Thursday, May 26, 2016

Novelties in the Customer Care Department

Dear partners! 

Within the frames of staff development and appraisal Andrii Dyhan, head of the Customer Care Department of the company Kiosk IT System Trading LLC, has received the special training. We interviewed Andrii about his main duties, process and results of the training conducted.

Interviewer: Andrii, can you tell us, please, what the Customer Care Department (call center) does?

Andrii: We deal with calls and messages from the customers who want to learn more about our payment system or have some questions regarding a payment made. Besides that, I, as the head of department, do administrative work which includes acquiring monthly data on operators, report preparation, introducing new software in the workflow and further personnel training. Moreover, I was trained in the Software Design Department and now I also carry out analytical work in the company. 

I.: Tell us more about your new responsibilities. 

A.: I previously just created requests in IntraService where I reported errors that typically occur when making payments. Now I try to identify errors by myself and after careful analysis I send all collected information to the Software Design Department where specialists rapidly fix the problem I found. Software specialists have also granted me access to some databases of our company, trained me in troubleshooting and working with logs that help to view all information on operations in the payment system of the company. 

I.: What new tools did you master during the training? 

A.: During the training I learnt how Microsoft SQL Server works. This is a system that gives me access to the company databases. Using the knowledge received, I can find required information, examine, analyze, and support operation of our system in whole.

I.: How did the reallocation of responsibilities influence the general workflow of the company?

A.: First, that had positive effect on performance of the payment system. Second, the error fixing process has accelerated. Previously employees of the Software Design Department, in addition to their direct responsibilities, also responded the requests regarding troubleshooting from the call center. Now I do this, I analyze collected data and handover results to developers to fix the problem.

I.: Has the training been completed?

A.: I can’t say so; this process is going on. I have not yet been completely familiar with a new work area so I have questions on operation and specific features of the program every day. Fortunately, the development specialists help me to gain an insight into all nuances of work.

By now employees from three departments of our company (technical, commercial, and call center have been attested to improve their qualification. Evaluation of personnel’s knowledge has positive effect on business development. It helps to employees to understand processes and master new tools required to enhance the company’s efficiency. 

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