Wednesday, November 28, 2018

United we stand!

As you know, our company welcomes arranging different activities to upgrade skills, abilities, and training of the staff. We have organized time-management session in our office this time to teach our employees to manage better timing during work. 

Anna Kozhenko – HR manager of group of companies was leading the session. In her report she spoke about how important were to plan the time effectively, to distribute priorities during schedules in tasks, good allocation of resources and has mentioned about prompt response on stress situation that could arise due to mental activity at work. 

A particular focus was placed on support and help to employees with respect to specifics of labor activity and recognition of best performances. Company employees listened to Anny with great interest, asked questions and shared their experience to learn the material completely. They also contributed offers to help improving the program. 

We have already informed that our company moved to the new office lately. The process is complete but we haven`t made housekeeping of office territory yet. Each in our company is aware how important is to have clean area near the working place so we took it very serious. 

 We started with removing of mud and trash then wet cleaning of walls and sidewalks in a friendly competition. 

We finished the day with gardening of territory, applying NT.Payments logo on walls and marking of parking place. 

Undoubtedly, such events stress on importance of corporate commitment and unity of team spirit. This fact is the best reminder to say that people in our company are able to spend free time with profit and joy aside from selling franchises and managing terminals. 

Modern world where time is valued and fast decisions are welcomed friendship between the colleagues is very important. Friendly attitude helps to solve plenty of tasks and achieve targets. NT.Payments group of companies employ people from 14 countries speaking different languages and practicing various religions. 

Our technical department is the best example how diverse cultures are kept in peace, business and friendly relationships are maintained inside of team. It was decided to arrange team building – barbeque outdoors to encourage team spirit and improvement of performance. The colleagues discussed the importance of working cooperatively, shared cultural experience, sang songs and danced folk dances. 

We hope that such events held unofficially help to solve promptly routine tasks and interaction between the employees would only improve.

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