Sunday, August 10, 2014

Eleventh "Top up your life with positive!" promotion winner!

Dear partners! 

Double portion of positive life topping is going to become almost a tradition for our winners! 

34-years old Haitham Yasin Abu Houran from Syria appeared to be our eleventh winner and at the same time – the “Concorde Al Sham Kha” car salon owner. 

The Eid ul Adha festival dedicated to the Holy Month of Ramadan’s finish has just passed in the UAE. Last fireworks have rattled, almost all the city’s decorations were removed, street concerts have become silent and the country have turned to the usual working schedule. Haitham also felt sorry about the holidays passed. So when there appeared merry smiles at the NT.Payments terminal’s screen it was just in time! 

That very evening our congratulator and photographer appeared in the salon who pleased the winner with the full package of prizes – owner’s present basket, 50 AED certificate and a set of branded NT.Payments clothes. 

Haitham was happy and with pleasure made photos with prizes! 
Go ahead! To the 12th winning!

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

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