Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our Employees' Hobbies: Part 2

Dear partners!

Perhaps each of us has hobbies or interests, because we are all unique individuals, who have a predisposition to some kind of activity. Someone goes in for sports, and someone is good at painting or playing a musical instrument. We have already told you about the interests of our employees, as hobbies occupy an important place in their lives. Today we have prepared for you another portion of fresh information about the way our specialists spend their free time. Having asked them, we have found out the following information! 

Irfan Mohammed, Sales Manager 

As soon as I have time, I try to go to a quiet place outside the town for fishing. It helps me to overcome physical and emotional stress. I do not even care, whether I will catch something or not. The very process is important for me. I think people who spend their time in the same way will understand me. Fishing is another way to reunite with nature, when you are sitting on the bank, you forget everything that is bothering you and give your mind a rest. The most beautiful landscapes, silence and the desert are around, where there is not a single soul near, and only the Arabian Gulf is in front of you. Night fishing is even better, it is silent, and only stars are shining bright around. Unfortunately, you will never see such a beauty in the bustle of a city. 

Alexandra Shamanaeva, Post-Sales Service Manager 

A bicycle is a common means of transportation for some people; but for me it's a lifestyle. I like evening cycling. After all, cycling is a great way to relax after a day's work. In addition, it is not only interesting and exciting experience, but also a great benefit for the health.
Cycling helps to keep yourself in a good physical shape. One trip ensures the required load on the muscles of the legs, back, hands and heart.
Usually I go cycling together with other members of my family, but sometimes I like to ride alone, because sometimes you want to be alone with yourself, your thoughts, to think of something good and get positive energy.

Stanislav Mischenko, Software Developer

My hobby is music, because it allows to dissolve in a different atmosphere and plunge into the world of sound harmony. After all, music is also a language conveying emotions and feelings that we can not express in words. I like to listen to everything. I have done music for about 10 years; I play the bass guitar. I have once been a member of several rock bands, and performed at home with them, as well as participated in city music competitions. I really like to perform on the stage, as it allows you to feel the energy of the audience, who watch you playing with great interest; plus the energy of the music, which dissolves in the walls of the concert hall. Music teaches me concentration. After all, a band performing on the stage is a single living organism that must sound in one and the same rhythm, so it is important to keep to the pace and listen to the other participants.

Shazray Mahmood, Operator of the Call-Center 

I am currently working and studying at a university, but when I get a minute of free time, I devote it to reading. I read a lot. This activity has been giving me great pleasure from my childhood. The world of literature is very fascinating. I like science fiction, thrillers, novels, and adventures. Most of all, I prefer books by Charles Dickens, Anna Sewell and Joanne Rowling.
Why books? Because they are able to make me laugh, worry, and I start to feel exactly what the main characters feel. In addition, a book gives an opportunity to learn something new, to look at the life like the author, to analyze and agree or disagree with his point of view. I usually read before bedtime, because it helps me to escape from a busy working day. 

Denis Sinev, Deputy Director of the Technical Department 

top row, far right
Like most of the boys, in the childhood I was fond of hockey, watched the games of various teams and was a fan of the national team of the USSR. Perhaps this inspired me to go to a sports section. I played hockey professionally not for a long time, just for about 6 years. In tournaments, I represented a team called the "Zolotaya Shayba". I regularly visited Kirghizia and the Czech Republic to participate in international tournaments. I have recently played for an amateur team called "Fort Verny" of the Almaty Hockey League.
It would seem that hockey and Emirates are incompatible, but being here, I continue to play hockey, but only for amateur teams. I play in Abu Dhabi for a team called "Hammour". I believe that hockey is my sport, and wherever I am, it is always with me, even in this hot country. I like this kind of sport, because it helps to feel an adrenaline rush, because when you are running on ice at full speed, score goals and help your team to win, these emotions are inexpressible. 

Many-sided personal development always helps to find a harmonious balance between work and leisure. The most important thing is to replenish vital energy, to live as you like and to respect your work. Employees of our company live in this way, and no wonder they say that people who have a hobby are more productive and successful at work. Follow our news in the blog, and you'll learn more about the life of our company. 

Taunigma team

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