Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Renewal of MENAFA membership certificate

Taunigma FZE franchise company has long been prominent in the business community for the responsible approach to professional tasks and the ability to build trusted and friendly relationships with many collaborates and partners, including many those in international associations, societies and organizations.

One of the most well-known among them is MENAFA, the Middle East and North Africa Franchise Association, where Taunigma has been a successful member for the last seven years. Undoubtedly, being among the upscale regional and global corporations means that our merits in selling commercial business products based on the fiduciary management model, establishing and strengthening contacts with an extensive network of franchise sales partners and agents and increasing the capital and financial investments of current and potential investors are duly recognized at such a high business level.

Receiving another certificate of renewal of membership in MENAFA is an incentive for us to continue developing promising international projects while paying special attention to quality service provision and comprehensive customer support for all our partners.

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