Monday, June 5, 2023

The arrival of business partners at NT.Payments office

Over the years, as we have established ourselves in the IT industry and embarked on innovative projects in the Middle East, we have gained invaluable experience and built a vast audience of loyal customers and business partners. Together, we continue to tread the path of cutting-edge technologies.

As you are aware, our team recently attended the famous Seamless Middle East 2023 exhibition in Dubai, where leading high-tech companies traditionally display their new products, exchange knowledge and forge profitable relations. This year, NT.Payments had the honor of participating as a business partner alongside a well-known Chinese manufacturer of payment terminals and vending equipment, with whom we have been collaborating for several years.

Following the conference, we arranged a meeting with our partners at the NT.Payments office in Abu Dhabi. During this gathering, we exchanged impressions of the exhibition and discussed the latest advancements in IT and modern technologies, focusing particularly on self-service terminal development. We also delved into the realm of automated fuel stations and self-managing vending machines.

The outcome of the meeting encompassed a series of agreements for further collaboration in various domains. Additionally, our partner graciously provided us with state-of-the-art prototypes of their terminals, equipped with cutting-edge technologies for further testing and development. These prototypes were showcased at the Seamless Exhibition.

Such meetings and knowledge exchange play a pivotal role in the advancement of our joint business endeavors, enabling NT.Payments projects to stay one step ahead of our competitors. We extend our gratitude to all those involved in the success of our joint venture and eagerly anticipate new achievements very soon.

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