Thursday, January 26, 2017

A day in the life of a commercial department employee

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One of the main requirements for achieving high profitability from a terminal is to choose the installation site wisely. That is why the main challenge for the Kiosk IT Systems Trading LLC sales managers is to look for popular and profitable installation sites for NT.Payments terminals, control the work of the installed terminals and relocate them to more advantageous places. 

In a new edition of our blog, we decided to tell how our sales managers solve such problems and what kind of situations they face in the course of work. 

Today, Sibghatullah Jan, a sales manager, will tell us about his job. Every day he explores the neighbourhoods of the Abu Dhabi emirate in order to find more advantageous locations to install the NT.Payments kiosks. 

As a rule, the morning of a commercial department employee starts with planning for the day, in particular, monitoring the work of already installed kiosks, drafting the travelling plan, and conducting phone negotiations with lessors. 

Before going to the first destination, Sibghatullah asks the head of the department to approve the plan for the day, collects the documents and receipts to repay the lessors. Having prepared all the necessary equipment, we set out. 

The first destination is a security systems store. We have recently installed an NT.Payments kiosk here. “The technical department staff has already connected it to the network and configured. Now we need to sign an installation agreement with the lessor to settle everything,” explains Sibghatullah. The man at the counter is happy to see us, he tells us about the first days of the terminal’s work and signs the required documents necessary for further cooperation. 

According to Sibghatullah, a commercial department employee can visit up to 9 locations in a day depending on the installation site, the traffic and sociability demonstrated by the shop’s owner. 

We move to our next stop enjoying the modern urban architecture on the way and in 20 minutes we reach a relatively small mobile phone shop. Here our objective is to pay the lessor a 3-month fee for the payment kiosk lease. The store’s owner gives us a friendly greeting, informs us about the terminal’s work, and expresses sincere gratitude for the cooperation and the provided additional service. 

After giving a receipt to the owner and sealing the gesture of mutual gratitude with a handshake, we set off to the next stop. 

“Tomorrow I will be searching for new places where there are no payment kiosks yet. I will be exploring the neighbourhood near the harbour. By the way, we are passing the place as we speak. It is a good neighbourhood with a lot of residential houses and stores”, says Sibghatullah pointing out to the right side of the street. 

We are approaching the next mobile phone shop. (As you might have noticed, these sales retail locations are quite popular in the UAE. The locals like to communicate. That is why our employees install terminals in such shops). Here our objective is to negotiate for the installation of an NT.Payments terminal with the owner. The shop’s owner is listening attentively, asking us about the work, clients, services and advantages of our kiosk. Finally, a professional approach and communicative skills allowed Sibghatullah to close the deal. All there is to do now is to bring the terminal to the location and sign the necessary documents. 

“While negotiating it is important to take into account the type of a person in front of you and his mood. This helps to find the words to make the offer more appealing and understand whether the interlocutor is inclined to communicate”, shares Sibghatullah. 

It is not the last location yet. After having a look at the to-do list, we define the next location. Today we need to visit 6 more stores to sign the settlement agreements with the lessors in order to install the kiosks at their stores and provide them with the receipts. 

Getting from one location to another, we did not notice that the working day has come to an end. Today was a productive day: we have paid to the lessors, signed all the documents, chosen a new favourable installation site and approved the plan for tomorrow. We get back to the office. 

It is 6 p.m. but usually, the working day in the commercial department ends much later. As sales managers are always on the road looking for suitable advantageous locations, meeting lessors, signing agreements and installing kiosks. All the above-mentioned steps are taken to install an NT.Payments terminal in an advantageous place and achieve high profitability to the owner. 

Follow the new and you will be able to learn a lot about the life and work of our company’s employees. There are more of interesting stories to come. 

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