Thursday, June 26, 2014

NT.Payments team in Dubai

Dear partners!

Earlier we promised you to tell about one of the youngest branches of NT.Payments – the newly opened Dubai branch.

The opening of the office in this dynamic megalopolis and the an international symbol of the UAE was very important for the company. We have gathered perfect specialists in Dubai and our today’s post.

Welcome to NT.Payments’ cozy office at Tecom, Al Shafar Tower 1, office 1003, Dubai, UAE.

We are always glad to see you here. At the reception you’ll be met by our office manager Anna. She is a person who watches the accurate organization of our Dubai branch office work.

The director of Dubai branch is Nikolai. Thanks to his professional management the branch always works harmoniously and succeeds in a huge flow of everyday tasks.

Further you will find a department where terminals’ setup and maintenance specialists work. They’re definitely the most talented and positive people in the company. Every day they meet a lot of different tasks and there are so many of them that it seems impossible to do them all. But these specialists can organize their work process so that everything is realized fast and efficiently. On the photo you can see Alexander, Dmitrii and Habibullo.

Also the managing director of Taunigma FZE – Oxana – works in our Dubai branch. She is responsible for general company’s work organizing, having several functions at once: support, planning, personnel supervising, negotiations, communications with investors and clients, advertising campaigns and promotions and so on. She really succeeds in everything!

Viktor is a financial specialist of the branch. Working with money is not easy but a real professional feels Ok with any financial flow.

And finally we arrive in the room where all the Dubai NT.Payments’ staff meet – our meeting room. It’s never empty long. The members of staff often gather here to share ideas and plans, discuss perspectives and together find a way out in case of a difficult situation. Everybody’s opinion is important. The creativity of our team brings the most unusual ways of company’s targets achievement.

So, you’ve seen those people who work for you every day in one of the most business cities in the world! We’re always happy to see you in our office! The efficient work of all NT.Payments team every day helps the clients to reach their targets.

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team.

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