Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Improving professional skills level of our employees

Dear Partners!

Within the framework of improving professional skills of the Kiosk IT System Trading LLC company’s employees, training was provided to the specialists of the Technical Department.

As you know, the responsibility of the employees of the Technical Department is not only to monitor and maintain operability of payment kiosks, collect cash, renew stickers, and clean terminals but to prepare pictures for Internet offices of the partners. In your back offices you can see that our specialists make 4 types of photos, namely, external view of a sales point, overall picture of a terminal and its environment, full-length photo of a terminal, and photo of a screen with eight-digit number of an object (UID) at a shallow angle.

It is important for us that our partners see better pictures of their objects, therefore, we organized training for the Technical Department specialists to give them general photography tips.

Especially for the training, instructions and presentations with examples and layouts, that helped to provide details to be considered when shooting the objects (payment kiosks), were developed.

As of today, the Technical Department is the largest department of our company, so the training was held in several stages. In order to improve understanding the materials, the employees were divided into several small groups.

“Today at the training I received interesting and useful information on shooting. Thanks to the company for accessible and structured delivery of information. It will be very useful in my work. I will try to apply the knowledge obtained in practice”, – делиться впечатлениями Sayyid Mohammed Shafeeq, a specialist of the Technical Department, shares his impressions.  

Our company will continue to conduct such trainings for its employees as long as that has a positive effect on work progress. We will keep you informed about events in our company.

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

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