Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Our Employees' Hobbies: Part 3

Dear partners! 

A hobby makes our lives vivider, much more interesting and active. Each of us devotes his/her spare time to favorite activities and gets the most enjoyment out of them. These may be art, sports, photography, foreign language, music, etc. Today, our company employs passionate people who, despite of busy schedule, make the time to catch a break from work, acquire knowledge or gain new skills. Previously, we have told you about interests of our employees and today, we prepared for you a new portion of the most recent information. We interviewed our specialists to learn about their hobbies and that is what we have! 

Ekaterina Stepnova, content manager 

My love of painting started in yearly childhood and now, I try to spend my free time painting and drawing. Usually I start my weekend with taking canvas, paints and brushes, to create a picture. I draw everything that comes to my mind but prefer surreal scenes. When I have not got an idea, I find a source of inspiration in works of my favorite artists, Vincent van Gogh and Salvador Dali. Sometimes I copy their pictures to see into idea, understand how an author combined colors and what he wanted to convey.
Painting and drawing help me to observe the world around, go into details and portray them in bright colors on the canvas. I think, painting is the easiest and most affordable means of self-expression which helps to be creative and distracts from routine. 

Kirill Seleznev, support manager 

Although I graduated from music school long ago, today I continue to play guitar and piano because I have been keen to music since I was 7 years old. In due course I established music band named “Tabakerka Shturarya”. We performed at various events, took part in contests, played in art punk cabarets. Unfortunately, we disbanded so now I think about establishing new music group with which we will leave for a world tour.
I like playing music of various styles: jazz, manouche, metal, classic and folk music. Like any other musician, I have got idols whose art is my orienting point today and whose efforts I would like to continue. For me, these are Ferenc Liszt and Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Saad Nazir, Sales-Manager 

I always look forward to weekend to take fishrod, tackle and go fishing early in the morning. Unfortunately, fishing is prohibitted in Adu Dhabi so I need to seek fishing spots and intersting places outside the city. Luckily, there are many such places here and varieties of fish in biting are multiple.
However, the main thing in fishing is the process itself, time to relax and get lost in your own thoughts.

Nataliya Matsaniuk, technical support specialist

My motto is “Life in movement!” I have been fond of swimming and shaping since I was 13 years old but dancing has a special place in my life. For a number of years, I have enjoyed Arabic dances, namely, belly dance. This is not only beneficial for healthy body but for mental performance also, because dancing requires to use different types of memory, ability to quickly switch and feel other dancers to move synchronously. Dancing perfectly relieves stress, affords great pleasure; helps to feel freedom and harmony, be fit and stay on a good mood.

Michael Abongwe, technical department specialist 

I have been fond of football since I was a child. I have managed to play in the second division league for 3 years and in Cameroon premier league for 2 years so far.
Nowadays, I continue to take a part in group stages because football is more than just a game for me. Like any other sports activity, it develops willpower, consistency of aim, teaches to be a team player, improves health and here like nowhere else you can find friends who share your interests.
Frankly speaking, I have always dreamt of being footballer or working in IT company and now, I am very happy that I can balance one another.

Employees’ ability to turn from one activity to another speaks for their ability to accomplish various tasks and generate fresh ideas. Specialists of our company are versatile people with their own interests but we are all united by the common goal. 

Follow the news in our blog and you will learn more about work and the latest events in our company. 

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