Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Assessment of the Commercial Department staff

Dear partners! 

Knowledge assessment and skills development of employees is an integral part of doing business. Latest knowledge and software tools promote rapid development of the company, therefore, Kiosk IT System Trading LLC conducts an annual training and improvement of the staff qualification with the subsequent proficiency assessment. The company’s management assessed the Commercial Department specialists once again. 

The objective of the appraisal was both to solidify knowledge of the processes with which the employees worked before and check skills for working with the recent procedures. In particular these are the motivation system for sales managers, rules for handling Taunigma requests, and the process of settlement payments between the tenant and landlord. 

The employees’ professional competency assessment was performed by Oxana Vishnichenko, managing director of Taunigma FZE; Anna Kozhenko, HR manager; Roman Matsaniuk and Roman Krasitsky, sales supervisors. 

Special questionnaires were developed for the exam which helped the assessors to thoroughly check and make an objective assessment of the employees’ knowledge. The questions centered on internal company’s processes, operation of terminals, cooperation with landlords, handling Taunigma requests as well as the cases studies. 

When taking the exam, the Commercial Department employees handled the tasks with honor and proved their competency. They showed great information awareness, high-level proficiency in internal use software, the company’s processes and job procedures.

It is important both for department heads and for the company that the professional level of our employees is in line with the high standards in order to increase the company’s profit and address strategic issues to enhance the leading position on the United Arab Emirates payment acceptance market. 

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Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

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