Sunday, September 25, 2016

The First Day in the Company: How it was. Part 2

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The first day on a new work place is always exciting: a new environment, a new team and new responsibilities. Despite all of this, a new place is always a perfect chance to bring fresh ideas and new vision of projects to the company. We continue asking our employees about their first working day.

 Adam White, Advertising manager 

My career began in February 2016. I got down to business right in two hours after I landed in the Emirates. It was a kind of a sign for me that much work is ahead. On my way to the office I was very excited but after I had met the head of the advertising department, I managed to calm myself down. He introduced me to new colleagues, told me about the company activities, and described me in more details an advertising direction which we are currently developing in the UAE. There was a lot of new information for me and I tried to be concentrated in order not to miss anything. I was writing down everything carefully, trying to remember it, asking questions and studying all the auxiliary materials that we do use at work. I have to admit that the first day was very emotional and tough but since the first minute I understood that I am going to work in a professional environment where I could get useful knowledge and that's why I set a goal – to become the best specialist in a new for me field. 

Kreb Mavon, Office manager 

I don't like being late and that is why I usually try to get to work 15 minutes earlier. The same was on that day too. Anna, company’s HR manager, met me in the office. She introduced me to all the employees and showed me around. I got the position of an office manager, therefore it was needed to learn my new duties carefully: to know where I can find stuff and who is responsible for what. I was very attentive listener and trying to remember everything. My first day was full of bright impressions and meetings with new people. I remember I wasn't so successful at work at first probably because I was worried, but my colleagues were helping me to make everything clear and to get into the swing of things.

Vitaly Fomin, Head of the Customer Support Department 

The quite long flight to Abu Dhabi preceded to my first very active day in a company. After I reached the place where I was going to stay, I left my stuff and went to my new work. Since there are some problems with addresses in Abu Dhabi (you can find the right place only if you know some popular locations to go or touristic landmarks nearby), I headed for the office with my new colleagues who showed me around. On the way to work I saw the city in the day light for the first time. What stroke me much is the contrast between a luxurious resort part of the city and general residential areas. When we reached the office I noticed that the company is multinational. And that's really great when you can learn more about other cultures and share with them yours. In the office I got acquainted with all the colleagues. I thought that my first day would be more introductory and after a brief lecture I would be studying instructions. But on the contrary to my expectations I had to get into the game because my colleagues were overloaded with customers' requests. The rest of the day I spent on examination of frequently asked questions from customers. I was offering my ideas of responses and was making some corrections to the ones offered by my senior colleagues. 

Ruby Baylon, Finance Department Specialist 

I remember my first day at work very clearly because it was full of different kinds of emotions. After 5-year experience in retail sales in the UAE changing to the office work was new and interesting turn in my career. In the morning on my way to work I felt a bit nervous because I didn't know neither the place I was going to work at, nor the people. I wished to meet everybody and start working as soon as possible. What I liked in the company most is its atmosphere. They welcomed me as if I was their relative that came to visit them. 

Farhan Fida, Sales manager

I've been working in the company for quite long. I remember that I was very nervous on my first day. Before the working day started I had thousands of questions in my head – what atmosphere will be in the office, how my colleagues will meet me, whether I will get on well with them or not, and so on. However, all my worries were wasted since all my colleagues turned to be open and sociable people who told me, "Farhan, if you have any questions, you are welcome to ask – we will help you and give you an advice." What could be better? Needless to say that in the first working day I didn't have serious tasks, it was a kind of introductory day: getting to know new colleagues, familiarizing with working papers, programs and duties, workplace arranging. Later when I went into the specifics of the job I became more confident and felt myself more comfortable among professionals I am working with. 

Today our company has more than 124 employees and each of them contributes to company's development. Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork we make confident steps towards its success every day.

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