Thursday, March 16, 2017

The First batch of Combo-Kiosks in Abu Dhabi

Dear partners! 

All we were waiting for arrival of the first batch of combo-kiosks at the UAE. This new multipurpose product has already gained the affection of both advertisers and landlords who are keen to present a new service in their sales points. Today, we are happy to inform you that the first 50 combo-kiosks has arrived at Abu Dhabi port. 

Together with the employees of the logistics company our specialists gently unloaded the combo-kiosks from containers, counted them and checked integrity of each machine. The work was complex and painstaking because each combo-kiosk weights 230 kilograms. In comparison, an NT.Payments terminal weights just 135 kilos. 

Now all combo-kiosks are stored in the company’s warehouse, where the Technical Department specialists have already started setting up and preparing them for installation. The combo-kiosks will soon be installed in the most popular and visited places of the UAE. In such places, due to versatility, they will make a good profit both for the company and for franchise owners. 

Arrival of the first batch is an exciting event for the company and partners. A new product Taunigma-Combo impresses with its capabilities and functionality. 42-inch advertising display is ideal for all types and formats of advertisements. The main touchscreen display for making payments is comfortably angled for a user. 

We congratulate partners whose combo-kiosks arrived within the first batch. Follow the news of our company and be the first to know of all details of installation! 

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

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