Wednesday, November 21, 2018

A tour to the new office of the company. Part 2

We have previously told you and shared some photos about moving of our company to the new office. We would like you today to take a visit to technical and financial departments. 

Interestingly that this part of the building has resembled a huge industrial premise in other words a storage shed before we came here. We have decided to build an extra storey to use space effectively and place comfortably all departments inside the building. 

First thing that you see when you enter the office is the huge room with terminals. This is the warehouse of the company. Employees of technical department repair and get kiosks ready for installation here ˗ set up an operation system, upload software and make overall diagnostics of kiosks. 

There is a recreation room near the warehouse. Here one can find everything to make our employees rest after long regional trips. 

We have placed one of divisions of finance department to the right of the stairs. Perhaps, this is the most closed office of our company since our employees hand over cash boxes of terminals here and calculate money to be delivered to cash collectors of the banks. 

There are 4 little offices on the second floor and a kitchen. 

To the left – a spacious and bright office of Alexey Trofimov, head of technical department. 

Restoration department is located next door. Specialists check here operability of kiosk equipment and do some repair works. Our colleagues are busy making inventory today so we will move further not to distract them. 

Coordinators of technical department work too in this flank of the building. They supervise duties of technicians and cash collectors, assign tasks, draw up reports for kiosk operations, address requests by sales managers and Taunigma help desk on terminal work status. 

We have also a small warehouse located on this floor to accept new equipment and spare parts procured by supplier plant, submit to technical group everything required for repair and cash collection. 

We have recently supplied another batch of standard kiosks to the warehouse. They were carefully unloaded by technical crew and moved to a new warehouse. 

Our specialists have already diligently started preparations to install the equipment. These terminals will be delivered soon to all regions of Emirates. 

Follow the news and we are glad to see you in our new office.

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