Monday, February 25, 2019

Sending agreements to partners

January and February are one of the toughest months for employees of the investor relations department. For the third year in a row that this time we start verification of personal data of our clients and agents in order to form in a right manner and send their agreements of intent to establish a joint-stock company for those partners who have completed a reserve of shares. 

These months were not an exception while this exciting time our friendly team were forming and sending all necessary documents. A friendly atmosphere accompanied by unity was very helpful for everyone of us, which made the preparation process even more interesting and cooperative. 

It is very important to keep accuracy in changes and details in this difficult matter because any mistake can affect understanding between the company and its partners. 

This was preceded by the recent address by the Chairman of Board of Directors Alexander Chub about the intention to establish a joint stock company and the completed third stage of reserve of shares. Our company keeps growing and we are trying to use effective methods to expand the existing business which is confirmed by our plans to place the shares of the future joint-stock company on one of the world`s stock exchanges. 

A large number of partners have already responded to our business proposal. They have eagerly confirmed a desire to become part of the future joint-stock company and receive dividends from the company's activities. 

Their wish to collaborate with us is obvious since we have repeatedly proved that we are able to conduct business and maintain a dialogue with various institutions over the years since the company was established. This ultimately leads to a conclusion of new lucrative contracts expansion to new promising areas and growth of the company in general. 

We have generated 1207 agreements in total with 2 printed copies where we have put 14,484 stamps and 4,828 signatures. 

We have carefully packed 610 envelopes with all necessary documents and they are ready to be sent. It is clear that a great job has been done when looking at such an impressive amount of documentation. We hope that all our parcels would reach the recipients in 25 countries in almost all parts of the world and the partners of the company would return copies signed by them. 

The delivery of such important documents as agreements of intent to establish a joint-stock company is handled by our proven permanent partner Aramex company which is the global leader in providing logistics services and sending valuable goods worldwide.  

We would mention also that first agreements have already been signed by partners who were in the Emirates during this time and visited our office in Abu Dhabi. We have held discussions about the current situation at the company and considered new prospects for the development of a common business besides signing the documents. Partners of the company were pleased with the meetings and received answers to all their questions. 

This is how we spent the first month and a half of 2019. We again made sure that our business continues to grow steadily by covering such a great job while the level of trust from partners has enormously increased.

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