Sunday, March 8, 2020

Happy International Women`s day!

Besides business responsibilities, NT.Payments system and Taunigma company are actively involved in the social, cultural and sport life of the UAE and are happy to celebrate international and local holidays, by greeting their colleagues, partners, and customers. You might have seen the way we cover any important event in the Emirates in-depth which is of great importance both to the local population and country guests. 

March 8 is not only International Women's Day, declared by the UN, but also a true spring holiday. It is some special time when nature and everything around it wake up from winter dormancy and start renewing everything around. March 8th is a holiday widely celebrated in many countries around the world and the UAE is no exception at all. One can feel the atmosphere of approaching spring and the holiday so loved by women from the early days of March. 

The men part of our company keeps in mind this day and every year presents small surprises to partners of NT.Payment system, giving credits to the beautiful ladies with gifts and flowers presented in place. 

Again, we do our best to make sure that the beautiful women of friendly NT.Payments team feels being cared for and paid attention to on behalf of their colleagues. This time we have saluted all beautiful women in the conference hall of NT.Payments head office. We wished them good health and all necessary for a long and happy life by remarking that we could not have reached all success if it was not without their active contribution to the company business. 

Dear ladies, we sincerely wish you some extraordinary happiness, health, love, pleasant surprises, bright impressions, and new achievements. 

Please, stay loved and stay happy! 

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