Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The launch of a new section in NT.Capital back-office

Dear friends,

Over more than a decade since its inception, our business has gone through countless defining moments as it paved the path from the installation of the first payment facilities in the UAE, which gave a boost to the rise of the local e-payment market with the support of our experts to the moment of establishing an international holding company with all those being shareholders who bear close relation to our joint venture.

These days mark the beginning of an entirely new chapter in the history of our company as we continue to develop technology products in the Middle East while the approaching launch of a branch in the KSA will greatly support our efforts towards expansion of NT.Payments brand.

Another big event highlighting the development of this joint venture is the kick-off of NT.Capital trading and investment platform, a tool of innovation that empowers the shareholders of Taumen PLC company to engage in trading of securities, make transactions and many more.

We understand that NT.Capital project has a significant number of participants and taking into account the specific nature and themes of news it contains, we have decided to give a fresh sight to how we share information and interact with Taumen PLC shareholders. In light of this, we`d like to introduce a new section, “The Blog of Issuer” which can be found on the relevant menu in the NT.Capital back office.

“The Blog of Issuer” is the place where the key players of our business will share their insights, talk about specific topics that surround our business and present essential information in a more informal, light and engaging storytelling format. We are confident that everyone will enjoy this new way of communication.

Keep an eye out for useful topics in this blog in your personal NT.Capital back-offices. The first post here is already available and we are excited to share more of this enriching content with you.

Enjoy your reading!

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