Thursday, December 12, 2013

New terminals arrived at the warehouse

Dear partners!

Quite recently we have told you that our suppliers have prepared and sent us the next batch of the payment kiosks and, a few days ago they have arrived to the port of Abu Dhabi and have successfully been transported to our warehouse.

Two container trucks have arrived to our warehouse in the early morning – many of you remember our first photo report and will recognize this place immediately.

The team of loaders had to perform dangerous tricks in order to accurately begin unloading the packed “Taunigma Kiosks” payment terminals.

At last the first terminal from this batch has been unloaded on the land of the Emirates!

Although the terminals from a new batch weigh quite more than their previous modifications, techniques we have at our disposals can lift up two packs at the same time.

One by one and the entire batch finds its place in our warehouse.

Such a marking with a serial number will be assigned to every payment terminal. We wonder, who of our partners is the owner of this kiosk?

Our specialists are impatient to see a new modification of the kiosk in reality, that’s why one of the models has been unpacked right onsite. And in the next few hours it will be set in our office and examined thoroughly by our engineers.

* * *

Thanks to this batch we can considerably decrease the installation line, the more especially as not so much time go we reinforced the company’s department which is responsible for the search of new places and making new agreements. Many of you have probably seen serious changes in kiosks installation line that have taken places a few days ago. And this is only beginning. Our aim is to shorten the time between buying the “Taunigma-Kiosk” franchise and the installation date as best as possible.

On this occasion we would like to apologize before all the partners waiting for the installation of their kiosks for more than 3 months and as compensation we will ensure a differential rent price within the time which was taken for them while waiting for the kiosks to be installed. With this in mind we will not only ensure the coverage of the open amount of profit but will also considerably reduce the future expenditures from managing current franchises.

We remind you that a New Year Promotion is in progress and the participation in it will let you not only get high-value presents but to ensure a place in the guaranteed batch of the next kiosks which we plan to receive in February of the year 2014. Buy your own franchise before December 31 and start receiving profits even in March!

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team.

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