Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Motivation system for sales managers

Dear partners! 

For the purpose of improving performance quality of commercial department staff the management team of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC introduced a new incentive system for sales managers. 

We equipped all offices with screens which display data to assess how effectively each manager carries out a plan for installing payment kiosks and tracks their profitability. 

All indicators of NT.Payments terminals operation are shown in a table where a color bar chart and numerical values after names of specialists reflect number of terminals allocated to each sales manager and their performance. Gray corresponds to a number of highly-profitable kiosks, blue indicates kiosks with acceptable profit, and red shows terminals to be urgently relocated due to low income from their operation. Information on managers’ performance is updated every day and displays the current progress of assigned tasks. 

When developing motivation system, we considered various data on number of terminals under responsibility of a manager, turnover and rental conditions, proportion of terminals with different revenue level, etc. In order to get extra bonus each sales manager should fulfill a certain profit plan. The greater number of terminals that generate high and acceptable income the larger employee’s bonus. Therefore, financial incentives will become an effective instrument to keep the commercial staff motivated for better and timely performance. 

New motivation system aims to encourage sales managers for taking leadership in the above rating by seeking the most lucrative places for installation of payment terminals as well as tackling the issues of relocation for low-profit kiosks. Our primary goal is to maximize the profit from operation of each terminal. 

Best regards, 
NT.Payments team

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