Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Natalia Kvasnaya: “Marketing makes a brand name and encourage positive attitude towards a company”

Dear partners! 

Marketing is an essential component of any business. It improves brand recognition in the market, creates a competitive edge for a company and boosts the loyalty of clients. Rapid development of payment and advertising business increasingly demands new approaches, solutions and fresh ideas to implement marketing projects. So we decided to tell you how our company remains strong in the face of challenges imposed by the modern market. We talked about specifics of work, plans and projects with Natalia Kvasnaya, the marketing manager of   the company. 

Interviewer: Natalia, tell us, please, why did you become a marketing manager?

Natalia: Marketing is an interesting and dynamic area of activity. The most creative marketing projects are associated with attracting core audience to study the attitude to a new trademark, product or service. When I was a student, I was interested in this field. During the practical training in the university we conducted various public opinion surveys. It was interesting for me to develop marketing tools and observe their operation, for example, research customer preferences when selecting one product or other, analyze what customers are guided and which factors influence their choice. That is why I still work and develop in this field. Something is always going on here. New concepts, I want to put into practice, are emerging. 

I.: What are the main duties of a marketing manager? 

N.: My major task is to ensure sustainable operation and development of our company in a competitive environment as well as to create proposals for enhancing efficiency of work with partners and agents. It includes preparation of corporate presentations, moderation of presentations given by our speakers, verification of promotional information created by our partners, preparation of printed advertising materials for domestic and international market, creation of videos for the official YouTube channel as well as organization of marketing events for the partners and clients. All these marketing tools offer now a highly effective way to attract new clients and promote sales increases.

I.: Natalia, who helps you in implementing your projects? 

N.: Everything depends on tasks set and projects planned. I have many subcontractors that help us to bring all our ideas to life. These are designers, artists, speakers, animation artists and translators. Besides, the Investor Relations Department is an excellent team. We often brainstorm to generate new ideas. I also actively cooperate with the Commercial Department and the specialists of the Advertising Department because they are aware of the situation in the local market as they are in this environment every day.

I.: How do you build rapport with subcontractors? 

N.: We as of today have well-established base of specialists with whom we have long cooperated. If we have a new task, we search for outsourcing specialists on dedicated resources. This is a quite painstaking process. Seemingly, in the usual sense, a designer is a person who design, draw and paint, but there is a vast variety of design types. For instance, a design of our new product, combo-kiosk, was created be several specialists. The first one created an industrial design and drew it in special graphics software. Another designer developed an external view of a kiosk that is to say how it will finally look, which logos and where will be sticked.

I.: What are specific aspects of work with designers? 

N.: Signing an agreement and leaning the privacy policy as well as developing a specification, in which we give as full description of a final product we would like to see as possible, are prerequisites for our cooperation.

I.: Designers are creative individuals. Is it difficult to find common ground with them? 

N.: When working with designers, like with any other people, to find common ground is the main thing. There are some specialists with whom I have worked for quite a long time, so I am aware of nuances of their personality, that is why I try to smooth things over when communicating with them. When creating new design, we always consider professional opinion. They know better how to draw something, what colors to use or how to arrange elements in order to combine them perfectly.

I.: For whom do you create marketing materials? 

N.: The core audience for our marketing materials is users of our payment system, landlords, advertisers, as well as the company’s partners and agents.

I.: Natalia, is there any difference in the style of materials for local and external markets? 

N.: Of course. The Emirates is a multinational country, so multilingualism is a principle difference. For the local market, we make marketing materials to meet the needs of clients, landlords and service providers, so we are mainly oriented at Arabic. However, in order to reach a wider audience, we translate our materials into Urdu and Hindi. With respect to materials for international market, they are created for the partners and agents. These materials include the printed ones and videos that help our investors to increase sales and find new clients.

I.: What are the projects you are working on now? 

N.: At the moment, our top priority task is to update marketing presentations for the partners and clients. On numerous requests of the management company employees, we are also preparing catalogs that contains detailed information for each product. There are some other interesting projects at the preparatory stage, but we will keep them secret for now.

I.: Natalia, what do you consider important aspects in your work? 

N.: The result, first and foremost. It is great pleasure to see that my work brings positive results. It is equally important to develop professional skills. During my stay with the company, I have faced a lot of tasks. They were challenging and exciting.

I.: Do you think sales success depends on well-publicized brand name? 

N.: In the modern world, branding plays a fundamental role as it presents long-term investment. Even the most famous brands cannot simply rest on their laurels, they keep on testing new products, improve quality and foster loyalty of the audience in different ways. In this regard, our company is not an exception. We try to inform about our activities and prospects of cooperation with our company, hold promotions and other marketing events for the company’s partners and clients. As a result, people want to know about us more, they ask questions and look for cooperation.

I.: Natalia, to conclude, tell us what are the main qualities of a marketing manager from your point of view? What should she know and be able to?

N.: I think, a successful marketing manager should be able to put a company’s marketing strategy into life, implement tasks set and find creative solutions. Ability to work in a team is also important. She should be open to new knowledge and keen on professional development. Any manager is a boss, so she should clearly understand goals and objectives, and the corporate strategy. From my point of view, a marketing manager is a mentor who evokes the “patriotic spirit” in other employees, the clients and partners of the company. It is marketing that builds a brand, maintains a positive attitude towards a company on behalf of all participants of the process, namely, employees, landlords, advertisers and customers.

I.: Natalia, thank you for the pleasant conversation. Today, thanks to you, we learnt more about creation of marketing materials that help our company to remain recognizable and competitive in the market.

Best regards,
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

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