two of our sales manager – Mohammed and Nikolay. They are people who make the promotion of NT.Payments products so effective! Sales managers team make contracts, is able to find approach to every client, and provides our partners with the stable high level of profit. 

Our team members communicate not only at work. We’re not just colleagues – we’re friends. That’s why we work so efficiently and cohesively. We often spend weekends together. For example, go kayaking. And team coherence helps us not only in the working flow but also in the real water one! 

We’re looking forward to see you in our office! 

Follow the publications. Next posting will be dedicated to those people who work in the NT.Payments office in Dubai!

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team.

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