Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The UAE National Day promotion

It is no secret that the UAE National Day is the main holiday for both the country and for every resident of the Emirates. It was on this day, December 2, 1971, that the governor of Abu Dhabi, Zayed ibn Sultan Al Nahyan, 48 years ago, has united all six monarchies that had previously existed separately and founded a new state on the political map of the world, now known as the United Arab Emirates.

In a short period of time, the UAE from an uninhabited desert land lived by bedouin tribes became a powerful and economically developed country, with one of the highest living standards not only in the Middle East but also in the world.

Traditionally, the National Day is celebrated with a special scope, as the authorities of the country honor the history of the foundation and are attentive to the preservation of their national identity, observance of traditions and customs which play an important role in the domestic and international scene.

A few days before the holiday, the streets of the country cities are painted in the bright colors of the UAE national flag, bright lights, balloons and posters - their presence is so striking that one involuntarily begins to think that patriotism and love for the homeland are relevant to the people of Emirates.

Everywhere you go, you feel the atmosphere of the coming holiday and the feeling that you have something to do with it.

The scale of the event is really surprising - colorful parades and concerts of creative teams are broadcasted on central television, and in parks for the public are arranged attractions and contests with prizes.

In the evenings, the sky over the big cities is illuminated by all the colors of the rainbow, and laser shows and fireworks illuminate the area, complementing the overall festive picture.

The culmination of universal admiration is the grand fireworks in honor of the end of festive events.

The NT.Payments system is happy to support the tradition of promotion and contests in honor of important holidays and events in the UAE, paying tribute to the country where our company has been running a successful and profitable business for several years. This year “NT.Wallet National Day Promotion” for UAE National Day required all participants to download the NT.Wallet app and register by sending their account number to NT.Payments' Facebook and Instagram pages and receiving a guaranteed AED 4 prize to their personal accounts, once these conditions are met.

In addition, all the winners were waiting for the final draw, where each of them could take the second or third place and win a replenishment of their NT.Wallet account by 100 and 200 dirhams, respectively, and the main prize - a gift certificate in the form of a safari tour for two provided by our partner "Off-Road Tours", under the terms of which all participants in the final draw must be subscribed to their Facebook page.

Our winners did not miss the opportunity to personally visit the office of NT.Payments and pick up their prizes, taking memorable pictures with the company employees.

Keeping in mind the recent experience of an unforgettable post-conference desert trip with Taunigma partners, we are confident that our main winner will have a great time and have an unforgettable vacation experience.

The promotion for the 48th anniversary of the Emirates, organized jointly with Off-Road Tours, ended up note. Our winners have received unforgettable emotions and gifts, noting the generosity of NT.Payments system and the regularity we hold various promotions and events for them. In turn, thanks to the talent and creativity of individual employees responsible for marketing promotion, the number of downloads of NT.Wallet is steadily increasing every day while its functionality is constantly supplemented with the necessary features in everyday life. We are sure that this is only the beginning as customer satisfaction will always be a priority for our company.

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