Monday, April 13, 2020

Launch of Virgin Mobile UAE services in NT.Payments kiosks

Despite the coronavirus infection that has spread all over the world, NT.Payments system is set to work hard on the development of upcoming trends, by extending the existing range of services with new opportunities to pay for various facilities of international and local carriers. 

Another taken similar step was to connect an international service provider Virgin Mobile UAE to the existing network of NT.Payments. Virgin Mobile digital communications provider offers relatable services in the world of wireless and digital technologies in Colombia, Ireland, Canada, Chile, France, Poland, USA and UAE and is under utmost popularity among residents and offering subscribers affordable advance and credit tariffs for communication, television and Internet. 

Henceforth, the great number of NT.Payments system users will get an excellent opportunity to pay quickly and easily for the services of Virgin Mobile UAE in self-service kiosks, POS-terminals and NT.Wallet mobile application. 

The launch of Virgin Mobile UAE service provider shows that this solution is taken on time which was caused by the increased demand by the users of NT.Payments and means that our company will continue to strengthen the work over the policy of providing subscribers with the most necessary and popular services of the best quality.

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