Saturday, December 20, 2014

Virtual guide around the new office in Abu Dhabi

Dear partners! 

As you know we have moved to a new office! The necessity of changes was obvious – there’d become more of us, the level of company had become higher, the priorities had changed and even more ambitious targets had been set. New modern business center with specious offices where we've occupied the whole floor fitted us the best. It’s ADCP building, tower C, 17th floor – you’re welcome! 

The left part of the office is occupied by those people who directly communicate with clients, partners, investors, who develop and support the business. 

At the entrance in the cozy reception zone you are met by Anna – our new office manager. She’s recently joined our team but already succeed to win the staff with her positive! Moreover everything is in the ideal order under her supervision. 

If you need to wait for someone – please, take a seat! Here you can find one of our terminals and the information rack with the materials about the company in Russian, Arabic and English languages. You may use the terminal and take a copy of brochure for yourself. Would you like coffee or tea? 

When going down the hall you will see four doors. 

The left door leads to the most “sociable” department of our company, where often several languages together can be heard. It’s the call-center. The voices of its employees are the first that our clients hear when they phone the company. 

No matter why you call – need information, or have difficulty or a question – they will solve everything, wish you a nice day and definitely help! 

Behind the next door people also often speak different languages – it’s the sales managers’ department. 

They are rarely all at the office – their work is connected with often departures, communication with the owners of outlets, placing the terminals and making new contracts. 

The right door is the department of business development of Taunigma FZE. Intense daily work is focused on the prosperity of the company! Here the news and blogs are written, mailings and sceneries for mini-films about the company are created, translations and verification of the materials sent by partners are made, marketing events are developed, and training videos are made. Moreover this department provides the online clients’ support and legal support of the company’s work. 

The last door on the right leads to the meeting room. It’s the place for all the discussions, heated debates, meetings, teleconferences and plans.

It’s usually very silent in the right part of the office. No clients come here, no reception and no place for waiting are organized. Here’s just a cozy kitchen for local staff and a coffee machine that is especially important for employees working there. During the breaks they often discuss things. However the extraneous ear will hardly understand everybody. 

The most difficult to understand are our software developers. When discussing the work they often start speaking an absolutely incomprehensible (even for an experienced linguist) language. 

Their office is the biggest, and the most inspiring view of the skyline and roofs of buildings somewhere far below is from the windows of this office. These genius people create everything you see on the terminal’s screen. Every button, link, application are in their competence.

Left door leads to the technical department where those who provide the constant workability of our terminals work. Technical specialists as well as their managers rarely are in the office, as the maintenance of terminals needs them to be at the place where the terminals are set up. 

Also here is the most hidden department of the company – the financial one. It seldom has any visitors. A lot of bills reports and documents… All these need great concentration, so it’s usually very silent here. 

Top management of NT.Payments system is (as it should be) in the very top of the business center. 24th floor is the place where Alexander Chub, Oxana Vishnichenko and Vasiliy Katriy – our directors – work, supervising the basic departments placed on the 17th floor. Let’s enter? 

Vasiliy Katriy is the managing director of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company. “I like my office because of big windows through which there comes a lot of light. It charges me with positive! I can be alone, plunge into the work, think and plan. It makes my work much more efficient”. (c) 

Oxana Vishnichenko is the managing director of Taunigma FZE company. “I seldom stay in this office. My team works at the 17th, so I often go down. However, this office is necessary if I need extreme concentration for the work”. (c) 

And, finally, let us pay a visit to Alexander Chub. He works here the majority of his time. I wonder what is he doing at the moment. “Welcome! I’m just working under the project of modernization of our site. Soon it will be updated. I like my office – it’s the ideal place for working! And the view is perfect, isn’t it?” (c) 

Well, let’s not interfere. We were happy to show you where we do the business of payment terminals in the Arabic capital of Abu Dhabi. We’ll be glad to see you in our new office and make a cup of traditional Arabic coffee with cardamom for you! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Kiosk IT System Trading LLC)

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