Friday, June 14, 2024

Integrated kiosk installation and Hafilat card top-up project with ITC company

The NT.Payments team has managed to build a unique ecosystem over the years of professional activity in the UAE by making it the leading fin-tech company in the local market. From city authorities to private corporations, we are trusted and successfully cooperate with many partners, providing lots of useful services to the population in day-to-day life.
A very promising contract with ITC, the passenger transport service provider of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, is one of the latest projects, which is being worked on by experts from various departments of the company. The ITC oversees public transport operations, manages parking spaces and supervises traffic monitoring centers and logistical facilities for surface freight transport.

The program includes the installation and activation of terminals at 55 bus stations provided by ITC in the Abu Dhabi area. They suggest the Hafilat fare cards top-up option as well as viewing bus timetables at bus stops.

Our experts from the technical department and the sales division together with ITC representatives are carefully selecting local kiosk locations.

We are looking for locations with a high density of people and air-conditioned rooms, remembering that reliable protection of objects from sun, wind and raindrops is an important criterion in the choice of installation points, as you can see in the pictures below.

26 terminals have already been installed and put into operation in various locations of the Emirate. It is worth noting that our customers are making great use of NT.Payments terminals as part of this venture, with the public transport card top-up service growing more popular every day. Once all work is over, we expect that the project with ITC will unveil new opportunities for the implementation of other joint programs.

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