Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Records of NT.Payments

It is common knowledge that figures play a significant role in the modern world. They demonstrate obviously a development vector set by a company and give an understanding of where it is moving. As 2019 has already started, we expect a considerable number of events to happen within the next twelve months which will directly affect the life of the company and its development. Some new horizons and new records are ahead of us that we expect to hit in the near future.

What made 2018 memorable? Are we satisfied with the results? We would like today to speak about some records that we are extremely proud of. Trust us we have something to tell you.

Let`s begin with that we have already hit an unbelievable record of 170 million of completed transactions through NT.Payments terminals since the launch of the company in the UAE. Certainly, we make a big contribution to the development of payment services in the local market and our clients use the company terminals with great pleasure since they are simple and convenient to use. In addition, our kiosks feature a wide range of services that we offer and an easy user interface.

Our client base has exceeded 5 million users in the UAE. This figure in a big deal shows a growing interest by the local population to our products, but also there is an obvious fact that we have gained a group of permanent customers as at least 1 million of clients use our services on a daily basis.

We are eager also to mention the most distinguished of our clients. Among them, there is the most active participation that we are proud of. For example, we have 200 people who have been using the services provided by our terminals and they used NT.Payments services more than 1000 times, while one of them has completed 2265 transactions and he has become our client since 2014.

We are glad to announce that we have hit 200 thousand daily transactions. We will continue improving and we are confident that we will easily hit another great 300 thousand operations a day.

Last year we have succeeded to increase the number of cash boxes up to 72 thousand per month. This mainly owed to help of employees from the technical department. A strong demand shown in the payment system means that customers have increased their interest in NT.Payments while a fast response of employees who are responsible for maintenance, provided continuous operation of the kiosks.

We have set up 700 new self-service terminals jointly apart from that and installed new 250 POS-terminals. This helped us to expand to new locations like little trade, service centers with confined spaces, and we have covered another new perspective region, Fujairah. Therefore, now we are represented in all seven Emirates of the UAE.

Without the ongoing operation of the terminals we wouldn`t have achieved such impressive results. We increased the number of successful repairs and maintenance of the objects and reached 8 thousand per month. The aesthetic appearance of our kiosks have always been our distinction and made us particular compared to our competitors – we have hit another record and 252 kiosks have been repainted.

Installation of the fourth type of payment machine POS-terminals enabled us to keep expanding to the market and to cover 13 types of locations among them educational centers, local municipalities, hotels, leisure centers, restaurants, hypermarkets, and other commercial places.

NT.Payments also develop launch of new services from payment services of private companies to state projects. Presently, we offer to top up the balance and pay for services more than 700 international and 20 local providers from mobile, internet, utilities to free donations to charity funds.

NT.Payments have again shown the ability to lead the business and successfully performs its role in the market of payments acceptance. If you ask that if we are happy with these findings we can answer that we are, but we in no way to stop. Much work to do is ahead of us and we are confident that we can manage all that we plan successfully.

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