Tuesday, June 7, 2016

News from the HR department

Dear partners!

Our company has reached a new level of customer service and provides high-quality payment and advertising service in the UAE. In connection with launching a new advertising project and intense work for installing payment terminals, number of employees in our company has grown because it is important for us to control each object installed.

In 2013, in the period of company formation in the UAE, it had a staff of 3 specialists only but today this figure is 124 employees. Besides that, our company is going to extend staff by the end of the year as plans and projects conceived require more human resources.

For today the Technical Department is the largest one of our company. It has 52 employees and 5 new specialists are planned to be hired soon.

“Need for increasing the staff results from growing number of terminals and, in addition, promo screens operation of which we also control. The core work of our department is to monitor hardware, collect cash, and quickly visit payment terminals to repair in case of failure. All these processes are easier to implement if the department has enough specialists that can do this job accurately and above all swiftly”, – says Alexey Trofimov, director of the Technical Department.

Because of the fact that the company staff is growing, the issue of managing personnel records arose. That is why the HR department has introduced a new software product for HR manager and executives that will make all personnel-related processes considerably easier.

“Power HR is a software for managing personnel records. Each employee will have access to his/her personal account. Here, all information concerning acceptance for employment, change of job position, holiday period and balance, changes of salary, etc. will be available. We will also keep a record of documentation so each employee will be able to get soft copy of required papers, namely, visa, passport, insurance, id, contract, internal docs, etc.”, – says Anna Kozhenko, HR manager of the company.

Finance Department will also use Power HR, namely, functions related to salary accounting for all employees of the company. As far as the UAE strictly control and meet the legislation requirements concerning salary and leave allowance accounting, the software will help to automatize this process and quickly update information on salary change due to transfer to another position (or for any other reason) in personal files of each employee.

The novelties in the company will have a positive effect on work in general as long as proper workflow organization is a step to success and productivity.

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Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

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