Thursday, October 7, 2021

Spotify service in NT.Payments facilities

The reputation of Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company in attracting global brands to the UAE market has been a testament to its positive track record of securing commercially lucrative deals with established giants in various industries on an international scale.

The popular online audio streaming service Spotify is undoubtedly one of them, which has recently agreed with NT.Payments on a long-term partnership, making this service available to a wide range of users at our payment kiosks.

With Spotify, every music lover will be able to find his favorite tracks and podcasts in high quality and enjoy listening to them on mobile phones, tablets and computers while linking multiple devices to his accounts if needed. The opportunities offered by this service are not limited to just interacting with music content, because with Spotify one can compile and edit music collections with friends, listen to albums of famous musicians, bands and set up a radio station of his own. In addition, this service offers free and premium subscriptions to all future customers.

We keep working hard to ensure that NT.Payments catalog of useful and necessary services continues to grow, while all partners and agents cooperating with our company earn dividends from sharing joint business activities.

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