Monday, August 14, 2017

New Quality Control System

Dear partners! 

Quality is a prerequisite for delivering excellent service valued by customers. Kiosk IT System Trading LLC works hard to continue being a number one in quality of payment services in the Emirates market. We are constantly improving the terminals’ assessment system, introducing new processes to monitor kiosks and keep them in top condition. 

For this to happen, we established a special independent committee that has the task of monitoring payment kiosks’ operation and their technical conditions. Not only is the availability of necessary services important for terminals but the compliance of the devices’ appearance with the standard in place, their aesthetic appeal for customers. 

As of today, three divisions: Commercial Department, Technical Department and special independent committee consisting of employees of other departments including Taunigma are in charge for quality assurance. 

The special committee, as well as other duty departments monitor operability (promotional display, touchpad, validator, printer, and dispenser) and appearance (conditions of both displays, painting, stickers, cleanliness) of payment kiosks. 

To implement these plans, we opened our own painting workshop within the Technical Department. Employees of this division will help us keep color of payment kiosks bright especially color of ones installed outside and exposed to strong sun. 

In order to carefully assess terminals, members of the committee travel to various regions of the UAE to perform scheduled and unscheduled checks. This is a good opportunity not only for controlling terminals’ operation but also for communicating with landlords, learning their expectations about new services and cooperation. 

After each trip, the committee reports on results and issues notes for people in charge who control operation of one or other kiosk.

Every day, employees of Taunigma review and analyze updated images of kiosks in the internal corporate system. Not only operability but also appearance is important for us because it affects the number of clients and, therefore, a turnover. 

The latest innovations help us to improve quality of the kiosks’ operation and provide clients with the best payment service in the UAE. 

Best regards, 
Team of Taunigma & NT.Payments & InDoor.TV

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