Friday, February 16, 2024

A decade of achievement: Kiosk IT System Trading LLC

Dear friends,

Have you ever wondered what sets a good company apart from a truly exceptional one? The latter is distinguished by its ongoing commitment to refining service quality, exploring new avenues for business expansion, keeping existing client relationships while cultivating new ones, prioritizing employee well-being through competitive compensation and fostering a culture of collaboration that yields significant dividends from our collective efforts.

As we approach the significant milestone of our 10th anniversary, it`s a fitting time to reflect on our journey. Over the past decade, we`ve undergone internal transformations and proudly embraced our new identity as Kiosk IT System Trading – Sole Proprietorship LLC.

While a decade may seem like a relatively short period in the life of successful enterprises, our journey tells a different story. Those who`ve been with us from our humble beginning as a small team to our current status as an international conglomerate understand the dedication, hard work and passion invested in building the NT.Payments terminal network, developing digital platforms like NT.Wallet and NT.Capital and establishing a comprehensive payment infrastructure in the UAE. These endeavours have provided invaluable services to our clients and users, essential for thriving in today`s technologically driven society. Our success is indebted to the contributions of our esteemed colleagues, loyal customers and committed partners, who have supported steadily our vision over the years.

As we celebrate this milestone, let us reaffirm our commitment to our shared goals. The team at Kiosk IT System Trading – Sole Proprietorship LLC remains with firm intentions in its dedication to charting a course toward continued success. We look forward to many more achievements together, as we expand our horizons and uphold the values of unity and friendship in the global arena under Taumen Holding.

Happy anniversary, dear friends!

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