Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Increasing number of staff

Dear partners! 

As you know, our company is reaching a new level in business development and quality of the services provided. The number of payment terminals has become greater; we have launched the process for implementing a new advertising project in the UAE and continue to improve software products for our company that gives a huge amount of work to our specialists. 

Our company, therefore, has doubled the number of employees in the Software Design Department. Now, our specialists will be able to do work not only for subscribing new services, software design, setting and implementation but for launching innovative unique projects that require great human resources. 

In the office of the Software Design Department there is better work atmosphere than anywhere. Indeed, optimum work environment is very important for IT personnel and concentration and recollection are vital elements of efficient performance. 

Now, our specialists are intensively working to implement new projects, set payment terminals which are soon to be installed throughout the UAE. 

The company management is perfectly aware of need for optimizing the high-value business processes, improving software products and document flow to enhance the system operation in whole. With reliable professionals joined our team, who carry out their work quickly and accurately, and at high level of quality, we will be able to create an ideal environment to obtain the greatest result of cooperation. 

Best regards, 
Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

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