Thursday, August 14, 2014

Twelveth "Top up your life with positive!" promotion winner!

Dear partners! 

Here’s the 12th winner in our “Top up your life with positive!” promotion! 

This time the winner was waiting for us in Khalidia in “Balqees Mobile phone” shop. 

30 years old Syrian Wael Mahmood was very happy when found out that his transaction number was a winning one! With pleasure he was posing for camera with presents! 

Not smaller was the positive life topping portion of Mohammad Issa Ibrahim, the shop owner! Our congratulators had given him a pretty present basket from NT.Payments. 

The 12th winning transaction number was ending in five “eights”. If you turn a written number eight you’ll see an infinity sign. Maybe it means that our winners are going to have infinite positive and luck in future? We really hope so! 

NT.Payments (Taunigma FZE & Taulink IT) Team

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