Tuesday, August 5, 2014

9th winning in Dubai!

Dear partners! 

Have you succeeded in guessing the 9th “Top up your life with positive!” promotion winning place? Many of our partners even haven’t heard about some towns we visited before. But this city is well-known for everybody! Or maybe you’ve even been to Dubai? Have you watched famous dancing fountains near Burj Khalifa – the highest building in the world? Have you ever made photos by amazing Burj al Arab – sailing vessel-like hotel? Have you ever appreciated Jumeira Beaches? There’s a lot of things to see and to like there! 

Also there is one of the most demanded NT.Payments terminals here in Grand Mall supermarket. So our 9th winning transaction was made by it! 

Our winner was 30 years old Amr Mohamed Farook Makhlouf from Egypt. Congratulating NT.Payments’ team handed him our traditional presents: branded cap and T-shirt and also a 50 AED certificate for any service available through terminals. 

Rajeev Kumar, a shop owner, had got a present basket from our company! 

So that’s how we had congratulated our winner from Dubai! The next 10th jubilee winning is coming! Soon we’ll know where is it going to happen! Remain on a positive wave together with Taunigma! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

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